Essay on Science Will Help to Look at the World Closer

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We live in the world, which is developing so quickly, that it is hard to catch all the news about this. The high technologies appear daily, though they are getting out of date very quickly too. This fact proves my theory: the process of upgrading is too quick today. Do you need some examples? Here is one: if you buy a new computer today and you are told that it is the best one, be ready that the several times better and more powerful device will appear in the shop’s window not later than tomorrow.

Science and technology go hand in hand. They are developing simultaneously and their level of progress depends on each other. What is science and how to see it? Science is everywhere, just look around. It is science that supplies us with water, electricity, and many other things, without which our life would never be as comfortable and well-arranged as it is now. It is science that finds out the new medicines for the most awful and cureless diseases. It is science that starts interchanging the human labor with the robots and does this rather successfully, by the way.

The scientists develop the projects, which are brought to life then. The humanity visits the outer space, performs the super difficult operations, and makes the giant leaps in medicine and genetics due to the science. Scientists move extra fast and their fantasy, talent, and education seem to be enough to invent something incredible in the future.

Just look at your Smartphone, which you use daily. It is a result of the scientific progress and I am pretty sure that you can’t imagine your life without it, your computer, the Internet, and many other things. We like to live in comfort, though we don’t think about how these technological novelties come to the consumers. We just use the benefits of the long and exhaustive scientists’ labor and think of nothing.

I am sure that you do not think about scientific developments daily and nightly; your head is filled with your own problems and you are not concerned about science.

Like you, I have never thought about such things. Frankly speaking, science was never interesting for me as I was a person with a humanitarian mental structure. I didn’t monitor the scientific journals and never counted all the novelties, which were designed by the scientists, until I was given a task to compose an essay about science. Oh my God! When I heard the topic, I thought I would fall unconscious. It was not just a panic! I really had no idea what to tell about in my science and technology essay. I was confused and I was not able to recover my ability to think soundly.

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