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Barack Obama is the man about whom people can talk for hours. When he became the first African American President in the history of the United States of America, this outstanding politician broke a lot of conventions and became a legend already during his lifetime. Looking at the actions of this man it seems that it’s impossible to not respect him. Because he has everything – from a cold mind and to a warm heart. Here in this essay about Barack Obama you will know about his childhood, family and present life. Choose our services, and you will get the best from there.

Today Barack Obama is called one of the most popular figures in world politics. His electoral ratings are creeping up continually, and his face is on the covers of leading publications on the planet. He is one of the few people who managed to preserve human form even after reaching the peaks of world politics.

His early years and family

The present occupant of the White house in whose veins flows the African, English, Irish and Indian blood, was born on 4August 1961 in Honolulu. His father was a African American student from Kenya who came to the US for higher education at the University of Hawaii. A mother of the future President studied in the same school. She was a white American Stanley Dunham. She studied anthropology there. His parents divorced and in 1967 Stanley Dunham was married a second time. Her new lover was Indonesian Lolo Soetoro. As a result of this union was born the younger sister of future US President. When Barack was 21, he learned that his father died suddenly in a car accident in Kenya. In 1995 died his mother because of cancer. Although his father was by birth an African Barack spent all his childhood surrounded by a white mother and her family, and thus two races and two worldviews united in him. After high school Obama spent two years at a private college and then transferred to Columbia University, where he studied political science and specialized in international relations. In 1983 he got a bachelor's degree and worked for one year in publishing and consulting company. In 1985 Barack moved to Chicago, where he led a charity project to help local churches and organized training programs for residents of poor areas of the city. In 1988 Barack Obama entered the law Department of Harvard University. In 1991 he graduated from the faculty of law and returned to Chicago, where he worked in a nongovernmental organization that was engaged in voter registration. Later he worked in a law office which specialized on compliance and the protection of civil rights. Barack Obama taught law at the law faculty of the University of Chicago from 1993 to 2004. In 2004, he was elected to the U.S. Senate. In less than three years of activity in the Senate Barack Obama has proposed 152 legislative acts and actively participated in the preparation of other 427 bills. Among the proposed bills observers noted the laws designed to support students. Barack Obama has proven himself as a fighter for equality and universal health insurance. With these ideas, the future President of the United States went into politics. Barack Obama strongly contributed to the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and opposed the creation of the North American free trade area. In addition, one of the main themes in the political doctrine of Obama was to support low-income families.

Love life

From this essay on Barack Obama you have already know about his childhood, student life and family, so now here is his love life. Personal life of Barack Obama is crystal clear and clean. The 44th President of the United States, unlike their counterparts in other countries not hiding from society, his wife Michelle Lavon Robinson, with whom he is married for over 20 years. Unlike her husband with Royal roots Michelle Obama is a descendant of black slaves, but that didn't stop her from becoming the first lady of the United States and with dignity to perform the duties that corresponding to the status. Barack and Michelle Obama met in 1989 at the dawn of the legal career of the future President of the United States. Experienced, like most young couples by the "gray" family life, quarrels, lack of money and other typical problems of an average family, sometimes even drove up to the decision to divorce. However, they love to each other and care for the daughters allowed to save the marriage, and the couple overcame all difficulties hand in hand and won the title of most perfect couples in a serious world of politics. In 1998 Michelle bore first daughter Malia Ann, and just three years later in 2001 Barack Obama became a father for the second time. The wife bore him a second daughter Natasha. The President of the United States is known for its reverent attitude not only to his daughters but to all children. He is actively involved in the education and lives of Malia Ann and Natasha, and has initiated various community youth activities in the country.

Political career of Barack Obama and other achievements

On 10 February 2007 in Springfield, Illinois, Barack Obama declared his intentions to run for the nomination from the Democratic Party in the presidential election of 2008. It was news number 1in many of the media that the first African American candidate for the presidency was nominated. Numerous observers have drawn attention to the importance of racial prejudice and general tastes among the population in the next election campaign. In the framework of the presidential campaign he had collected about $ 58 million, including almost a third of the total amount donated by ordinary Americans. Such support has allowed Barack Obama to abandon public financing of his company. The new "people's President" moved forward with the slogan "Yes We Can" and with great support from ordinary people. In the end, their votes for Barack Obama gave 338 of 538 electors. On 20 January 2007 a democrat, liberal and first in U.S. history an African American occupied the White house. Edward Kennedy was not wrong when he said: Barack Obama will involve the young people; he gave hope and found the ability to overcome age barriers between young and old, between West and East, between North and South, between African American and white. The second presidential term of Barack Obama from the beginning has been full of negative events, therefore in the society there is talk about the "curse of the second term" as a dark-skinned ruler was the first President, whose second term was much worse than the first. The second presidential term of Barack Obama from the beginning has been full of negative events, therefore in the society there is talk about the "curse of the second term" as a dark-skinned ruler was another first President, whose second term was much worse than the first. During this period Obama was faced with unexpected issues associated with the problematic launch of the healthcare reform, the situation surrounding the chemical attack in Syria, journalistic harassment, tax policy and other relevant issues in the country. Then Obama's ratings began to decline steadily, and within just six months of a second term President Barack has lost more than 12% of supporters, and in 2014 the political course of the American leader have not already supported more than half of Americans. In January of 2016 Barack Obama will leave his post as President of the United States.

Barack Obama is astute and courageous politician. If he wasn’t, he wouldn't be in the White house. He always spoke earnestly. People heard his carefully prepared speeches, which he performed everywhere from Philadelphia to Denver, and from Berlin to Cairo. Tens of millions of Americans want him very much to succeed. The same probably want many people in other countries.

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