Why Children Should Spend More Time Outdoors


It is common knowledge that being closer to nature and spending time outdoors is beneficial for mental and emotional health of both adults and children. It is good for our attention and mood. Many studies have revealed that nature positively affects the cognitive abilities of children by protecting their mental health from the harmful effect of air pollutants. Children who regularly get engaged in various energetic activities in the natural surroundings show greater progress in their memorizing Continue reading

20 Tips How to Master Your Grammar Skills


Studying grammar is not easy for any student. It may even be a highly confusing activity that stresses most students out. The use of correct grammar is of great importance for your success in the academic field and future career. It is therefore critical to know some methods of how to improve your grammar skills and learn how to use it properly. Here are some valuable tips that will help you master English grammar. If you follow all the recommendations, you will be able to improve your grammar Continue reading

Why Printed Books Are Losing Popularity


Since the very inception of e-books, it has been claimed year after year that the printed books will soon die out and will be replaced by new digital inventions. Nowadays, however, there is an on-going debate whether this will really happen, or whether printed books might win the competition. E-books have long become an inseparable part of modern life, but currently the sales of e-books seem to slow down, which is why it is claimed that e-books are going out of fashion. However, it is unlikely Continue reading

How Nature Can Help You to Beat Your Depression


Ecotherapy also known as “green therapy” continues to attract the attention of various researchers and common people who are trying hard to overcome the state of depression. Walking in nature is usually associated with meditation and insightfulness, but not long ago it has been proved that nature also has a number of benefits for one’s mental health. Some studies have proved that ecotherapy is associated with many health benefits by relieving the symptoms of depression and Continue reading

20 Books to Increase Your Motivation


Reading makes wonders by enhancing your brain activity and making you smarter. It is therefore important to choose right books that will help you raise productivity and increase motivation. This will give you an opportunity to develop and grow as a personality. Consider adding the following books to your reading list, and you will definitely manage to succeed in any venture. Here is a list of 20 books that will most likely inspire you and help you to increase your motivation. Leslie T. Giblin Continue reading

How Modern Technologies Can Transform the Way We Live


Ten years are not so much for a person, but it is like a millennium for the technology. They develop more and more rapidly, constantly interfere with our life and change it. The most of the changes are due to the Internet, wireless and mobile service. These three have made the majority of the world’s population fit into one informational space. Only ten or so years ago only a few per cent of people could go online from their houses, none at the time could boast with a quick working Continue reading

30 Tips And Tricks How To Use Google Properly


Every day we are faced with a lot of small problems during the searching process. All those inconveniences are really annoying and very often they take valuable time, especially for students, which spend a lot of time surfing the internet in quest of information for college. Erstwhile, I used to take a lot of searching terms in different combinations, but still could not find the necessary information. And I am sure, that many of you were dealing with similar problems. Next I will describe the Continue reading

Education is Window to the Bright Future


In the previous post we discussed the topic of women part in development of technologies that would not be possible without good education. The education and its importance will be the subject of our post today. In case you were assigned to write an essay about the role of education in our lives this material might be useful for you because in it we are going to look at the reasons why education matters and some online opportunities for free education. But if at the moment you don’t have Continue reading

10 Tips How to Determine Your Ideal Productive Hours of Day


Previously, we analyzed how to raise labor productivity. Now we will proceed to analyzing the ways to determine the ideal productive hours of the day. Although everyone knows how long they get ready after waking up in the morning and how long it takes to commute to work, not many people can figure out at what time of the day their level of concentration is the highest. It is important for everyone to understand at what time they should wake up to be more productive in their daily activities and Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence: Impact on Education


To start with, let’s just say that progress cannot be avoided; it cannot be tamed and contained. One way or the other it affects our lives. Whether the aftereffects of the progress are positive or negative is entirely up to us.  Some people waste their time on videogames and other fun activities, while others choose to take advantage of the given opportunity and do all possible to learn more. As should you, and also you simply must read other topics on our blog, which you will find Continue reading