Nature Vs. Nurture – What Defines Our Personalities?

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The society and psychologists have been studying such a controversial issue as what is major: nature or nurture? Nature versus nurture debate has emerged many years ago and is still ongoing. This issue is whether genesis or surrounding plays a bigger role in defining and forming an individual and his human nature.  I`m not going to argue with the great philosophers and scientists as to what has more priority or what takes a leading position. I will just let the common sense flow. Hopefully, the answer will be found.  

First of all, let`s look at these two notions apart from an individual. How would you define nature? Nature means a physical world, and also can refer to life in general. Every living creature has its own nature inside, which means its origin, heredity, roots and background. That`s who we are. We can`t choose different body, different parents or different organism. Thus, nature can`t be changed so easily. Of course, in the modern world there are a lot of ways to change our nature. The question is: are they genuine methods? Even if you change your sex by means of numerous surgeries, injections and pills, do you think your inner world will be different? Changing appearance won`t change your mind, psychological condition or your way of thinking. In my opinion, those methods and tools, which are used to change our nature, are delusional. Nature can`t be changed, you practically aren`t able to go back in time and change your parents, you can abandon them in this life - that`s true, but you will never be able to replace them. This is common sense. Moreover, you can`t change your roots and heredity, if you are born as an American of African descent, for better or for worse, you aren`t able to alter your race. The least thing you can do is to get married with a person of a different race and have mixed kids. Apparently, this way you are exerting the influence on your further generation, but you are helpless with your own origin. Therefore, it`s obvious that people can`t change their roots, but here goes another question...Can nurture change our nature?

Now, let`s have a look at what`s nurture and how does it influence on an individual and his behavior? The environment we live in can have a great impact on our personality. It`s very important to set up the time frames here. The environment, in which you were born and raised, while still a child or teenager, influences as on your consciousness so on your sub-consciousness. Children are born with a lot of nerve cells, but not all of them are functioning properly, not all of them are connected yet. This connection is very important, because it determines out emotional, social and intellectual behavior. These connections will be built during first three years of life. All of these connections are very important and children are vulnerable to surrounding, because whatever and whoever contacts with the child will affect them. Children percept this world in absolutely different way, than adults. Kids are more sensitive and resilient. Their mind is very flexible and is able to accept a lot of changes: any type of behavior becomes normal, changes in environment and even change of parents aren’t so crucial for children, unlike adults. Adapting to a new way of life, children, obviously, alert their behavior at first, then habits, after that goes way of thinking, and, at last, nature. This way, we have a right to admit, that the change of environment for a child will lead to visible changes in his nature.

Thus, it`s pointless to argue on what`s more important, as both nature and nurture are ponderable things for every human being. Our nature is who we are, our nurture is what we can make of ourselves. It`s needless to say, that people`s abilities are boundless. Our nature can`t be changed, because it doesn`t depend on us. Our nurture can influence on our nature, thus, harmful nature can change and become good or vice versa. Our good nature is helpless with the bad nurture that we got from either parents or society. If we grow in a calm and friendly environment, if you found a person you consider your love, which is absolutely beneficial for your human being, if you gave a birth to one more human creature - it can be counted as successful and absolutely healthy way of existence. If we make some efforts, I believe, we are able to change the nurture and influence on our nature, the way we want it to be. Your destiny is in your hands.

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In conclusion, I would like to sum up my investigation and point out that such eternal dispute shouldn`t have been arisen at all. It`s impossible to answer the question whether nature is more important or nurture. These two notions define us as human beings and determines our behavior. Giving a priority to one of them would lead to inadequate shaping of an individual. We aren`t contented without our nature: roots, origin, family; and we aren`t humans without nurture: lifestyle, upbringing, surrounding, society. We can`t fight with the nature, but we should try our best in changing our nurture the way we want it to be.