Essays On Christianity: Is God A White Bearded Man?

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It is impossible to live and have no God in the heart. No matter what religion a person confesses, or in what force he believes, one thing is evident: he should follow the certain set of rules, which helps him not to get lost in the world. He should know that there is a supreme power, which records carefully all his good and bad deeds and makes him think well before commit any action.

There are a lot of debates about religion, its restrictions, which it puts on its adherents, its doctrines, and theories of origin. The scientists all over the world try to prove that all the transcendent signs, which are usually perceived as the signs of God, are just the natural phenomena. Are they really right and there is no God overhead? I won’t venture to make so loud statements. I am sure that God is in our hearts and if he is not a white bearded man, it is just a bundle of super powerful energy. That’s for sure.  

Everybody is free to make his choice and decide whether he is a religious person, or he is an atheist. But I am sure that it is impossible to deny things, which are hidden from our eyes. We are not able to make an x-ray examination and see what is on the other side of the heavens. We have no other choice but to believe.

Faith Is Inside Us

I tried to compose my Christian essay and couldn’t stop thinking about my own attitude to the divine power. I was sure in its existence and I needed no scientific ground. I tried to keep away from all the articles about the religions because I knew that any belief in wonder may be broken if you start thinking too much about it and looking for any explanations of its nature. I didn’t need this to happen with me. I made my choice long ago and I felt sure in it. My faith was inside me and I knew that it helped me to be a good and human-loving person, succeed in life, and feel lucky just at the mere thought that I was living in the world.

I was brought up in a very religious but loyal family. Both my parents were Christians and they tried to make their children love God and be proud of this. No, they didn’t force us to pray every evening, or keep the fast. When they went to church, they didn’t tell us to accompany them. If we wanted to go with them, we did this. If no, we had the right to stay at home and dedicate our time to our own affairs.

The parents let us make a choice, though in such a situation it was predetermined. The only rule, which they tried to keep while we were small kids, was the everyday reading of the Holy Bible before going to bed. While the other parents read their children ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, or ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’, we listened to the magic stories about Jesus and his good deeds. It was so interesting to know new stories day by day and both my sisters and I waited for the next evening to get know about the new Jesus’ adventures.

You may smile and say that children at this age understand nothing and the Bible gives them no use. You are so wrong! I remember the strong impression, which various biblical stories made on us. Soon we were able to distinguish the evil personages from the good ones, the malicious deeds from the honorable ones. We were growing older and older and the religious doctrines grew into our souls deeper and deeper.

When I became a student and my tutor gave all of us various religious topics to choose for essay, unlike my fellow students, I didn’t sink into a faint. I had no preferences and I was ready to discuss any topic on Christianity. Finally, my essay on the development of Christian doctrine was finished and it seemed to be rather good.

Christian Doctrine

It seems that everybody knows about the main rules, which Christianity tries to get to people. Do all of us keep to them? Do we remember the Jesus’ commands and offend nobody, tell no rude words, and never think badly of other people? Do we encourage each other and never refuse to help those, who need our assistance?

I know all the main rules, which help me to be a good person. I know the main Christian doctrines and I want my future children to know them too. My parents gave me a lot of knowledge and they imprinted perfectly in my head. Do you want to check me?

It is not difficult for me to name you the basic doctrines of Christianity right now:

  1. There is only one God.
  2. God is a Trinity.
  3. God is everywhere.
  4. Jesus is God.
  5. Jesus has two natures: divine and human.

Of course, these five phrases are not able to explain all the norms of the one of the greatest religions of the world, but if I start reciting all of them, it will take me a pretty amount of time. If you want to know more about the Christian doctrines, I will give you such an opportunity. Follow my link and find all info you want to get acquainted with.

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