5 Reasons To Take A Pet From A Shelter

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Pets such as dogs and cats are distinguished by their ability to love people. Studies show that animals experience a strong sense of friendly affection to their owners and improve almost all aspects of his or her life, including health and even outlook on life. The impact of animals on lives of people is one of the reasons why almost every family must have a pet. However, instead of spending thousands of dollars on the purchase of these amazing animals from pet stores, potential pet owners can take a pet from a shelter – it is even more useful. Below you will find 5 reasons why it is better to take a pet from a shelter rather than to buy it in a pet store.

  1. You can save a life. Approximately 3.7 million animals are in animal shelters and are euthanized each year because of lack of families that are willing to accept them. When you take a pet from any of these animal shelters, you give him a family and saved from the merciful killing.
  2. Just love. We all want to be loved and pets are not an exception. Some animals are badly treated in shelters, they experienced hunger and loneliness and look forward to the opportunity to love and be loved.
  3. You save dogs from abuse of their previous heartless owners. Statistics shows that each year about 12,000 pets in the U.S. die from abuse. However, you can help to stop the cruelty to animals by taking the pet from the animal shelter, thus allowing the relevant institutions to devote more time and effort to rescue these poor and abused creatures or by reading this persuasive essay on animal abuse.
  4. You will set an example to others. Today approximately 20% of the pet lovers take pets from animal shelters and rescue groups. If you take a pet and tell about it to your neighbors, you will disseminate information to people who do not know about the advantages of taking an animal from a shelter.
  5. The cost. If you are not going to take part in shows or to become a breeder, you can leave the money for a vacation and take a pet from the shelter. To buy a pet for bragging about how much money you spent – at least strange. And if you’re looking for a particularly beautiful breed, then believe me that among pets that live in shelters a lot of special beauties.

In this 5 reasons to take a pet from a shelter essay there are also can be added some advantages of pets:

  • Age.  It is the most obvious advantage of animals from the shelter. For some reason many think: if you own a pet, then it must be a kitten or a puppy that you will raise and get the perfect pet. But not always people understand what challenges they will face trying to train a cat to a litter box or teach it to eat dry food.
  • Temperament. Some people have read a lot of literature on the nature and temperament of a particular breed, the breeders told about “the best parents” of “the fur baby”, and so everything must be wonderful. But you never know what a little fluffy cutie will be when grows up because the natural character may make from cutie a monster. And it will not be corrected by training.  
  • Support of curators. No matter what will happen with a pet, whether it be illness or prolonged adaptation, contact the curator from the shelter and he or she will help you.
  • Animals improve our physical and emotional happiness. However, they give even more than just love. Studies show that owning a pet brings a lot of benefits that range from improvement of social life of man, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels to a more rapid recovery after diseases that are connected with the heart, and generally improve health.
  • You help animals to live longer. According to studies, cats and dogs that live with owners live longer than their homeless counterparts. This means that when you take a cat or dog from animal shelters, you help them not to live on the street and increase their life expectancy.

How to respond to inappropriate behavior of the pet

Not every owner understands that pet, before it got in the house, had a very difficult path, which affected its behavior. Most often pets get in the shelter from outside. It is pets that were born and raised on the street or animals abandoned by their owners. In the first case, it is very difficult to cats or dogs to get used to the idea that people can care about them. And in the second case it is often even more difficult: loyal by nature and then abandoned animals with great difficulty believe people.

When they come into the family’s house, these pets often show not entirely that kind of behavior that is expected from them. The first couple of weeks are an adjustment period. During this period, a dog or a cat explores new friends. As soon as pet believes you and understands that will not be thrown out, the behavior will become more stable and adequate. So, together with the family members develop a course of action that you will use with the chosen pet and follow it. In the future, it will benefit both you and a new family member.

Are you ready for the new expenses?

If you’re not ready to get a dog or a cat, you shouldn’t give it false hopes to home and then return it to the shelter. Talk with your family and verify that everyone understands that pet it is not only expenses on food.

Besides the obvious expenses on food, you will have many other:

  • Leash, toys, and other accessories;
  • Regular visits to the veterinary;
  • The organization of the bed;
  • Treatment of fleas every two or three months;
  • Anthelmintic drugs;
  • Treatment against ticks in that case;

If you analyzed all the consequences of your deed and found the strength to save at least one living soul – feel free to go to the shelter and enjoy together with your pet its happiness. Be sure that you will gain the most faithful and loyal friend who will appreciate you the whole life. I hope that this essay helped you to understand such a difficult question why people should take pets from shelters. If you need more help in different questions please write us. Visit our website and look through the information about our team, prices and services.