Happiness Essay: What Makes You Feel Satisfied


There are some timeless questions, which disturb every generation of people:  can money buy happiness and love or not and what is happiness? My essay about happiness will try to give the answer to this question and explain my point of view, which I hope you will share too.Happiness Is…Happiness is in your hands and if you are not satisfied with your life, just try to correct your life style according to the frames you have in your head. Don’t you feel happy enough because ...Continue reading

The Death Penalty Essay: Is It Effective?


Statistic shows that a lot of people are sentenced to death every year and sometimes their guilt even not proven. Thereby, naturally the question arises: “Is the death penalty effective?” and that will be considered in that essay on death penalty. At the moment there are a lot of organizations that tries to stop inhumane behavior of the government relative population, but it does not mean that executions will cease soon. In this way there is a really big necessity to compare a ...Continue reading

Essay On Courage: When Do You Need It


Previously we discussed advantages and disadvantages of watching movies and reading books. Today I am going to introduce to you courage essay. Bravery is a significant trait of a character and may come at hand at any life situations. It is not a secret that fear is strong negative emotion which is the result of any kind of danger. It is natural to be afraid of any straight danger but it is unreasonable to be scared by something hypothetic, something that can’t happen. Although you may ...Continue reading

Books vs Movies: What Is More Suspenseful?


My last work covered the information about forming groups and principles of teamwork activity. Today I want to represent for your consideration pros and cons of reading books and watching movies. It’s not a secret that it is one of the most popular topics for debates nowadays. Active readers defend their points of view that reading books is the best way of spending free time. Film fans act on the issue that there is nothing more exciting than watching a good movie. Let’s reveal which ...Continue reading

Essay Motivation: Key to Your Life


What is the force that pushes you forward and makes you attain the goals, which you set in front of yourself? Have you ever thought about this? My motivation essay gave me a perfect opportunity to search for the answers, which I was not able to give some time ago. It gave me a good push to start understanding myself better, distinguish my real desires from the fugitive ideas, and set targets, which help me to be in constant development. I began to understand what I want and now I know how to ...Continue reading

Essays on Reading: A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives


It was time to start writing my essay. My new topic was to my liking. I didn’t doubt that I would complete my essay about reading quickly. I never thought for too long before start doing this. I had a habit to write down the first thought, which came to my mind as soon as I was announced my topic. Usually, the first association was the best one and I wrote it down at once. It was a good starting point for me. Only after that one idea began to follow another and soon my essay was finished. ...Continue reading

Education is Window to the Bright Future


In the previous post we discussed the topic of women part in development of technologies that would not be possible without good education. The education and its importance will be the subject of our post today. In case you were assigned to write an essay about the role of education in our lives this material might be useful for you because in it we are going to look at the reasons why education matters and some online opportunities for free education. But if at the moment you don’t have ...Continue reading

Main Difference between Schooling and Education


According to research, it develops increasingly fast at an approximate annual rate of 7-15 percent per year. Although home schooling is still not popular in certain countries, it is already on the rise in Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and Great Britain. There are many reasons for parents to choose this form of education for their children. Some of them are listed below.Some parents choose homeschooling due to their religious affiliation.There are parents who believe that school ...Continue reading