Essay on responsibility: Importance of being responsible

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Everyone has heard about responsibility. We all know that some people are responsible, others are irresponsible. Each of us at least once in a lifetime has heard such a phrase “You are irresponsible!” or “You don’t have a sense of responsibility!” and so on. But what does it mean? Not everyone understands the meaning of the words “responsibility” and “responsible / irresponsible”. What is responsibility? Responsibility is one of the Continue reading

Crisis in Educational System: Myth or Reality

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Education is the background, the Rosetta stone for the development of a personality, the acquired skills and abilities help to reach the desired goal. The successful graduation makes a person compatible and suitable for the job hunt. The variety of modern job market makes it hard to choose the branch you would want to study, but the choice is very important and it must be made very early in life: the sooner the better. They say that without an education you are no one: it is not entirely true, Continue reading

Essay Editing Service

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A lot of my friends can’t understand how it is possible that all my essays contain no mistakes at all. They are pretty sure that it is simply impossible and all my strivings to explain them that it is more than easy are not able to over persuade them. I stopped trying to explain them how I did this. If they didn’t want to listen to me, I wouldn’t make them do this by force. Despite the level of my papers’ complexity, their bulks, topics, and many other aspects, my texts Continue reading

Nature Vs. Nurture – What Defines Our Personalities?

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The society and psychologists have been studying such a controversial issue as what is major: nature or nurture? Nature versus nurture debate has emerged many years ago and is still ongoing. This issue is whether genesis or surrounding plays a bigger role in defining and forming an individual and his human nature.  I`m not going to argue with the great philosophers and scientists as to what has more priority or what takes a leading position. I will just let the common sense flow. Hopefully, Continue reading

Why Children Should Spend More Time Outdoors

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It is common knowledge that being closer to nature and spending time outdoors is beneficial for mental and emotional health of both adults and children. It is good for our attention and mood. Many studies have revealed that nature positively affects the cognitive abilities of children by protecting their mental health from the harmful effect of air pollutants. Children who regularly get engaged in various energetic activities in the natural surroundings show greater progress in their memorizing Continue reading

Tips On Writing A Good Citizenship Essay

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Writing an essay, especially on such a topic as “citizenship”, may seem difficult. You can stumble through the questions: What should I begin with? What to write about? What is citizenship? Does it have any value for a society? and many many others. In this article we will give you tips on how to write a good citizenship essay. Starting point Any essay should begin with a research work. Your task is to find information which concerns your topic and to study it. Here a huge role Continue reading

20 Tips How to Master Your Grammar Skills

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Studying grammar is not easy for any student. It may even be a highly confusing activity that stresses most students out. The use of correct grammar is of great importance for your success in the academic field and future career. It is therefore critical to know some methods of how to improve your grammar skills and learn how to use it properly. Here are some valuable tips that will help you master English grammar. If you follow all the recommendations, you will be able to improve your grammar Continue reading

Essays On Christianity: Is God A White Bearded Man?

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It is impossible to live and have no God in the heart. No matter what religion a person confesses, or in what force he believes, one thing is evident: he should follow the certain set of rules, which helps him not to get lost in the world. He should know that there is a supreme power, which records carefully all his good and bad deeds and makes him think well before commit any action. There are a lot of debates about religion, its restrictions, which it puts on its adherents, its doctrines, and Continue reading

Essay About Teamwork And Its Principles

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Previously we discussed the movie evaluation essay. Today I am going to write a teamwork essay. I think it is rather interesting theme to talk about. Working through my essay I understood that many aspects of life are covered by teamwork. Let’s recollect some important events. Parents and other relatives, friends and colleagues arrange any kind of celebration. All those weddings, birthday parties or business require the work of a group of people. You might have met certain teamwork essays. Continue reading

Why Printed Books Are Losing Popularity

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Since the very inception of e-books, it has been claimed year after year that the printed books will soon die out and will be replaced by new digital inventions. Nowadays, however, there is an on-going debate whether this will really happen, or whether printed books might win the competition. E-books have long become an inseparable part of modern life, but currently the sales of e-books seem to slow down, which is why it is claimed that e-books are going out of fashion. However, it is unlikely Continue reading