Essay On Business: Every Businessman Must Know


Nearly each of my fellows is sure that opening his own business is not a difficult task and such an enterprise will promise him tremendous money and comfortable life forever. The word ‘businessman’ is always associated with luxury, spending time abroad, and wearing brand-name clothes only. Everybody, who imagines himself a businessman, is sure that when he acquires such a status, he will be popular, wealthy and maybe even greater than or equal to Bill Gates. Not everybody knows what Continue reading

Essay On Drinking And Driving: Road To Nowhere


An average citizen doesn’t know the statistics of death rate, which is caused by driving in a drunken state. Various national programs and campaigns have the only aim: to make people understand all the gravity of the situation, which they provoke while taking to the wheel with the increased level of alcohol in blood. Before to start working at my drunk driving essay, I studied the Internet thoroughly and the data, which had been found, made my hair stand on ends: every day, nearly 30 Continue reading

Essay On India: Inside Out


Various spicy smells, which can’t leave cold even the most demandable tourists, are able to awake the appetite. The giant elephants, which have big hearts, smart brains, and measureless kindness inside them, are able to take you far away from you habitual lifestyle and concrete jungles, from which you’ve come to India. They will definitely immerse you into the fancy atmosphere, which seemed to be so far from you. The Indian women, who are wearing colorful sari, are able to change you Continue reading

Pop Culture Essay: Moving Forward Or Step Backwards?


When you find yourself in the very heart of any metropolis and you are surrounded by noise and people’ voices, when you are tubing in the overcrowded carriage and nobody pays any attention to his neighbor, or when you are sitting on the bench and eating your caloric hamburger, just look around. What are all those people around you doing? I am ready to bet that the crowd around you can be easily divided just into several categories. Give your guess! I won’t try your patience. All Continue reading

Essay About Advertising: Science Or Art?


Our world today is absolutely different from the world of the previous century. People used to watch movies without interruptions, to see the roadsides free from posters or letterings. But then our society was shocked by the huge mass of advertising texts and plots that were coming from everywhere: television, radio and even from the walls of the buildings. That is why many people think that advertising is a new phenomenon, which has appeared in the 20th century, when proposal for some products Continue reading

Argumentative Essay On Animal Rights


For many centuries people struggle for their rights neglecting other live creatures. Only recently humanity started to pay attention to those, who was always with us, who was often hurt and abused – to animals. Today people take care of animals more, but still there are numerous examples of animal ill-treatment. People and special organizations fight for animal rights recognizing. They organize meetings and mass actions all over the world. There are many essays on animal rights aimed at Continue reading

Education Goals Essay: Brilliant Future Is Near!


I like learning and getting some new knowledge about the phenomena, I haven’t ever heard. I am a very enthusiastic person, who has the certain future goals and who isn’t going to betray his dream about being the great fashion designer, not worse than Alexander MacQueen or Carolina Herrera. I am just the first-year student, who is trying to get his education at one of the best fashion institutions of the world. I will describe my long way to this institution and how I covered it in my Continue reading

Child Abuse Essay: Crime Against Kids


It is difficult even to imagine a number of families throughout the world, which are haunting by the idea to have a baby. They can’t make their dream come true by force of circumstances and they continue undergoing the courses of treatment to get pregnant or collecting the documents to adopt a child from orphan asylum. If it is an impossible dream for some families to make a baby, the others abuse their kids and ruin their psychology forever. Dirty words, which are said to children, and Continue reading

Brighter Than Sun: Atomic Bomb Essay


Mysterious device, which is able to emit gigajoules of energy for indescribably small period of time, hides a lot of secrets. The works on atomic weapon were extremely secretive all over the world, and there are a lot of legends and myths about the bomb itself. In this essay on atomic bomb we will try to figure out what is the essence of the bomb, namely what atomic power and radiation is and what consequences they lead to. Nuclear energy: pros and cons Modern civilization is impossible Continue reading

Essay On War: Worse Than Hell


My reflections on my war essay made me start thinking that such a terrible occurrence as murderous conflicts were the scourge of the mankind, each generation of which had to defend its country, stand up for the systems of beliefs, and shed floods of blood for the right of children to have the clear blue sky above their heads. Peace and prosperity are always replaced by chaos and depression, though the historians are sure that such ‘leapfrog’ is normal for the world development. It Continue reading