Peer Pressure Essay: Don’t Walk Over Me, Please!


Is it really so important to be cool in the eyes of other people and find their approval? The biggest part of the mature personalities, whose experience let them think soundly, know that it is much more important to have your own opinion than to follow those, who are going the wrong route. A lot of teenagers, when they start getting older and move to the most critical age period, try to get out of the parents’ control. The peers’ opinion becomes the best and the only correct Continue reading

How Owning Pet Can Change Your Life


Animal impact on human health The fact that animals influence our health is known from ancient times. Today hundreds of experiments have proved this fact. According to statistics the owners of dogs and cats live on average 5 years longer, budgerigars can ease heart pain, horseback riding helps people with mental disorders… Zootherapy becomes more and more popular all over the world. For example, in the USA animal therapy is used in children's hospitals, nursing homes and even in the army. Continue reading

How Summer Camp Can Influence On Your Child: Pros And Cons


Summer is coming. Many parents are going to send their child to summer camp. So is your child ready for it? Are you ready for such experiments? Let’s try to figure out. Is it worth sending your child to summer camp? Finally summer vacations are no longer a dream. They are so close already! Children tired with the lessons will have a rest. Someone will go to the country house, someone to the seashore, and someone will go to the summer camp. So here they are, children with the suitcases Continue reading

Personal Development: 21 Skills You Can Learn By Yourself


What skills a real leader should have If you decided to have your own business or to lead a department of an organization you should be a leader. Some people have the leader ability from by nature, and they show it in the childhood – at school, in sport, in relationships with other kids. Naturally it is easier for such children to become leaders when they grow up. However, if nature did not give you enough leader skills you can always master them by yourself. believes Continue reading

Current Event Essay: The Truth Prevailed!


A great number of students are really sure that writing of an essay on current events is a super easy task. The experts can’t argue this fact: there is really nothing difficult in bringing to light the most interesting or exciting events, which are happening all over the world every second. A lot of them are reflected in tabloids and online articles and each of the inhabitants is able to get acquainted with them easily. Just choose the most convenient way for you to get the info and get Continue reading

Essay On Character And Its Traits


Previously we discussed virtual reality and its necessity. Today I am going to introduce you a characterization essay. As many people live in the world, so many characters exist. People have various values, interests, principles and points of view, they respond to outer stressors in different ways. A person’s actions are conditioned by the type of character and those actions make up the very person’s life. So, what is character? It is the most significant element of personality. Continue reading

Bully Essay: What Bullying Is


Every person in the world has the right to be treated properly and respectfully. The Constitution is the main guarantee, which provides people with this indefeasible right. A quantity of banknotes in the wallet, a color of skin, a physical strength, and the influential connections shouldn’t let anybody think that he, who possesses all these advantages, has the right to bully any weaker, poorer, or simply different person. Unfortunately, the cases, when a group of people is offended by Continue reading

Mother Teresa Essay: Just Start Doing Good


‘By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus’ (Mother Teresa). Short Essay on Mother Teresa as an Act of Respect I still remember that when I was just a small kid, I was read various stories from the Holly Bible, though not all of them were absorbed by my mind properly. I was too small to remember so much info and even the Bible for kids Continue reading

Beach Descriptive Essay: Source Of My Inspiration


Don’t you know how to start your descriptive essay about the beach and you are still breaking your brains over this problem? Say goodbye to your torments, because we know how to solve this trouble and make you stop killing your time vainly! We promise you that your descriptive essay on the beach will be perfect and there will be no more sleepless nights in your life! Rely on us! Start Like this The sand is the granular natural material, which is composed of tiny particles of rock and Continue reading

Empathy Essay: Putting Yourself Into The Other’s Shoes


If you look into The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you will find that ‘empathy: 1.the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions; 2. the ability to share someone else’s feelings’. The people’ everyday business has already made every member of our society indifferent to the problems of people, who live their lives next to us and to whom we try not to pay any attention at all. We live as if we were on the desert island and there Continue reading