The Dark Side of a Person in Adolph Hitler Essay

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There are a lot of contradictory characters in the world history, around which there are always a lot of debates and arguments. Some people approve this or that decision of a leader, while the others tend to criticize it. In fact, any event or any person may be studied from this or that side, though there is one character in our history, whose name causes no positive emotions at all. His name is associated with anger, hatred to people, and unhealthy desire to conquer the world. The name of Adolf Continue reading

Essay On Drug Addiction

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When people face some troubles, problems, and challenges, they look for ways to solve them. Unfortunately some people start taking drugs. This essay we would like to dedicate to drug abuse and drug addiction problem. We believe that drug addiction essay should turn public attention to this urgent issue. Drug addiction is a disease that characterizes by a pathological inclination to use drugs. The problem of drug abuse exists for a long time and it is very hard to fight it. Only few people Continue reading

Cyber Bullying essay: How To Stop Cyber Bullying

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Living in the world of high technologies gives us not only advantages, it also provokes new kinds of problems. In this essay we are going to talk about cyber crime, in particular cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a phenomenon when internet communication is used for threatening or humiliating. Generally speaking it is an ordinary bullying transferred into electronic form. The consequences of cyber bullying are not better at all than of ordinary bullying. In this essay we will tell you how not to Continue reading

Essay on Smoking Warns You

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From one point of view, to smoke or not to smoke, is a private choice of any person. Who can forbid anybody not to do this if he makes a choice in favor of poisoning himself? One may think something like this, ‘He knows about the tobacco influence on the organism, though he wants to continue smoking. I am not going to poke my nose.’ Such a way of thinking is typical for the biggest part of people. Unfortunately, smoking is not a problem, which deals only with a smoker himself. This Continue reading

Essay On Honesty Is The Best Policy

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Recently I have read pretty strange words that one girl said: ”I have a problem. I lie constantly though I don’t understand why. People around me don’t notice it and believe each of my words. I have a feeling that I cannot live without lying.” I was engrossed in reflections then. Nowadays we live in the world of injustice and hypocrisy where almost every person is not sincere for different reasons. That is why I asked myself: “Is honesty the best policy essay to be Continue reading

Law-Abidingness in Patriotic Essay

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In general, patriotism is defined as devotion and readiness to defend your homeland, though this term has much wider meaning and deeper sense. Ask people about their understanding of it and I am sure you will hear a lot of various answers. Patriotism is really not only your love for you motherland. To be a patriot means to be ready to give your life for the country if such a necessity appears, though it is possible to approve yourself as a patriot not only in the hour of danger, but also in our Continue reading

The Declaration of Independence: The American Ideal

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Once the twenty-eighth President of the USA Woodrow Wilson put it: “Sometimes people call me an idealist. Well that is the way I know I am an American. America is the only idealistic nation in the world” but where did it begin? The US as many people say is a written country; it is still being written and it is adjusted to the documents. America was founded on the paper. Of course there was America before The Father Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in New England in November 1620. Continue reading

Gay Rights Persuasive Essay: Arguments against Gay Marriage

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Gay rights essays generally speak either in favor or against gay marriage. In the recent times, the legalization of gay marriage has become an urgent issue that needs to be solved without causing harm to the welfare of the society. The following gay marriage rights essay will explore why same-sex marriage is harmful and why it should not be legalized, although in many states, it had already become legal, which resulted in a number of negative consequences. Just like all essays on gay rights, the Continue reading

The Death Penalty Essay: Is It Effective?

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Statistic shows that a lot of people are sentenced to death every year and sometimes their guilt even not proven. Thereby, naturally the question arises: “Is the death penalty effective?” and that will be considered in that essay on death penalty. The numbers of executed are terrifying, but fortunately, it had stopped to increase in the virtue of abolishing the death penalty by some countries. As you will notice in this death penalty essay, there are still tens countries that are Continue reading

Essay on America: God Bless the U.S.A.!

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I always tried to comprehend the dimensions of our planet and a number of the countries, which are situated on its surface. Finally, I was forced to admit that my imagination was not enough to understand the real size of our world. An American Steve Fossett needed 67 hours to fly around the globe with making no stops. This record was beaten several years after, though the time, which was spent on making such a tour, was able to help me to imagine the world better. I haven’t been to every Continue reading