A Doll House Essay. Life In A Golden Cage


On the agenda, there is my favorite book by Henrik Ibsen “A Doll's house” that was written in 1879. Despite the year, when I was reading this book I always wondered how it is relevant in our time. The book is about family relationships, about how far can be people from each other, although have lived together for many years. I hope you will like this A Doll House essay and the information will be useful. If you need to write an essay, but don’t know from what to start, then Continue reading

The Role Of Science In Biology Essay


I want to write this biology essay because biology is the science about the structure of the whole nature. To know biology – it means to know the laws by which all organisms live. The man is the part of nature, though, he created a civilization. By the way, I found the best custom writing service that can help you with homework. If you are tired or have no time for writing works, then join regular customers now and relax. They will provide you the best quality paper on time. On this Continue reading

Pride And Prejudice Essay. How To Marry Well


I guess I will not be original if I say that “Pride and Prejudice” is one of my favorite books, and I can reread again and again because it is one of those stories that never gets old. I’m sure I will return to this novel. That is why I decided to write an essay on Pride and Prejudice. I wrote it with the help of college essay writer. If you don’t know where to find an essay writing service with the best quality, use our website. All we need is love So, let’s Continue reading

A Lot Of Facts In My Geography Essay


I love to travel. Many times I was in different cities. Every summer I go hiking with my friends. But there are still many places I have not yet been. So I attend a geography class where I can expand my knowledge about our world. Geography is the most interesting subject where you can learn a lot of interesting. At first, I have learned a lot about our planet. I met the most outstanding discoveries of people, learned a lot about the Great explorers and discoverers. That is why I write this Continue reading

1984 Essay. Hope And Hopelessness


In my 1984 essay thesis, I want to talk about the work of George Orwell 1984. This book can be called one of the terrible books that I have ever read in my life. It is terrible by the fact that the world that is described there is absolutely true, and everyone will see in it something familiar. By the way, I used a help of college paper writers while writing this essay. I advise you to a get professional academic help from a trustworthy writing service. There you will find lowest prices and Continue reading

To Kill A Mockingbird Essay. Life Through Child’s Eyes


The novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" written by Harper Lee, has won recognition and became one of the best American novels of the twentieth century. It has been translated into many languages. This work exuded success. They say that to kill a Mockingbird is a great sin; it is one of the most harmless birds. An American writer Harper Lee who won a Pulitzer Prize has been amazingly accurately depicted the adult world through the eyes of a child in her famous novel. Do you want to order essay? Then Continue reading

Essay on Lord Of The Flies. To Stay Alive


Well, let’s talk today about a very interesting and sometimes very controversial book by William Golding with such trivial title “Lord of the Flies”. When I first saw this book, I immediately thought: “Who is this Lord and why he commands flies?” The associations with the title of the book to me were not bright and pleasant. The book “Lord of the Flies” can be found in many popular lists of books required to be read. So, after reading that, I decided to Continue reading

Get Your Mark For Third Person Essay


Modern society requires different skills, for example, to describe your thoughts. The education system as a source of knowledge is required to teach the student all they need in life. Often schools give a task to write a narrative essay. Only training will help to learn how to write interesting and good compositions. This first person narrative essay will help you to understand how to write such an essay, and there are some examples of it especially for you. What is a narrative essay? Usually Continue reading

Alexander The Great Essays. The Great Commander


My essay is about Alexander III of Macedon. In antiquity, he was one of the greatest generals and statesmen.  It is obvious that he has the nickname “the Great” from ancient times until now not for nothing. Hope you will like this essay. We tried to gather the most important information about this historical person. We know that sometimes students don’t have enough time to do all their homework. That is why our professional custom writing service is ready to help you. We Continue reading

Catcher In The Rye Essay. The World Of Adults


All of us probably heard about this book many times. It can be found everywhere. A variety of lists like “100 books that are worth reading”, a lot of quotes on the Internet, a lot of people just advise reading this book. Of course, I had to read it. So, this is my The Catcher in the Rye essay. A novel by Jerome David Salinger “The Catcher in the Rye” was published in 1951 and in a few months won first place in the list of American bestsellers. He got the greatest fame Continue reading