Virtual Reality: Why Do We Need It


Previously we discussed pros and cons of honesty and tendencies to lie and tell truth. Today I am going to cover pretty interesting and up to date theme of virtual reality. It became a phenomenon of modern development of society. Human activity of last decades has created and spread the concept of virtual reality. It happened due to rapid development of computer technologies.

Specialists distinguish several types of virtual reality:

  1. Passive VR-autonomic graphic representation and its sounds, which are not controlled by a person.
  2. Exploratory VR-a possibility to choose among various scripts of graphic and sounds that are available in limited number.
  3. Interactive VR-virtual environment, which a user can control and manipulate according to the laws of synthesized world with the help of special devices that have function of tracking.

So, what is virtual reality? I think this essay should include its definition. 

Objects of virtual reality act like the same objects of material reality. User can manipulate them according to real laws of physics: gravitation, properties of water, interaction with things, reflection and others. Immersive multimedia gives an opportunity for wider actions than it is possible in real life. For example, you are able to fly or use magic. Headset is one of the most spread kinds of virtual reality nowadays. It has one or more displays that show images for the left and the right eye separately. It also has the system of tracking which serves for tracing the device’s alignment in space.

I suppose we can mention Oculus Rift as one of the most advanced systems nowadays. Lucky Palmer has constructed it with the purpose to make it as an everyday product to entertain us. In 2012, he arranged the campaign to raise money for its development. Although Lucky created Oculus Rift as the device for computer games, he considers it can overstep the limits of playing. Game industry is a kind of tool evolving to push virtual reality forward in the world. Those people, who are engaged in creating 3D games nowadays, will be able to practice architecture technique, virtual walking, films and others. Facebook purchased the company of Oculus Rift in 2014. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, announced that virtual reality devices can be the base for new generation of computer technologies.

Lucky Palmer’s team is resolving the main problems that virtual reality was confronting during previous years. Its headset has wider resolution than other prototypes. Motion blur and lack of frames caused queasiness. Oculus Rift improved quality of virtual reality perception. Value decline of processors and collateral technologies made it available for people to buy it at lower cost. Stereoscopic 3D vision of a headset allows a person to watch images as if he sees the surrounding with his own eyes.

Along with the Oculus, other companies start dealing with virtual reality. Sony represented a headset Morpheus. Google, HTC and Microsoft released their own devices. Samsung produced its virtual reality headset Gear VR, in which Galaxy Note 4 acts as the main display.

Let’s forget about technical details and discuss possible ways virtual reality can lead us. Whatsoever, virtual reality will come to our daily lives faster than we can expect. Gamers equipped with cheap headsets will be lost in virtual reality for long period. Other people will be able to try themselves as drivers, pilots or space captains. 

After Oculus Rift and other devices have appeared, any person can try oneself in a role of a bird, for example. A Swiss artist Max Rayner created Birdly Virtual Reality system. It transforms a person into a bird the way he can fly over the cities and feel the wind swaying his virtual feathering.

There is useful application of virtual reality in designing and architecture. Virtual copies of constructions simulates the physics of real world that allows us to evaluate an object visually. You can move and see through the walls, estimating proper forms, and choosing necessary materials.  It helps to figure out all inadequacies and reduce tome necessary for approval. Virtual reality technologies make us forget about various schemes and other documentation.

Virtual reality systems can be effectively used in medicine. Doctors have already applied certain ways to recognize 3D information such as tomography, X-ray, ultrasound. There are different virtual reality atlases and simulators nowadays. These systems represent all human organs. The reason to create virtual simulators is obvious: a specialist must gain experience and skills conducting operations without hurting a real patient. In this case, graphic presentation is significant as well as tactile feedback that helps to sense any influence on tissues and human parts. It is also useful to practice virtual surgeries. Medical simulators allow doctors and students watch the whole process of operation, identify complications and get prepared for different outcomes.

Although usage of virtual reality devices may lead to possible problems, it has a lot of advantages. Its simulators train specialists of various occupations. Future pilots, doctors, architects have an opportunity to try themselves before stating their work. They will be able to gain experience without any risks. Game industry will by completely improved. Immersive multimedia will captivate gamers so that they may forget about real life. There is no way to stop the progress and virtual reality will take place in our lives in all cases. That is why people should use it in a rational way, getting benefit from new achievements and we mustn’t forget that virtual reality cannot substitute real world.

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