Artificial Intelligence Essay: What To Expect?


Some time ago people could read about existence of artificial intelligence only in the science fiction books. Today technology has reached incredibly high level and artificial intelligence is already fact of reality. Every day scientists work on improvement of artificial intelligence technology and they have achieved great results. But there is no limit to perfection and scientists still have a lot to do, because the main goal is to make artificial intelligence as close to human mind as Continue reading

Alcohol Essay: Causes, Symptoms And Stages Of Alcoholism


People made and drank alcohol many centuries ago. The problem of alcohol abuse is one of the most ancient and widespread in the world. Mankind tries to fight it during the hundreds of years and thousands of essays on alcohol, alcohol addiction essays and alcoholism essays are already written. There are a lot of methods of alternative medicine that promise to fight alcohol addiction, but only few of them are efficient and it always depends on a case and on a person. So in this alcoholism essay we Continue reading

Good Vs Evil Essay: Life Is Full Of Middle Tones


I don’t remember the times, when I was a small baby and spent all my time lying in the cradle. My mom told me that I was funny and smiled all the time. She convinced me that she read me the fairy tales daily and I gave reaction, when she started reading me the funny chapters. I smiled as if I had understood what she was reading about. When she read about the battles, the wizards, or angry wolves, I began to cry. I just remember that only when I grew up a bit, there appeared a perfect Continue reading

Essay On Bill Gates: King Of Computer Technologies


Have you ever dreamt to earn more than 200 dollars per second and this inflow never to be interrupted? If to sum up the incomes of such a fortune, the total sum will make your jaw drop. If such an earning could be real, you would be able to get more than 20 million dollars a day! Just imagine this! I guess you will say that there is no use of letting yourself fly so high in the sky. Nobody is lucky to make so much money daily. If you are still sure that it is impossible to do this, get ready Continue reading

Essay About Computers: Total Upgradation


Computers have already changed the way we live, work and get a taste of life. It influenced our minds and this effect will accompany us forever. If you let computer penetrate into your life once, there will be no chance for you to feel well without its being at your hand. Our generation is hooked on electronic devices and each of us should accept this fact. It’s Great! The scientists are sure that very soon the computers will perform all the functions, which are done by human beings now. Continue reading

Domestic Violence Essay: It All Starts With Taboos


Everybody dreams about a close family, loving partner, and happy children. None of kids wants their parents to scold with each other and none of women is dreaming about being beaten by her husband. Running away from home, appealing to police, concealing of the bruises are not just the empty words for some people, who suffer from domestic violence daily. The lives of those, who are subjected to brutal treatment, turn into a real nightmare, which doesn’t disappear with the wakening. Continue reading

Best Recommendations For Book Essay Writing


Writing of a book essay is really one of the most favorite tasks for all the students. Despite the fact, that more and more young men start giving their preferences to watching the movies rather than to sinking deep into the bottomless world of literature, there is still a high amount of people, who love the books. What is it better to choose, when you need to kill the time: a sensational bestseller or a perfectly staged film? If you have no answer to this question, and you still can’t Continue reading

Essay On Power: Alternative Power Sources


This essay on power does not cover the whole wide range of information that concerns the energy sources subject. You can easily find many other essays on power, such as nuclear power essay, solar power essay, wind power essay and so on. But we will try to give you at least an idea about traditional and alternative sources of power. There is no secret for anyone that today environmental pollution is increasing, what leads to disruption of the thermal balance in the planet's atmosphere, reduction Continue reading

Essay On Discrimination: Its Forms And Causes


Everyone has heard about discrimination issue. Some people discriminates others consciously, some unconsciously. You can discriminate someone without even knowing what you are doing. So we want to tell you more about discrimination and its types, so that you are careful with what you say or do. Discrimination traditionally means infringement of the rights and duties of man on any particular grounds. Despite the fact that the system of values and beliefs of modern man is characterized by Continue reading

Virtual Reality: Why Do We Need It


Previously we discussed pros and cons of honesty and tendencies to lie and tell truth. Today I am going to cover pretty interesting and up to date theme of virtual reality. It became a phenomenon of modern development of society. Human activity of last decades has created and spread the concept of virtual reality. It happened due to rapid development of computer technologies. Specialists distinguish several types of virtual reality: Passive VR-autonomic graphic representation and its sounds, Continue reading