Woman Part in the Development of Technologies

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In the last post of this category you learned about top 20 countries that spend the most money on education. The today’s subject is also in significant way connected to education, because we are going to talk about the part women take in the development of technologies. You will be able to learn about myths that surround this profession, about obstacles and responsibilities face women who decided to enter this field. You might be researching this topic for your essay, but if you don’t have time for that just order it here  and our experienced writers will help you for a reasonable price. This article about our essay custom writing service will help you to make a right decision.  

Tech is for men only

What kind of images come to your head when you hear about development of technologies? Probably you imagine a room full of complex gadgets and men with tools in their hands or quickly typing away on their keyboards. When we think about the world of tech we think about man. We know there might a few women among them but they are not regular female but some extraordinary geeks. Most of the people believe that a woman in tech, math or physics it is rather an exception than a rule. From the history we know very few examples of women in technologies like Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and Anita Borg. And these few examples just support our misconceptions about technologies being a men’s field. But luckily today there are many modern examples of women playing important part in development of technologies, who could become great role models for young girls who decided to choose tech field as their occupation.  Let’s look at the myths that surround the idea and debunk them with real life facts.   

Myths and reality

The media has had a major influence in portraying the tech science as predominantly male industry. We have all seen biographical movies about lives of great mathematicians, physicists, computer developers, but all male. It played a big role in creating the myth that women don’t belong in that field of studies, that their minds just don’t work that way, that it is male occupation for a male mind. But it is a huge misconception because women have participated in development of technologies all along. Just look at this article about women in tech history and you will understand that the idea about technical science being hundred per cent male industry is just a myth.

It is true that women were underrepresented in technology, but this misbalance is disappearing with the light speed. The more companies now are openly welcome for women. They create more comfortable environment, policies and new opportunities for female employees. Also there are more educational opportunities in the tech field than ever. These two factors should attract more young woman into this industry and hopefully soon we will see an increase of their number in this field. The reasons why we need more women in tech are going to be discussed in the  next paragraph.

Why we need more women in technology

It has been settled that the imbalance between the number of male and female in the tech industry really exists. But some of you might say, so what, what difference does it make? Do we really need more women in tech or it is just another feminist idea about equality rights? And the answer is — not taking the equality rights into account — we do really need more women in tech. And here are just few reasons why more women should consider a career in development of technologies:

  • Women are as good at tech as any other people. Thousands of women who already work in this field proved that they can master software developing, computer programming, math, etc not worse than man. This field does not require having a man’s brain; just a well working brain would be enough. It has been established that tech is a gender free industry and lots of successful woman serve a good example of it. But still every year a massive amount of talent is lost because young girls are discouraged to take STEM subjects at university or go for a career in tech;
  • It is a fast growing industry that could promise job positions for many women. This employment can provide much needed independence, security and empower woman to make changes;    
  • A great number of tech users are female. Half of all applications and computer programs are used by women but their needs are not always met, because male creators cannot fully realize their preferences. That is why the companies of IT sector could benefit greatly from hiring more female workers because those will be able to target better female segment of the market. All parties win in this case;
  • Women have different perspective on things. Even though we agreed upon the fact that both genders can master the tech equally well, there are still the differences in the way we think and perceive the information. These differences could help us to create more rounded product that would satisfy more customers. Technologies already take a great part in our lives and it will only grow with time, so it is very important to keep gender balance in creating it.

Slowly but effectively more and more women make a significant impact in development of technologies. Along with the inspiring examples of women in tech from the history there are more modern examples who could become great role models for young girls that decided to pursue this occupation.  With the debunking of stereotypes and more opportunities in education and employment, hopefully more women will choose the tech, which will lead to strengthening the female position and improving the tech industry overall.  Do you agree that more women should consider a career in the tech field?  Please share your opinion with us at this page. If you are writing an essay but this topic doesn’t really suit you, then maybe this one will inspire some ideas. Otherwise we can offer you assistance of professional writers and editors who will custom write your essay for you in short time and for very friendly price. You can see an example of persuasive essay on this page to get an idea how the work is done.