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This post will be dedicated to the latest releases in the world of alternative rock or Indi rock like our British friends call it and hard rock. Today, rock industry is far from being as popular as it was at least ten years ago. The leading positing is occupied by hip-hop music but the most favorable bands never stop pleasing their fans with new wonderful songs and albums. This post will be aimed at Thirty Seconds to Mars, A Perfect Circle, and Breaking Benjamin. We will provide a brief description of each band and tell about their new albums. You might also order an essay on the positive impact of music on human mind written by the best academic essay writer we have.

The first one we would like to discuss is Thirty Seconds to Mars. This one is one of the most popular among the chosen groups thanks to the wide range of styles it applies to. It was founded in 1998 by two brothers Shannon and Jared Leto that was literally possessed by music. The cognominal album was released in 2002 and put them on the map of rock music once and for all. According to the official interview, Jared Leto emphasized a couple of bands that caused the greatest impact on their music. Among the mentioned bands were Pink Floyd, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, and Joy Division. Order professional custom essay services to get an essay on any of these bands or other ones you prefer at

Since for a long time Jared was more considered about his cinematographic career, the fans gave up waiting for the new releases. However, in November he officially announced that soon enough the album will be ready and share a new single called “Walk on Water”. The album is called “The New Album” since they don’t really like to waste time elaborating complex names.  Currently, the album comprises two tracks and all the fans all over the world looking forward to seeing new releases from this Californian Boys. This one is likely to be dedicated to uniqueness and peculiarity of American Nation. If it is a topic of your essay, use the services of the best college essays helper at a very good discount! By the way, you may also read an essay on American Culture is written by our writers to get inspired

A Perfect Circle is a far less famous band compared with Thirty Seconds to Mars but still, they have a very impressive discography that will definitely be appreciated by those who like extraordinary music with deep lyrics. By the way, the fans of “Constantine” movie released in 2005 with starring Keanu Reeves should have remembered the main soundtrack called “Passive” which is a single of this band. It was created by Billy Howerdel that worked with Gun’s and roses, Nine Inch Nails etc. The new album is called “Eat the Elephant” will contain twelve songs. As far as you can see, we should expect something very interesting.

The last but not the least band we want to pay attention to is Breaking Benjamin. This Pennsylvanian rock-group was founded in 1998 by two friends Benjamin Burnley and Jeremy Hummel and was originally known as a cover-group. The first album is called “Stature” that contains at least one track you know for sure. It is called “Polyamorous” that made them a name in the worlds of music and is definitely in your playlist. The new one is called “Ember” and combines twelve songs that will definitely shake the fans to the core so they could drown in the river of nostology thinking about youth. As well as almost all the previous albums it was recorded by “Hollywood records” that invested the first video for the song “Polyamorous”. Since this band has never failed their fans we should expect same-old beautiful and strong voice and emotional lyrics. You might be surprised by the list Hollywood records bands and singers. You will definitely found a couple of your favorite ones.

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