15 Tips to Help You to Become Successful Freelancer


Freelancer’s job is associated with the freedom of planning one’s own days of work and a number of other privileges. How to achieve ultimate success in freelancing job and gain loyalty of the clients? This requires much planning in advance and great discipline. As you will be your own boss, you will need to set up certain rules in order to succeed in the world of freelancing. Many of the tips provided below seem to be filled with common sense, although it is not that easy to consider every aspect when needed. Here are some elementary tips as for how to achieve success as a freelancer.

  1. The first and foremost rule that you should follow while working as a freelancer is to constantly develop and learn new things so as to keep up with the changing conditions and acquire new knowledge in the specific field. You should love your job, and everything you do should bring you pleasure. Some people say that one’s job is not in any way a “marriage of convenience”, but rather an act of love. By constantly improving your knowledge, you will be able to provide services of higher quality to your clients and consequently improve your freelance rating.
  2. What you have to do at the initial stage of working as a freelancer is to make a business plan. This will help you to think over the important elements of your job and consider potential challenges before they actually happen. It will be a lot easier to find clients if you have a business plan at hand. However, this advice is not obligatory. It is only needed if you want to find business partners and reach the heights in the freelance job.
  3. Another advice to be considered is planning in advance. You should spend an hour or two at the end of the previous working week to plan for the following one in advance in order to find out how many hours you will need to meet the deadlines so as not to let down your clients. If you have a lot of projects to be completed during the upcoming week, time management is especially important.
  4. It is also advisable to learn how to use new software tools either by finding free software or buying some advanced tools that will help you to raise your productivity. If you have just started to work as a freelancer, it might be difficult for you to buy some software tools, which are not always cheap. That is why it is recommended to start from some free software, which is not necessarily of poor quality compared to some expensive tools.
  5. The next step is to create your personal logo, which is also not obligatory, but still advisable. This will help you to catch the attention of potential customers and look more professional and competitive. It requires much effort when it comes to creating your personal brand. But still the power of a well-thought logo cannot be underestimated especially if used on business cards.
  6. The next tip is to learn to discard some orders. For instance, if you lack time to complete the order for some client, it is important to be able to reject that order; otherwise you will either overwork yourself or in the worst case scenario, fail to meet the deadline. This will also affect the quality of your work. That is why sometimes you just need to say “NO”.
  7. With the advancement of technologies, creating one’s own website has become an important aspect of one’s career success. It helps a freelancer to look much more professional and acquire new clientele.
  8. It is also important to regularly update your personal website, if you already have it. This is needed because if clients see that there have not been any major changes on your website for a long time, they might choose to use the services of some other company. Therefore, it is worth spending time and effort on regular updates of your site.
  9. It is also advisable to use social networks to promote your services. Social networks like Facebook are currently among the most popular ways of building not only personal, but also professional relationships. Therefore, you may use social networks to advertise your services and find new clients.
  10. You may also get some allies in terms of your business promotion. If you spread the word of mouth about your business using family and friends, you are likely to gain a great many of dedicated clients who will use your services again and again.
  11. Don’t forget to save some money for a rainy day. Even if it seems that your business is going well, from time to time you might encounter difficulties finding new clients. That is why you need to save some portion of your income every month.
  12. Try to use your creative skills. There are a number of ways to be more creative. For example, you may regularly add some new services to the already existing ones or upgrade your computer if you cannot afford buying a new one. All you have to do is to think out of the box.
  13. Another piece of advice is to reward returning clients. If you think that the market you are working in is really competitive, you should be friendly to your clients and make discounts for your services from time to time.
  14. You should also have an individual approach to every client. It is important to make clients understand that you value them and appreciate their feedback. This way you will make your business more attractive and achieve customer satisfaction.
  15. The last but not the least, you need to think of your health as well by getting out of your house from time to time. This especially concerns the freelancers who are working from home. It is important to get fresh air and occasionally take a walk in nature. Even if you have to complete some urgent order, you might simply go to the coffee shop and take your laptop with you. Changing the scenery will be highly beneficial for raising your level of energy and boosting efficiency.

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