Happiness Essay: What Makes You Feel Satisfied


There are some timeless questions, which disturb every generation of people:  can money buy happiness and love or not and what is happiness? My essay about happiness will try to give the answer to this question and explain my point of view, which I hope you will share too.

Happiness Is…

Happiness is in your hands and if you are not satisfied with your life, just try to correct your life style according to the frames you have in your head. Don’t you feel happy enough because your work doesn’t let you develop your inner potential? Stop complaining and find another job, where you will be given more opportunities for self-development. Try to define what things make you feel comfortable and you will understand what turn you should take to continue your life way properly. You are the only one, who is able to control your life.

Money and Happiness

There are still a lot of debates whether it is possible to buy happiness or it is not a material value. My ‘Money can buy happiness essay’ claims that money is not happiness on its own, though it is opportunity to make your life as happy as you want. The psychologists are sure that the misconception such as ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ has appeared because the biggest part of the population simply doesn’t know how to spend money to feel satisfaction after that.

People, who live below the line of poverty, can hardly feel happy. When their heads are occupied with the thoughts about how to feed their children to not let them die of hunger, it is really too hard to enjoy the life and feel happy. Money is able to give a person freedom of actions. It is just an opportunity to realize his desires. Let imagine that a person considers a family to be the biggest happiness for him. He is very poor at that and has no money to satisfy even the smallest needs of the members of his family. Will this person be happy over having a family in such a case? I doubt that it will be even possible for him to start a family at all.

The last researches showed that money could make a person feel happy, when he spent his earnings on others.

The most famous billionaires of the world gives nearly all their incomes to charity and such decisions make them feel satisfied and happy. Warren Buffet, who is considered to be one of the richest men in the United States of America, shocked the world with his bold decision to transfer 99% of his capital to children, who were in the orphan asylum.  When you spend your money on other people, such a gesture is able to make your inner world become deeper and deeper each time, when you help somebody to bring his dream come true. The tears of gratitude, which appear in the eyes of people, whom you helped, can’t be forgotten for a long time. Investing in people helps you to feel happier and richer, though this richness is much more valuable than a material one. This fact has already been proved.

My Philosophy

When I felt unhappy and it seemed that I lacked something, when there was a mess in my soul and I had no idea how to get rid of a terrible feeling of discomfort in my heart, I usually went shopping and brought home the bags full of clothes. Shopping therapy helped me to forget about my troubles, though when I came home and glanced at heaps of my purchases, I started feeling even worse. Once I got know about my neighbors, whose child was dreaming about a bicycle. This family was so poor that such a buying was too chic for them. My heart sank and the blush appeared on my cheeks. This kid was suffering while I was spending money on trifles. I didn’t think for too long, bough the best bicycle, and presented it to this kid. He was paralyzed with such a gift, though he smiled happily. Each time, when I see him riding this cycle along the street, I feel so happy!

I wasn’t able not to mention about this case in my ‘Does money buy happiness essay’, because it was the critical point in my life, after which I understood how to make myself get satisfaction from my life.

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