Autobiography Essay: A Brand New Life

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The task to compose an autobiographical incident essay intrigued me at once. Unlike my fellow students, I had a couple of stories, which had already happened to me and which had changed my inner world dramatically. I knew what to tell about and how to make my autobiographical essay ideal. Neither an essay on incident nor a cultural autobiography essay was able to beat me out of reason. I had such an experience in life, when I was placed in absolutely strange conditions. My biography essay will tell you about my adventures chronologically.

When My Life Cracked

I still remember the day, when we first came to Egypt, to the settlement not far from Cairo, if to be more precise. I had never been here earlier and, frankly speaking, I had no desire to visit this country at all. We had to leave Europe and our native Hungary and move here. I had to forget my favorite Budapest not forever, but at least for the day of my adulthood. I was sure that I would come back here in a couple of years. As I was just a thirteen-year old teen I had to get used to live in this hot place, which had the smell of tangerines everywhere. It really haunted me then wherever I went. I am sure that none of the readers of my biographical essay will understand my negative comments and why these bright orange fruits annoyed me so much. The citrus fruits were not to my liking and I couldn’t stand their smell at all.  

I missed my old and beautiful Budapest, which inspired me all the year round. I was born here and I had no plans to change it for any other city of the world until my parents were sent on a mission to Egypt. They were the doctors and their director said that they were needed here. It was strange that anybody may dislike the country, which considered to be one of the most beautiful and welcoming places.

It seemed that I was the only person on this planet, who got no satisfaction from the insufferable heat, which continued daily and nightly, though when I met with the difficulties, which waited for me in a school, I understood that the heat was just the tiny grain in the large and boundless desert of my problems.

My First Day at Cairo School

I was one of the top pupils in my Budapest school, where I was surrounded by an enormous number of friends. When I found myself in Cairo school, I had a feeling that I came to Hell. I was the only pale-faced girl in the whole school and I think it is not needed to describe the response of Egyptians on me. My parents had tried to protect me against all the possible troubles in Budapest and I had seen no misery in my life at all. I had always been adored by the teachers; my communication skills had been good enough to establish the contacts with anybody, and I had seen no poverty at all. In Cairo I got to the school, which was attended by children from not wealthy families. Of course, you may ask me why I wasn’t sent to a more elite educational institution. My parents had to work in the hospital, which was situated in the poorest district, where no doctors wanted to work. My parents spent all their time here and there was nobody, who could accompany me to school. There was no other choice for me but to visit the school, which was just several meters away from our home. My parents asked me to understand them and try to adapt for these new conditions.

I didn’t understand these rude people’s language, their habits, and their behavior. I was not even like a black sheep here; I was an alien, at whom all the pupils stared all the time. This awful period was the hardest one in my life and I even don’t know how I could survive it.

A Case on the Street

The Cairo streets were full of litter. The buildings were not high, massive, and they didn’t resemble the ones, which were in Budapest. I had never seen such poverty in my life and the shock, which I got here, made me cry daily and nightly. I had the hysterics every day, though my parents were firm in their decision to stay here and help these poor people. I could understand nothing: why did people, who lived in such misery, need any medical help at all? My worldview was changed cardinally, when I saw how my parents saved a small baby, who could die right on their hands. My parents and I were walking along the street, when suddenly a very badly dressed gipsy woman appeared in front of us. She had a tiny girl on her hands, who was short of breath. Her face was blue, she was grunting awfully, and I was scared to death. The woman was crying terribly and finally she fell on her knees. We didn’t understand what she said, though it was evident that she wanted my parents to save her daughter. She took my mom’s hand and kissed it.

This scene had stuck in my head. I didn’t remember the next events, though the baby was saved. The tears of her mother still appear in front my eyes and her voice is still sounding in my head as soon as I close the eyes. I had never seen the death so close to me… I understood that people needed the doctors despite of their race, social status, or any other parameters.

I can’t say that I started loving Cairo. No. I just started looking at its dirty streets and its homeless inhabitants like at people and not like at silly and illiterate living creatures. I began to understand that all people, who populated the world, had their right to live and get the help.

I returned to Budapest in two years, though I wasn’t going to continue living here. I was going to enter one of its prestigious medical academies, after which I planned to come back to Cairo. I knew that I had to follow my parents’ footsteps and I was ready to do all my best to make these poor Egyptians live just a bit better and easier. All the adventures, which happened to me in Egypt, formed my worldview and helped me to become such a kind and emphatic person as I am now.

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