The Crucible Essay. Time Of Witches

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A creepy (not because of horror but because of the commonplace events) play about the events of 1692 – “witch hunt” that resulted a massacre of a huge number of innocent lives. Ridiculous, thoughtless accusations of witchcraft and witcheries that were put on children and were caused by pagan dances of women lead to the fabricated “cases” and to the absurd court. And the unfortunate inability to prove the innocence, the helplessness of people against the state, human stupidity, cowardice and meanness finally lead to wave of executions, for which the Catholic Church make a public apology later. So, this The Crucible essay was made especially for you and if you want to order essay on any topic ask professional essay writer to help you. Use our trusted and best custom essay writing company that offers all sorts of academic writing service

The portrait of Arthur Miller

At the beginning of my Crucible essay, I want to tell you about the author. Arthur Miller was born in 1915 in New York, in a Jewish family of immigrants from Austria. His father was the owner of a small company for the production of clothing, and his mother was a schoolteacher.

In 1929 during the economic crisis, prosperous family lost almost everything and was forced to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. In the beginning of the Second World War (1939-1945), Miller worked at the Navy yard in Brooklyn, New York. Within six months he had been working as a reporter of military garrisons and collected material for the film of Ernie Pyle “An Ordinary Joe”, which is reflected in his novel “Situation Normal” that was released in 1944.

In 1953 was released the drama of Miller “The Crucible” on the trial of “Salem witches”, which was held parallel with the activities of Committee of Senator McCarthy. The play won the Tony award and many others. Miller was called in 1956 to the Investigation Commission of anti-American activities. He got an arraignment because of disrespect of Congress, but after the appeal, the punishment was mitigated.

Arthur Miller was married three times. His first wife was Mary Grace Slattery, the second was Marilyn Monroe. This had brought a considerable fame to Arthur Miller in 1956. In January 1961 they divorced. In 1962 he married the Austrian photographer Inge Morath. From the first and third marriages the playwright has four children. His daughter Rebecca Miller is actress and writer.

Miller’s plays are included in the repertoire of many countries. The playwright was frequently in the Soviet Union and Russia where he attended premieres of his plays.

On 10 February 2005, Arthur Miller died of congestive heart failure at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, USA.

Witches of the 17th century

The multidimensional and complex work that is based on historical events is striking by its candor. There are exposed human vices; man is depicted as he exists, without masks. Miller raised important and eternal issues of trust, lies, betrayal, and selfishness. The dark hopelessness and injustice pervade the entire work, it is impossible to remain indifferent. The play of Arthur Miller “The Crucible” was written in 1953 and has staged at theaters in many countries of the world several times.

In this The Crucible character analysis essay I want to notice that in the 17th century the mankind perceived the world very different in everything that happens. And everything that a person did could turn against him in one minute. People were puppets in the hands of the Church and the court. In the center of events there is the city of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. A small company of young girls goes in the woods to tell fortunes and bewitch young boys. Among friends there is the main character of this story – Abigail Williams, whose aim field of love is John Proctor. I would like to write The Crucible John Proctor essay, but this character is not easy and can be the subject of a long debate. So, Abigail hopes using the skills of a friend to get rid of a wife of her beloved man. However, not everything goes according to plan and Abigail’s uncle Samuel finds girls in the woods. All girls get scared, one of them even faints. This event bothers the town and some parents accuse the girls of witchcraft. A savvy and smart Abigail is looking for variants how to get a benefit from this situation and they come in her head very quickly. Abigail firmly stated that her friend Tituba (who had to make spells) is in collusion with the devil. Every day the trepidation in the city increases, all the residents begin to suspect the girls of witchcraft. Tituba after violence confesses her connection with Satan, and gives the names of “real witches”. The circle of suspected people grows and the hysteria covers a small town. Abigail finds benefit here, due to her words and actions the wife of her beloved John falls under the charge. Experiencing the situation, John comes to the conclusion that Abigail seeks to eliminate a rival by this way and decides to expose her.

To behead or pardon

At that time were hundreds of prisoners and dozens of executions by hanging. What was that? Was it an obsession? Was it the insanity of the judges? That were terrible days when the truth was on the side of those who were shouting more convincing and louder, and justice was reduced to the formula of “confess or will be executed”, “tell the names or they will hang you”, etc. The choice of people was insignificant.  To save their lives they ruined others’ and sometimes it was done deliberately for profit. I don’t even for a moment doubt that in those times the trials were conducted exactly as were described by Miller. Imagination is not able to draw something more inadequate. In Salem, everything began with a strange behavior of a teenage girl, who was suspected that she was possessed by an evil spirit. The storyline of the play shows that revenge of the rejected woman may be truly insane. Abigail Williams has accused half the town of worshipping evil, knowing the consequences for each, and only in order to return a man, John Proctor, who once seduced her, cheated on his wife and later regretted. After the wife found out about it, she still trusted him and tried to save. I think it was a real love, and not an arranged marriage, about that you can read in the essay on love marriage and arranged marriage.

At the end of my essay on The Crucible, I want to add that it would be a theater of the absurd if senseless executions really did not occur. Those events were so terrible that it is impossible to imagine that it had actually happened and that people could do this. And that happened not only in Salem, it was not the only court in country, and the Church apologized not for every court. It is no matter what was the time, education or faith before. Years, fashion, manners are changing, but does the man change? I hope this The Crucible persuasive essay proved that a woman’s revenge can be very scary and lead to bad consequences.