Euthanasia Essay: Pros and Cons


Do you know what means the word “euthanasia”? This term means the stopping of the life of somebody who suffers from severe and terminal disease. Doctors have started to practice this method long ago. They give a person an opportunity to die. This method also is used for putting an animal to sleep. For the first time the term “euthanasia” was mentioned in the 16th century. This word was a synonym for “easy death”. The Oxford dictionary gives three meanings of Continue reading

Essay on American History: A Step by Step Story


America as you know it now is not one of the oldest countries in the world. In this American History essay we will raise interesting facts and biographies of people that played important role in the establishing of this great country. By the way, we are the website that revise essays. So, please do not afraid to cooperate with us. The USA indeed is one of the most influential countries in the world. It is very attractive. The USA has become the mother for many world investigations. People Continue reading

Americanism Essay: A Huge Impact


The USA is a huge and amazing country. It has its special history which differs in many ways from others. The term “Americanism” has different meanings. It may refer to the English language, the ideology system, a kind of heresy, and the influence which has possessed America on the rest of the world. In Americanism essay we will discuss the last element. The term itself is not a recent investigation. It was first mentioned at the beginning of the last century. Without any doubt, Continue reading

Appendix Essay: Its Purpose and Look in the Text


The sense of writing is huge. Through this aspect people open vital things to all. We are talking about writing in general. Any text is made for purpose. Novelists have always been creating papers which stimulate, inspire, and make others to think. Any part of the text is significant. Do you know that there are some rules of formatting which one must keep? As for appendix, it plays a special role in any essay. Can someone go without it? Surely, one can skip it. We will explain later in essay Continue reading

Mother Tongue Amy Tan Essay: True Story


Language is the element that plays a huge role in the life of any person. Have you ever thought about it? We use this source every day, but pay no attention to its significance. One can compare it to the walk. People use legs for walking and running, but they do not consider them as some vital part of a body until something horrible happen. The same thing goes with a language. A nation that has a language and speaks is regarded to be smart. This factor makes people different from all other Continue reading

Apology Essay: How to Say “I’m Sorry”


All of us commit silly things. Each mistake has particular effect either on our life or on someone else’s. When a person pronounces a word, it influences the environment. This impact is invisible till some time. Things change if we speak. While talking about the impact, it can be either positive or negative. Sometimes we offend people. Some may offend us. It happens time after time. Our lives consist of different moments. They must not be only happy. Every experience can be useful. It Continue reading

Black History Essay: Facts and People


In this essay we will talk about the history of African-American people. They have a very old, packed with numerous facts history. This is the story of real people. Black people changed the American society. Some experts say that America would not have pop culture without black people. They almost redefined the idea of American dream. These people came from nothing and turned their life into success. African-Americans helped the country even when it bent them. We would like to show you several Continue reading

Eagle Scout Essay: Explanation. History. Tips


Have you heard about Scouts? Indeed, you have. Someone probably knows that there is a special program for boys in America which is called Boy Scouts. Eagle Scout is the biggest and honorable achievement of this program. Surely, not everyone is able to reach Eagle Scout. There are requirements that may set a considerable boundary between the award and the one who wants to get it. If this Eagle Scout essay would seem to you not full, we would gladly receive comments from you, and our writer Continue reading

American Culture Essay: Brightness and Diversity


Every culture is so unique and outstanding. American culture is probably one of the brightest and interesting cultures. It is a complex of various elements. American culture is a huge pie or pizza with a mixed topping. Do you know what we are talking about? Does this expression make a sense? In the USA one can meet representatives of almost all nations of the world. This is the country which once opened the door for everyone. For these reasons, in America all peoples cooperate side by side. Continue reading

Essay on Community Service: Essential Help


Community service is a particular job which can be performed by one person or a group of people for the improvement of institutions or other public objects. This job is nonpaying. Volunteering has nothing to do with community service. In every country there are different types of this work. By the way, there are several reasons that explain why community service is performed by people. In essay about community service we will raise several significant questions: to what extent this work is Continue reading