Emily Dickinson Essay. A White Hermit


                      Emily Dickinson didn’t publish any of her books. I can say that Emily Dickinson lived a life in obscurity. Neither the United States nor the nearest neighbors knew her as a poetess during her lifetime. But a few years later, after her book of poems was published, it was said that she is a literary sensation. She has become a classic of American literature. So this is an essay on Emily Dickinson. On our website, Continue reading

Essay On Abraham Lincoln. Most Beloved President


Abraham Lincoln still remains in the minds of Americans a national hero and a beloved President. He had a working-class origin, was from a poor illiterate family, and achieved his position through self-education. Lincoln was elected 2 times in a row as President. During his tenure as President, he managed to achieve victory in the Civil War and give rise to the unity of the American nation, which is now a source of pride for U.S. citizens. So, as you could understand this is the essay about Continue reading

Buy Nothing Day Essay. A Nightmare Of A Shopaholic


365 days a year we are forced to buy something. Advertisements stun, dazzle, mesmerize. There are a lot of discounts, promotions, sales. We have to buy a car, an apartment, a flat screen TV or even appearance. Enough! November 25 is the date of “Buy Nothing Day”. Every year, in the end of November people in many countries around the world disclaim from all purchases on the day, reminding that excessive consumption is a dangerous social trend. Buy Nothing Day in North America is Continue reading

On Dumpster Diving Essay. Life Without Money


Throughout Europe and the United States, young wealthy people refuse food from supermarkets in favor of food from dumpsters. Let's figure out in this dumpster diving essay what is it. If you want to find more essays then you need the essay writer, who will do for you best essays. If a person wants to eat, he or she usually goes to the grocery store or coffee shop. But some Europeans and Americans do differently: they wear things that they can stain, and go to rummage trash at the nearest Continue reading

Essay On Censorship. Defend Freedom of Speech


Censorship is some control over any information: distribution, publicity, exchange, etc. This type of control is used to limit or prevent the dissemination of information which is considered undesirable by powers. There are two forms of censorship: preliminary and subsequent. Preliminary censorship implies the need to obtain a permit for producing books, papers, performances of a musical work, etc. The subsequent censorship involves considering of an already published information and taking of Continue reading

Andrew Jackson Essay. The People’s President


Andrew Jackson is the President of the democratic breakthrough. In the political consciousness of Americans Andrew Jackson remained as the “people’s President”. My essay on Andrew Jackson is about the life of this deeply respected man. Future seventh President of the United States was born on March 15, 1767, in the little village of South Carolina. His father was an Irishman and two years before Andrew’s birth moved with his wife Elizabeth Hutchinson and two sons to Continue reading

How a Smartphone Can Improve Your Grammar


Older generation believes that modern devices do only harm to our intellectual skills, making us think less and spend more time on useless stuff: social media, newsletters, funny videos on the Internet and so on. But it is up to you to turn your smartphone into your devoted helper in studying languages and not only them. Our best essay writer service prepared professional advice for you. For some tips you will need to install additional applications, but others will not cause you even a bit of a Continue reading

Essay About Education. Choose Your Path In Life


Many people think that you should study only a limited number of years, only in special educational institutions and only people who are formally engaged in teaching can teach you. However, it is not so. We must study always, everything and from all people. Now in my essay about education, I will explain why it is so and how to do it. Also, you can try best custom writing service if you don’t have time to write essays. Our writers understand how busy students are, so they are always ready Continue reading

Arranged Marriage VS Love Marriage Essay. What Is Stronger?


The word "love" is used in a variety of values. Defining relationship, men and women say that they fell in love or out of love, lost love. Love is a feeling which can be used for family, friends and relatives. All these manifestations of love are very important to people. In this love marriage vs arranged marriage essay I want to figure out what is better. I understand that sometimes you have a lot of homework and can’t do everything in time. That is why our cheap essay writers are ready Continue reading

Social Media Essay: Harmless Fun Or Trap


                 I would like to start my essay about social media with the definition. Social media are computer-mediated technologies that allow individuals, companies, NGOs, governments, and other organizations to view, create and share information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. And here we can understand that social networks are a certain group of people, where one person is a center Continue reading