Main Difference between Schooling and Education


According to research, it develops increasingly fast at an approximate annual rate of 7-15 percent per year. Although home schooling is still not popular in certain countries, it is already on the rise in Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and Great Britain. There are many reasons for parents to choose this form of education for their children. Some of them are listed below.

  • Some parents choose homeschooling due to their religious affiliation.
  • There are parents who believe that school environment can spoil the young minds and prevent them from developing independent thinking abilities. Basically, this reflects the difference between homeschooling and education, because in case of homeschooling children have a greater opportunity to develop certain skills that they would not be able to develop at school. However, another difference lies in the fact that school might affect children negatively because of some categories of people they socialize with at school. This is a perceptible difference between home and school education.
  • Some parents are concerned about the academic quality of various public schools due to the overcrowded classrooms. This is another difference between homeschooling and school education. It is reflected in the fact that school environment suggests educating a great number of students which prevents individual students from developing in a right way and receiving a quality education.
  • Furthermore, some parents have to take care of children with special needs for whom homeschooling is the best option, because home environment provides better conditions for their development. In this regard, it should be noted that another difference between homeschooling and education is that education does not provide means for accommodating needy students, which makes it an inappropriate form of education for students with disabilities.
  • One more reason of why parents choose homeschooling over school education is the fact that some parents want to hide their child’s abuse on behalf of other students. This is a sad reality that has to be dealt with by a number of parents who want their kids to be surrounded by safe environment and grow up in secure conditions.

Another issue that should be discussed in the current essay is the advantages and drawbacks of both schooling and education. This will also give an idea of how schooling differs from general education.

  • Some parents choose homeschooling because it ensures family unity and a sense of being together. Unlike education, schooling ensures that children spend more time together with their families.
  • Furthermore, education only provides some school routines that discourage students from the process of self-discovery, which basically means the process of making certain decisions and using one’s own knowledge to make choices in future. It is believed that education prevents students from enjoying personal growth, which is interfered with in the school environment.
  • Another difference between schooling and education is that schooling provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience, which cannot be achieved in the confines of a classroom. For instance, this refers to the opportunity of taking more trips together with one’s parents, which helps children to avoid being secluded from the world by sitting in classroom and simply reading books. Mothers can provide an opportunity to students to gain personal experience in terms of family life, which cannot be achieved at school. Mothers can teach their daughters to cook and do household chores, which will help them in the future. Surely, this is not provided by education.
  • However, there is also one significant drawback of schooling, which is an inability to socialize with other people apart from family and lack of opportunity to make new friends. This means that schooling does not give students a chance to communicate with their peers and learn more about various modern tendencies in different spheres of life. Instead, children are confined in the home environment and have to receive education within the boundaries of their homes.
  • Another difference between schooling and education and at the same time challenge of home schooling is that sometimes parents lack enough knowledge on this or that subject especially in the modern age of technological advancement. That is why if parents want to provide quality education to their kids, they have to reeducate themselves to acquire more skills and knowledge about various valuable issues.
  • Another common challenge faced by parents during homeschooling is the rivalry between siblings. It is important for parents to maintain emotional atmosphere that would promote and enhance learning experience of their children. However, it is often difficult to achieve due to the ever-arising conflicts between the siblings, so that parents have to search for conflict resolution and possess enough skills to deal with this difficult aspect of one’s family life and particularly schooling experience.
  • Besides, parents are under a threat of burnout, which rarely happens at school. Since parents have to teach their children 24 hours a day, it might be hard for them to schedule their time in an appropriate manner so as to have a chance to relax from the tedious task of educating their children. At school, such situation happens quite rarely. Although school teachers are also exposed to some degree of tension, they do not easily burn out due to the fact that they have a wider experience in teaching children and are more prepared for the whole educational process.

All the above differences between schooling and education vividly illustrate that education is sometimes more preferable than schooling, although there are situations when schooling cannot be avoided, for instance, in the case of disabled children who need special support and care on behalf of their parents.

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