Best Way to Write a Depression Essay

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Writing depression essays requires thorough knowledge of the topic apart from an ability to analyze the existing data on the research question. If you have never written essays about depression before, the first thing you have to do is to investigate the topic in general and then think of the key points to be included in your essay. Essays on depression can be of different kinds including teenage depression essay, cause and effect essay on depression as well as definition essay on depression. In your essay depression as a mental condition should be defined at the very beginning. After that, you should mention the symptoms of depression, and analyze the causes and effects of this condition as well as its prevalence among different groups of people. Keep in mind that you will not be able to write an essay about depression in one sitting. That is why you need to start researching the topic as early as possible to achieve the best results. Here are some tips on how to write a depression essay.

  • As mentioned before, essay on depression should start from a definition. Depression can be defined as a prevalent health problem that greatly distorts the life of a diseased person and affects his/her psychological state and functioning in the society. Depression is not simply a feeling of grief or sadness as considered by many people. It is undoubtedly characterized by a feeling of unhappiness and low mood, but one should distinguish between grief over some stressful event in the life of a person and grief experienced by a person in the state of depression. A feeling of sadness and unhappiness is quite a normal reaction to the traumatic events in one’s life and this state can be managed without any particular medical intervention. As a medical notion, depression rather stands for the intense and long-term mood swings that prevent a person from living a normal life distorting his/her interpersonal relations and social wellbeing.
  • After you have given a detailed definition of depression, you need to explore the symptoms and means of diagnosing depression as a mental health condition. It should be noted that depression occupies a leading position among all other mental health problems. Unlike some other mental disorders that might be associated with a state of grief or sadness, depression is characterized with an entire range of symptoms. But these symptoms may not necessarily be accompanied with the above-mentioned feelings. If the symptoms mentioned further last for about two weeks and begin to distort the social functioning of a person affecting his/her relations with other people, there is a good reason to suggest that a person is suffering from depression as a syndrome of bipolar affective disorder. There are many symptoms of depression including low mood, lack of pleasure and interest, increased level of fatigability, insufficient self-confidence, a feeling of guilt without any serious reason, sleeping and appetite disorders, pessimistic views regarding one’s future, weight loss and unhealthy thoughts about suicide.
  • Depending on the seriousness of the symptoms, a depressive disorder may be either minor or major. In case of major depressive disorder also known as MDD, a person suffers from a more pronounced manifestation of the symptoms. However, both of these conditions require timely medical intervention as most people suffering from depression are unable to deal with the condition on their own, which prevents them from living a normal life. Psychotherapy and medications are used as effective means of treating depression. All ways of medical intervention are aimed at helping a person to start a new life and learn how to deal with insignificant life calamities. These aspects should also be included in your essay about depression. 
  • The next step in the writing process of your essay would be the analysis of the prevalence and causes of depression. It should be noted that in order to understand the causes of depression and means of treating this condition, you should learn more about certain vulnerable groups of people who are more likely to develop this kind of mental disorder. A surprising fact is that alcoholics and homeless individuals are least likely to suffer from depression. At the same time, people living in urban areas, namely big cities, as well as wealthy individuals are under certain risk of developing various mental disorders including depression. This is due to the fact that citizens of urban areas suffer from pollution and experience all the consequences of environmental problems. Being far from nature, these categories of people are more likely to be depressed. It was found that nature is of great benefit for one’s mental and physical health. That is why big city dwellers are under a greater threat of developing depression among other mental disorders.
  • As for the causes of depression, this condition can be caused by various factors including traumatic events in life, physical and psychological stress, hormonal deviations and one’s personal susceptibility to mental illnesses. People who find it difficult to deal with everyday stress are more likely to develop the symptoms of depression as they are more vulnerable to various everyday problems. Besides, genetics also plays a role so that children whose parents are suffering from depression are at a great risk of developing mental illnesses themselves. The elderly population is also under a certain threat.
  • According to statistical data, around 16% of the whole world population has suffered from a psychological condition diagnosed as depression at least once in their lives. However, not many people seek medical or psychological assistance. As a rule, patients suffering from depression are trying to conceal the symptoms of this disorder. Some of them are afraid of taking antidepressants that are usually accompanied with plenty of side effects. Others consider that their emotional state is their personal affair and they can deal with it on their own. There are also people who are afraid of medical records as they do not want their colleagues and employers to know about their mental problems. This leads to an assumption that most people do not want medical assistance, although if not treated, the situation can get worse, and this might even lead to the development of other mental disorders. These facts should also be included in your essay on depression.

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