Essay on Nursing: Should You Become a Nurse?

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Unfortunately, people feel ill from time to time. If it were in my power, I would make troubles, deaths, and cureless diseases disappear forever. I like to imagine the world free from them. I can’t guess how to invent such a pill, which will be able to relieve a patient from all the painful symptoms. Unfortunately, sometimes medicine is powerless.

As it is absolutely impossible to make people immortal and I understand clearly that I am not a great scientist to make a wonderful remedy from all the diseases, I took a decision to become a nurse. I felt a large power inside my tender body, which could help me to make the lives of people a bit better. I was ready to dedicate my life to a hospital and its patients. My parents were amazed: none of our relatives was a health worker. Mom was sure that it was impossible that I had chosen such a profession, as I was always afraid of blood. I was sure in my choice and nobody was able to make me change my decision. Moreover, I was sure that a nursing profession didn’t deal with blood at all. I hoped so.

I tried to explain all my pro arguments in my essay on why I want to be a nurse. I hope I was persuasive enough.

Nurses Are in Demand

How could a student, who was going to become a nurse, start his nursing essay writing? Of course, he had to present his profession from the best side and made all those, who were against his choice, to approve it then. I wasn’t original and started my essay rather ordinary.

Do you know what nursing is? Do you understand clearly all the aspects which you will be obliged to deal with if you become a nurse? The American Nurses Association gives the next definition for nursing: it is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health, prevention of illnesses, and facilitation of healing through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of populations, communities, families, and individuals.

Maybe I wasn’t objective enough. I guess a profession of nurse was described too positively in my essay, though I was absolutely sure that this job was noble. The fact that one should spend a lot of time on educating himself, making the first practical steps before to become a really good and experienced health worker fades in comparison with the recovered patients’ output. It is the best reward for all the difficulties, which a future nurse had during her way to this profession.

Nursing is not just an ordinary profession. It is even more than a job. It’s a style of life and every one, who is going to sink into it, should understand well: without love to people it is impossible to be a nurse, but more on that later. 

The statistics says that nurses are in great demand now. All over the world the educated and human loving women are in deficit. I knew this fact and that was one more pro argument in favor of my choice.

I propose you to read the next subparagraph and define whether you have a chance to make a good career, conquer the patients’ love, and become successful in your choice or being a nurse is not the best way for you. Maybe it is better to give up your idea until it is not too late.

Must Have

Are there any rules, which can help people not only to understand whether they made the right choice when they chose the nurse profession, but also to help an ordinary nurse to become a great one? Like any other sphere, nursing has some requirements to the candidatures. Here are the main features, which can help a person to understand whether he is able to make a good career in nursing, or he shouldn’t waste his time.

A nurse must:

  • be a perfect communicator;
  • be a good diplomat;
  • be an optimist;
  • be diligent;
  • be emotionally stable;
  • have a compassion to people.

If you lack one of these qualities, there is a risk that such a profession is not for you and you will fall down in a faint each time, when an ill person tells about his painful symptoms in details. If you have even more compassionate qualities and you are stress-resistant, you can be congratulated: you may become the best nurse of the year in the near future.

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