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Being a student is always prestigious. Just remember that very many years ago people went crazy over an idea to get the education, though it was a too big luxury for the ordinary people. Only the aristocracy had such an opportunity and only masculine part of society was allowed to get some education.

Today, each of us has a right to study and do this at any age. This right is provided by the Constitution and nobody bothers the young men to enter the universities and the colleges they like. Unfortunately, not all the school graduates want to continue their study at colleges and the biggest number of college attendances are because the parents wanted this to happen.   

My Own Experience

My parents always dreamt about a fantastic future for me. They both had the higher education and they built the perfect careers. Despite the common opinion that it was not very easy for women to be a wife, bring up the kids, and be a good professional in her field of activity at that, my mother was a woman, who broke all the stereotypes. Her talent for plastic surgery was a real gift from God. Her fame resounded throughout the world. She made several operations a day. If you could know whom she operated! The crowd of celebrities wanted her to do magic for them and turn them into the beauties.

My father’s profession was not so demandable, though he succeeded in business, which he built from scratch. I think you understand that my destiny had been determined long before I was born. I had to be as talented as my parents and, thank God, I wasn’t deprived of cute mind.

An essay on why I want to go to college was more than burning for me, because it was time to determine with my future plans. My parents said that I had just two variants: to attend college, or… to attend college! Even if it sounds a bit silly, it was the truth and I had no right not to study and get no further education. I was young, though my desire to be as successful as my parents pushed me to move forward without making any stops. College was able to draw me nearer to my dream and it was the main reason why I was dreaming about college education.

Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Studying at College

Very many students can’t determine whether it is necessary to waste 4 years on learning the rules, writing the essays, and digging into the books. The most powerful argument that can be made by the parents for attending the high school is that a diploma will help to get high incomes after that. Such an argument is not sounded enough weighty for those young, who have just left the school. Money is not the main purpose in their life. Unlike the adults, who waste their lives on becoming a bit richer, the young should be proposed some other motivation but money.

When the teenagers meet with a task to compose ‘Why do I want to go to college essay’, they open their eyes wide and become speechless. The reason of such a behavior is absolutely understandable: an idea to go to college belongs not to the children, but mostly to their parents.

How the young can motivate themselves to enter the college? The further info can be very useful for those, who haven’t taken any decisions yet.

  1. College can become the best place for you to start your life from scratch and present you as an absolutely another person. There will be a lot of new people, who know nothing about your life and past achievements and it will be easy for you to forget about your old childish habits and appear in new light.
  2. Just imagine how many new friends you will find at college! The collegiate friendship is considered to be the closest, by the way.
  3. College is not just the boring lectures and dull pastime with books. Choose your favorite current, which you are ready to dedicate your future life to, and enjoy studying it. I am sure that it will be interesting! Among a pretty amount of colleges you will definitely find one, which you’ll like!
  4. It is college that is able to help you to transit into your adulthood quicker and start tacking the important decisions yourself.
  5. College is usually proposes its students to develop the interests and qualities the last have. There are a lot of kinds of activities, where you can apply your skills. Are you a good writer and the journalism is interesting for you? Become a journalist of the collegiate paper and improve your skills even more.
  6. College is a good starting point for those, who have never led their independent lives. If you still don’t know what you are going to be, college will be able to help you to find your own way.
  7. Only college is able to propose you so much fun! You will remember this period forever and you will even feel sad over the fact that this time has already passed.  

Writing the essays about college is a really creative project, which requires from the authors a complete understanding of their goals, plans for the future, and desires, which they are going to bring to life soon. It is not enough to find any essay on the Net, rewrite it then, and present as your own. This work needs a profound thinking and any teacher will find the fake at once. If it happened that you are going to enter the college against your will and you have no ideas what to write about, or if you are simply not a good writer, you may easily buy a paper at The experts will compose an essay of any level of complexity especially for you and all your demands will be taken into consideration. If your essay is the only problem, which disturbs you now, soon you will be released from it forever.