Essay about George Washington: Father of the Country

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Is it necessary to explain anything about George Washington and specify all his merits for the Motherland? I think that even those, who are only five-years-old, are familiar with this outstanding character and know, at least, one thing about him: the modern one dollar bill has the portrait of George Washington on one of its sides.

Of course, George Washington is famous not only because his face is flashing before the eyes of several billions people daily and each of them looks at him each time, when he takes up money from his wallet. George Washington holds a title of the first president of the United States of America and his name will be marked in the world history forever.

Frankly speaking, I was overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling of proud when I was announced that among all the possible topics it was me who was given a task to compose an essay about George Washington. It was not about Abraham Lincoln, or Benjamin Harrison. I had to tell the readers about the most famous president and it was really a great responsibility, which was laid on me. I knew that I had no moral right to spoil my George Washington essay. Was it possible for such a paper to contain a lot of errors and drawbacks? No way!

Quick Decision

I was deep in my thoughts about the United States of America, its history, and its 44 presidents. Could you name another country, which had so many governors? I wasn’t able to do this without Google’s help, but I guessed there were none.

Of course, America was considered to be a very eventful country and it couldn’t have been otherwise. The presidents’ number proved this. I couldn’t find the best way how to start my essay, because there were too many thoughts in my head and it seemed that all of them were rather interesting and good. I was not a bad writer and essay composing was always not a difficult task for me.  Unfortunately, there was one aspect, which troubled me a bit. I didn’t like to delve through the past and the American history attracted me not more than any other countries’ one. It was easy for me to build a good essay structure, catch the readers’ interest from the first words, though it was impossible for me to reflect on any historical subject.

First, I wanted to tell about George Washington right in the first sentence. Then I started thinking that it was necessary to make a short introduction and tell about America on the whole. I wanted my essay to be attractive and all the readers to start reading the further info with bated breath.

Finally, I took a decision and the beginning of my George Washington essay paper was approved. I thought over for a while and wrote down my thoughts then. I reread the paragraph and it seemed to be rather good.

The hardest stage was still in front of me: I had to find a pretty amount of info about American history, its first president, and George Washington himself. Oh! It seemed that it was much easier to parachute rather than to look through the historical documents, articles, and sort out the info, which was necessary for me.

Soon I started thinking that my problem could be solved super quickly: I had just to order a ready-made paper on the Net. This variant seemed to be the best one for me and for all those students, for whom it was very boring to be engaged in any research work.

I decided not to lay a writing service’s searching on a shelf and I went online as soon as this fine thought appeared in my head. The essays on George Washington were not a rarity here, though it was not super easy to choose the best one among them. When I found, I understood immediately that it was the service, which was destined to relieve me from all my troubles. I looked through its blog and I liked all the samples, which were presented here. I had a burning desire to have the same essay. I didn’t regret that I finally made an order here. Soon, I received my paper and it was started like this…

New Introduction

… George Washington was not just the fair president and skilled politician. He is a pride for the Americans and the best example of how it is necessary to love the country. If one has some doubts about the exceptionality of the country, in which he lives, and he is sure that there is a much better place than his Motherland, he needs to get acquainted with the George Washington biography and take his deeds as an example for himself. Washington loved his country and did his best to defend it at the global stage. He was given the name of the Father of the Country not accidently.

George Washington became a president in 1789 and held this post up to 1797. The period of his ruling the country is full of mystical stories and secret aspects, the quantity of which is still in growth. Frankly speaking, I am absolutely sure that the modern writers, who try to publish the books about this outstanding person, like to fantasize. They disclose various secrets about George Washington, though their veracity is too shady.

Washington, who was a talented commander, didn’t spare himself and was always a good example for his soldiers. Yeah, it was really the glorious period of time!

Excellent Help

It was the way how my essay about George Washington was started. When I read it for the first time, I fell in love with it from the first sight and I was pretty sure that my teacher would do the same. You may be surprised and not believe me, though I really got A for this paper! No error was found in it, each comma was put in the right place and all the punctuation was kept perfectly. It was very difficult to admit, though I had to do this and say that I would have never composed such a text without my favorite Its help was excellent!