15 Affirmed Profits Of Olive Oil


In ancient times people told that olive oil was the gift from gods. It was very expensive and only rich people could afford olive oil. Olive oil is the remedy and protection. Its popularity is high due to its extremely healthy properties. Ancient Greeks called olive oil “liquid gold”. Its unique healthy profits make olive oil as valuable as gold. Nowadays it is popular as in the past. For this reason, our custom writing service has decided to prepare an article on this topic. People from all over the world praise olive oil. It is essential in cooking, dietetics, and cosmetology.

Now we more often here about healthy characteristics of olive oil. Experts advise people to use it as seasonings for salads and adding to veggies. The advantage of this product lies in its composition. Olive oil has all vitamins and microelements that are vitally necessary for our body. Besides, our organism assimilates olives easily. Healthy properties of this product are wonderful. People cannot imagine how they may improve their lives by using the oil. Every day we learn more about its benefits which seem unlimited. It has become the major ingredient of most diets. People live longer when intake olives and olive oil. It is a proved fact.

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Olive oil may prevent serious diseases as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many others. It improves the condition of skin, hair, and nails. Let us talk about it more detailed.

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1. Eating olives and using olive oil prevents cancer. Researches show that olives and olive oil have plenty of antioxidants. The highest percentage of this vital substance inhabits this food. Unprocessed olives have necessary components which work as anti-cancer substances. Skin cancer is the hardest form of this disease. It can be prevented, if use olive oil. The sun may affect positively, if a person will intake olives.

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2. Olive oil makes heart healthy. Our heart grows older together with us. It does not work as well as when we were young. Olive oil is able to decrease the mechanism of aging. It literally makes heart young. Since olive oil is low in fat, it makes arteries work properly.

3. It prevents obesity and is very useful when you try to lose weight. Insulin is the hormone which lives in our body and controls the level of sugar. It influences our weight. Olives have healthy fats which are very nutritional. While consuming them, a person does not feel hunger and saves himself from overeating. Olives reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. It is a very unpleasant form of disease which is the combination of such factors as obesity, high level of sugar in blood, and high blood pressure. Consume vegetables, fruits, olive oil, and dairy products low in fat. All this will help you to avoid metabolic syndrome.

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4. Olive oil is an excellent natural remedy for lips. Our lips often suffer from outer factors. Olive oil very easily improves the condition of lips. Lips will become supple and pretty. Mix brown sugar, small amount of lemon juice, and several globules of olive oil. Spread mixture over lips. Do it in 5 minutes before bed.

5. Improve the health of your skin using olive oil. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It removes acne and prevents dangerous ailments. In the list of all healthy ingredients of olive oil we may find vitamin E. It boosts natural beauty of the skin.

6. Olive oil maintains brain health. Fatty acids make up our brains. For this reason, we have to consume olive oil which enhances memory and brain activity. Olive oil protects brain from stress and cognitive drop.

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7. Olives fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Aging process visits every house. It is an inevitable factor. However, Alzheimer’s is an undesirable guest. It can be easily delayed, if intake olive oil. It improves psychological performance and lowers harshness of its symptoms.

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8. Hair will become stronger thanks to “liquid gold”. Healthy hair is a rare thing nowadays. You may change it, if use olive oil in combination with other ingredients. To avoid hair loss, moisturize it with the pulp of egg yolk, honey, and olive oil.

9. Any problem with nails can be beaten. They will look great, if you brush each nail with oil. You need nothing but olive oil. Prepare a cotton ball and oil.

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10. Beat depression with wonderful oil. Do you know that fat which inhabits this oil reduces the access of fear and depression in our life? Stick to low fat diet and raise your mood. When your brain lacks hormones of happiness, depression comes. Smart intake of olive oil prevents depression. People who stick to Mediterranean diet are less inclined to anxiety.

11. Breast cancer develops when a person eats many unhealthy fats. However, it has nothing to do with fats that fill olive oil. It has an opposite effect. It protects body from the development of breast cancer.

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12. It strengthens bones. Calcium is no longer the only chemical element which is able to make bones stronger. Osteocalcin is the substance which is found in olives. Numerous research works have proved that olive oil makes a huge contribution to strong bones.

13. The food can prevent diabetes. Olive oil controls the blood sugar in your body. Insulin is very sensitive. Olive oil has elements which reduce the occurrence of diabetes.

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14. Anti-inflammatory features of olive oil heal wounds on legs and cracked heels. Mix oil with juice of lemon. Rub heels and wear socks for better and quicker result.

15. Remove make-up by olive oil. It is a natural tool which will simultaneously not only cleanse skin but make it very tender. Likewise, it does not have any contraindication.

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