Essay Motivation: Key to Your Life


What is the force that pushes you forward and makes you attain the goals, which you set in front of yourself? Have you ever thought about this? My motivation essay gave me a perfect opportunity to search for the answers, which I was not able to give some time ago. It gave me a good push to start understanding myself better, distinguish my real desires from the fugitive ideas, and set targets, which help me to be in constant development. I began to understand what I want and now I know how to bring my plans to life. My life is the distance to these dreams and I am sure I will cover it soon.

Briefly about Motivation

If you have the motives, you live and do everything to succeed. If you have none, you make steps neither forth nor back. No matter what is your main goal in life – to get married, to have a baby, to get a raise and take a post of the Chief Clerk, or to visit Jerusalem, – you should just have any motivation to move firmly and not to drop an idea to reach your aim one fine day.

What is motivation? For those, who still have no idea about this term, the Free Encyclopedia proposes the whole article, which is dedicated to this phenomenon. The Internet is full of various useful materials about it, by the way. I have no desire to make you feel bored from my post. In brief, motivation is a theoretical construct, which helps to explain behavior, the reasons why a person does this or that action, and what aspects make him do this.

There are several theories of motivation and all of them differ in their nature. Motivation may have a biological, social, emotional, and cognitive nature. Not one scientist tried to explain the phenomenon of motivation and I was going to introduce this info to my readers in my motivation theories essays.

Deep in Mind

I don’t know whether it is interesting for you to sink into the deep world of psychology and penetrate into the very depth of a person’s mind. I think you should be an explorer by nature to get interested in such dark and difficult processes of our mentality. If it is really so and psychology is your favorite subject, I propose you to read the whole article about the motivation theories online. I am sure you’ll like it greatly. I can’t pay too much attention to this item as the main part of my readers are just people, who have a necessity to know a bit more about motivation but not to study it too closely. My task is to explain them how our mind works and suggest where to find good essays on motivation if their skills for writing and analyzing are not very good. 

Well, the motivation theories are divided into:

  1. Instinct theory, which says that all living beings are motivated according to the program that is inside them.
  2. Incentive theory, according to which, the best motivation for people may be considered any reward such as a salary for doing a certain work.
  3. Drive theory, which claims that a person does this or that action to reduce a certain internal tension such as hunger or thirst.
  4. Arousal theory, according to which, people are motivated to keep their inner arousal at a certain level.
  5. Humanistic theory bases on the person’s desire to satisfy his needs, which are classified according to their necessity.
  6. Expectancy theory explains how people determine their aims when they think about the future.

I gave you this info very briefly to make you understand the nature of motivation and how it arises in our head. When I was working at my essay, I read so many articles and research papers on this topic that I started having a feeling that I was not a student but Abraham Maslow. I was awarded for my diligence and ability to do work, which was not very interesting for me. I was given a high grade. It was really a good motivation for me to hammer at the books.

Are You Motivated?

I know that it is impossible to live with having no motivation. After I started working at my essay about motivation, I had no other alternative but to analyze myself, my life, and my aims. I began to look at my friends and other people more attentively. I tried to understand whether they were enough motivated to succeed in life or they had a long and hard distance to cover before they acquired the understanding that it was extremely important to have any targets and come nearer and nearer to them step by step.

I looked around and saw a lot of people, who just went with the stream. They didn’t know where to move, they simply waited until they would be washed ashore. They were lost in life and the cocktails inside their heads prevented them from getting their priorities straight.

Such a life is impossible! Thank God, I don’t have any problems with my motivation. I know what I want to reach in my life and I try to do my best to bring my desires to life. I am well motivated by my parents, my ambitions, and my needs. I know which way to choose to succeed.

My motivation helps me to study excellently. I sink into my armchair, switch on my comp, and I don’t feel tired of a necessity to write the next essay. I know that I will do it perfectly, get A for it then, and this small victory of mine will push me closer to my dream.

Are you motivated enough to create your perfect essay on self motivation? If you have some problems with it, or you simply don’t know what you want from your life and from your essay, don’t worry! is ready to take your problems with writing on itself and give you a plenty of free time to sort out your feelings. You will have an opportunity to think about your future while the professional writers will compose the essay for you. I just want you to promise me that you will have a list of your own desires for future and it will be ready before your essay writing is finished.