10 Tips How to Raise Your Labor Productivity


The modern days of our technological era are filled with distractions. There are more things that can lead us astray — television, internet, smartphones and social media — but there are more things that are expected from us. To stay afloat in this highly competitive world we have to manage so many tasks at once, at the same time battling the distractions. If you don’t know how to organize your working routine it is very likely that your productivity will drop. We post many articles that could help you to make your writing process more productive, for example like this one. If your days are too busy and you have no time to write that college essay you were assigned with, our team of professional writers will be happy to do it for you, just place your order here and we will answer you promptly.

Staying Productive

Nowadays more and more people choose to work remotely, because this type of employment gives you more freedom and independence. But with these advantages the freelance work comes with its weak points, one of which is that it is hard to stay productive and focused on your work when you are not supervised by the boss or a manager. Although, many office workers despite being constantly controlled and assessed by their managers, still have problems with productivity. So maybe the problem is not in supervision or lack of it, but in poorly organized working process. In this post we will try to learn and apply in our lives the following 10 Tips How to Raise Your Labor Productivity, which are:

  1. Organize your working space. If you work remotely then you might be used to working right from your bed, kitchen table or whenever happened at the moment. This strategy will negatively affect your productivity. The working space supposed to set you in a special working mind frame, and the bed will make you feel sleepy and in the kitchen you will keep chewing snacks instead of focusing on your task. So set out a separate area for your work, better if it is a desk. Clean it up from all the clutter and surround it with things that will remind you of work. Get a comfortable chair, put a calendar on the wall, a little plant or a figurine on the desk. This place has to become a part of your labor routine, so when you only get into that area your mind automatically switches into the working mode. You can find more tips on organizing your working space here;
  2. Make a schedule. Sticking to regular hours is vital for increasing your labor productivity. Make your schedule, set certain hours for doing the work, during which you will not allow yourself to go shopping, watch TV or chat on the phone. You have to be disciplined with this. Having definite routine hours set out for your work will greatly increase the chances of you actually completing it, than if you just decided to do it whenever you had time or felt like doing it. The Forbes magazine web site can share with you more productivity tips;
  3. Plan ahead. Every book on self-management will tell you that putting your plans on the paper will greatly increase the chances that you will follow that plan. Written down is half done. So get yourself a planner notebook or just create simple to-do lists. You can put the check mark next to the completed tasks, which will make your plan look more manageable and will keep you motivated and focused;
  4.  Eliminate distractions. Shut down all social media websites, email service (unless quickly answering emails is one of your work responsibilities) and other distracting sites like YouTube or Pinterest, where you can waist hours pointlessly looking at the pictures or watching videos. Do not allow yourself to peek even for a second, because it will suck you in without even realizing it. Remember productivity is discipline;
  5.  One task at a time. Don’t fall to pieces trying to do many things at once. Focus is the key to productivity. Do only one task at a time, concentrate all your energy and thought on one particular thing until completing it. Otherwise each task will cost you more time and energy if you try to do them at the same time. Multitasking kills your attention and creativity, and decreases your labor productivity;
  6. Break big tasks into small ones. Some assignments seem overwhelmingly big and complex. When you look at such task you feel the desire to procrastinate. In one motivational guru words, it is impossible to eat the whole elephant, but you could manage if you make many small cutlets. So if you have some big scary task on your to-do list, which you can’t complete in one go, break it down into a few or more smaller ones. For example you need to compose a narrative essay for your university. Break that assignment into several steps. The first one — to research how a narrative essay is written, which by the way you can research here. The second step — choose a topic, like this one. The third — create an outline. The forth — write. You can read more interesting tips about boosting you productivity at this web site;
  7. Use online productivity tools. Although technical progress is one of the reasons why we get so distracted and less efficient, but it can also help you to raise your labor productivity. There are plenty of self-management free online tools that can help you to stay more organized and productive. They vary from note-taking apps, to-do lists, productivity trackers and to cloud sharing services;
  8. Create working atmosphere. Sometimes even at your nice clean desk you can’t become focused and concentrated on your work. In this case you need to work harder on creating a stimulating atmosphere that will gently set you into writing mood. If you like working while listening to music, then put on your ear-phones and tune it. It will also help to get rid of the distracting noises around. Find out more about increasing your productivity with music from this guide. Put a sign on your door or on the computer that will inform your family members or coworkers that you need peace and quiet to concentrate. Put a favorite motivational quote before your eyes or a little figurine that has some significant meaning for you. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee to start the process. It has to become your ritual that will set you into a special set of mind;
  9. Take breaks.  For raising your labor productivity you need breaks as much as you need discipline. Don’t sit at your desk, get up and move, stretch, walk around, drink plenty of water, takes a breath of fresh air, meditate. The break will allow your brain to restart and movement will increase blood circulation, which in its turn will fill your brain with oxygen and make it clear and sharp again;
  10. Use essay writing service. Having your essay custom written and edited by our experienced writers can save you a great deal of time and energy, what will be definitely profitable for your productivity. Read about the advantages of ordering your academic paper from our service here.

The modern man lives under pressure of constant distractions from internet, social media, television and mobile devices. It is getting harder and harder to concentrate and to stay productive at work. We hope that these 10 Tips How to Raise Your Labor Productivity helped you to organize your working process and become more efficient. Did you find these tips useful or maybe you know some other that help you to stay productive? Please share your ideas with us. If you decided to save your time and energy on writing an academic paper, you are welcome to order one from us for a really good price.