Is It Worth to Start Drinking Alcohol?


Alcohol abuse has become an epidemic of the modern world. However, not many people realize how harmful alcohol is. Drinking alcohol has a devastating effect on human body leading to the changes in mental and physical health that can result to injury or even death of the alcohol user. Potential dangers associated with alcohol abuse include domestic accidents, car crashes and falls among many others. The following essay will explore the question of whether it is worth to start drinking alcohol at Continue reading

Gender Equality Essay: Evolution of Gender Roles


Current gender equality essay reflects the idea that previously, men and women were treated unequally, although the situation has been gradually changing since the inception of feminist movements and the on-going struggle of women for the equality of rights. Just like other gender inequality essays, the current paper focuses on the inequality in the perception of individuals on the basis of their gender, which can be explained by the differences in gender roles formed during the centuries. Continue reading

How Technology Can Change The Way Children Grow Up


Our modern world changes very rapidly. Every day we hear that scientists invent new devices and gadgets. Out life becomes more and more dependant on technology. Today it is impossible to imagine our life without washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and especially without cell phones and computer with access to Internet. Without these high-tech devices we often feel helpless. Technology has become a very essential part of our daily life. Now machines perform a lot of operations that people used to Continue reading

Coffemania: 30 Curious Facts About Coffee


Millions of people drink coffee every day. Someone can not imagine his life without coffee.  Honestly saying, I also belong to coffee lovers and it was my pleasure to search materials for this essay. Now I want to share with you the information I found. So check out 30 curious facts about coffee and enjoy. 1. In 1675 British monarch Charles II closed all the coffee houses in England, because he believed that people who were against him were gathering there. Many other world monarchs Continue reading

Five Acts Of Kindness You Can Accomplish In One Day


Right said Mark Twain: `Kindness – is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ` Kindness doesn`t have its physical appearance, but we can percept and feel it clearly. Kindness lives inside our soul and serves as a starting point for inner beauty development. Even though, kindness is the feelings we all were born with, some adults need much time and efforts to return kindness back into their hearts. Why people lose kindness Sometimes, the loss of kindness doesn`t Continue reading

Forgiveness Is The Best Remedy For Our Soul


Egoism as a natural quality of human beings There is no way to avoid betrayals, lies or cheating in our lives.  No matter how careful you are or how happy your life is, it`s all about ups and downs. You can`t feel eternal happiness without experiencing strong pain. Without loss people can`t appreciate simple things in life. It`s not because human beings aren`t thankful, it`s more because of our egoistical nature. It would be wrong to say, that being egoistical is completely a wrong thing, Continue reading

The Best Day of My Life Essay: How My Dreams Came True


Are you looking for a good online writing service, which will supply you with perfectly composed essays all the time? I think this is one of the luckiest days for you, because I have one counsel, which is able to solve your dilemma and arrive at the decision which one to choose for yourself. Here is my ‘The best day of my life essay’. I want you just to read it and say whether you like it or not. If you fall in love with this text and it fascinates you, I will disclose you a secret Continue reading

Top 20 Deadly Animals Everyone Should Avoid


Previously we discussed Top 30 the most terrifying things that belong to nature. Now we want to tell you about Top 20 deadly animals. We placed the animals according to how many people become their victims per year. Thinking about human killers we imagine creatures with sharp giant teeth and claws, with huge body and extremely strong muscles. But the things actually are not like this. So check out our top 20 and you will be aware of what you should avoid. Let’s begin! Great white shark Continue reading

Is It Easy to Write Essay About Yourself?


Such a task as to write an essay about yourself seems to be super easy just at first sight. When it is not you who are given it, it seems even easier to give the counsels and propose any recommendations just as, ‘Hey, why are you so preoccupied with this? Write about any experience of yours and that’s all!’ Do you really think that it is easy to choose the certain interesting period of your life, which can be attractive for the readers so much that they won’t turn the Continue reading

Technology in education: pros and cons


Nowadays, it is hardly to imagine your life without the Internet let alone all that stylish telephones, notebooks and tablets.  Scientific know-how seems to be unwittingly encroaching on our lives at an unprecedented rate and speed. But we must ask ourselves a question: is technology good or bad? Tracing back to the 70s, 80s, or even 90s of the twentieth century people successively went without hi-techs in classrooms and at home. Why have we fallen into the trap of computers? In this essay Continue reading