Essays on Reading: A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives


It was time to start writing my essay. My new topic was to my liking. I didn’t doubt that I would complete my essay about reading quickly. I never thought for too long before start doing this. I had a habit to write down the first thought, which came to my mind as soon as I was announced my topic. Usually, the first association was the best one and I wrote it down at once. It was a good starting point for me. Only after that one idea began to follow another and soon my essay was finished. When I got know that I had to write about the importance of reading essay, I went back to my childhood. This time my first association hit the bull’s eye.

Acquaintance with a Book

The brightest memory from my childhood, which I keep in my mind carefully, is when my parents read the books for me before I went to bed. Oh, it was so nice! I liked when my mom or dad entered my room, straightened my blanket, which I removed deliberately to make them do this funny manipulation. I opened my eyes then and asked to read for me. My dad always smiled, took a book, and started reading. He changed his voice from time to time and made various comical faces.

I am sure that it was the main thing in my life, which made me become an avid reader. My parents did nothing special to cultivate love for books in my soul, though their nonintrusive method influenced me greatly. Not long ago I found some info about such a method, which was developed by psychologists. It was about how to make children love books. I think my parents knew nothing about any psychological approaches at that time and read me the books because they loved them and wanted me to do the same.

It was my first step towards my great love with books, which was made with my parents’ help. I don’t know whether I would fall in love with reading without them. I think my relationship with books wouldn’t be so warm. The tradition of reading was the main in our family and I know that I will bring up my own children in such a manner too.

Reading is Important

I know a lot of people, who are crazy over reading. They are the regular visitors of the libraries, they download dozens of books on the Net, and they read, read, and read all the time. When they tear themselves from their books, it becomes evident: these people are smart, witty, and there can hardly be found a conversation subject, which they are not able to keep.

Besides them, I have a couple of friends, who never took any books into their hands at all. The only publications which they are acquainted with are just the school manuals. I can’t say that they are bad people, though their way of thinking is a bit primitive. There is a wide difference between those, who read, and those, who prefer to keep away from books. Get a better look at your friends and you will really see the difference between them.

It’s your choice which way to choose for yourself: to live your life with a book, or never to open it at all, though don’t forget that reading helps people to think better, act quicker, and express the thoughts clearer. It let the readers’ souls relax from the reality, problems, and get new emotions, which are usually positive.

Close Reading: What Is It?

Reading is really good tradition. It deepens our inner world, makes our imagination more vivid, and develops our attention. Aren’t you attentive enough? Don’t you know how to make yourself notice the details? Close reading can become your salvation!

I had no idea about it until I was given a new essay topic several weeks ago. A perspective to create a close reading essay scared me at first and the best idea, which visited my head, was to buy this essay on the Net. Frankly speaking, I did this. I went to, which was the extra high class service, made an order here, and chose the topic. The info, which I found out in my essay then, got me interested.

Do you know what a close reading is? If no, the following info will be for you.

Close reading is an extra precise and detailed analysis of the chosen passage of a text. If you do a close reading, you should comment the style of your text and answer a pretty amount of questions. If you complete this stage, you are ready to pass on to another one. All the questions are brought to light, aren’t they? Write down your observations and do this according to the rules for ordinary essay writing. I gave you the general info too briefly, though if you are interested in it, you may find more by following the proposed link.

One think is evident: such an attentive work with a text is able to teach you to concentrate your attention even if you are an extra careless person with no ability to notice the details. Soon you will see better and note the points, which have been invisible for you earlier. Writing and reading are really two processes, which are connected with an unseen string. If you read more, soon your writing skills will be on a high level too.

Are your relations with books still too strained? Take a book right now and start reading it. Which kind of literature to choose? Don’t listen to any advice and find one, which is interesting only for you. I am sure that soon you will forget about the world around you and will start an interesting journey together with your bookish friends.

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