15 Useful Tips How to Write Winning Speech


If you need to make a speech that should entertain the audience and be interesting to listen to, the following tips will come handy. A winning and memorable speech always results in success grasping the attention of the audience and leading to a positive feedback. Therefore, you should take your time to find out the most essential and important elements of writing a speech to produce a truly memorable piece of writing. It is evident that when the audience enjoys what you are talking about, your words will leave a trace in the minds of your listeners and make sense to them. A winning speech should be well-structured and organized to make it easy to comprehend. Your speech should represent a puzzle in which every piece occupies its relevant place. The speech should convince the audience that you are right in your suggestions and entertain your listeners at the same time. A memorable speech is a result of diligent work. It takes much effort and time to work out a strategy of how to persuade your audience and create a speech that would be pleasant to listen to. Read the following tips to learn how to achieve it.

  1. Start the preparatory work as early as possible. You should start gathering the required information for your speech without hesitation, as soon as you’ve been tasked with writing a speech. In the process of learning more about some issues that will be included in your speech, you will come up with some new ideas as for how to organize your speech.
  2. Be more audience-oriented. The things you write in your speech should reflect the demands of your audience. You should always think about who will listen to your speech and what impression it will create on certain categories of people. The audience should perfectly understand the delivered information.
  3. Write your speech in the reverse order that is from the end to the beginning. It is advisable to write the conclusion of your speech before your turn to writing any other part of your speech. You should think about how your listeners will perceive the information presented. This aspect should guide you in the whole process of composing a speech.
  4. Write a speech that will be pleasant to listen to, not to look at. Professional writers are aware of the importance of language, structure and style. However, this is not the point in writing a speech. Don’t write a speech for reading. Instead, you need to compose a speech that will be enjoyable when listened to.
  5. Don’t forget to make drafts in the course of writing a speech, which you will then polish at later stages of the writing process. You should not try to write a perfectly organized speech in one sitting. The best and most memorable speeches undergo the process of editing and rewriting. This will ensure that your speech is polished to perfection.
  6. Focus on your personal viewpoint while writing a speech. You should not think that everything you include in your narrative should necessarily be original. The uniqueness of the speech is not as important as your personal viewpoint. For this reason, you should include your personal ideas on the issues reflected in your speech.
  7. Restrict to making only three major points. Sometimes, it might be tempting to talk a lot on the subject in question, but this is likely to make your audience confused and overwhelmed. Therefore, there should be only three major points to make it easier for your audience to follow what you are saying.
  8. Don’t forget to create a take-away line. This is important because your main goal is to grasp the attention of the audience to create a good impression and leave the audience satisfied with your speech.
  9. You should also choose the minimal amount of information that should be delivered to your audience. Focus on the most critical issues in your speech and refrain from including the facts that might just be curious to learn, because most likely you will not have enough time to discuss some interesting facts.
  10. Use the WIIFM principle. The abbreviation WIIFM stands for “What’s In It For Me?” This means that your speech should contain the information that will most likely have an impact on the audience.
  11. Try to write your speech as if you were talking to only one person. This means that you should create a feeling in every person from your audience that you are talking to them specifically. This technique will help to personalize your speech and make it more impressive.
  12. You should also decide in what ways you want your audience to change their way of thinking after listening to your speech. This is basically the major goal of any kind of speech. Your audience should start behaving or thinking in a different way, and if you achieve this, it would mean that your speech had a success
  13. Use devices to involve the audience in the discussion. You should make sure that every person in your audience is engaged by using various techniques. These might be exercises, role games, quizzes or questions. Anything that is likely to captivate the audience will be appropriate.
  14. Another advice is to use simple phrases. The sentences in your speech should be short and simple. If you use complex phrases, it might confuse the audience and create a negative impression. Restrict yourself to only a few ideas in every sentence and try to express these ideas with much power and clarity.
  15. The final tip is to read your speech aloud before presenting it to the audience. While other types of writings do not require reading aloud, speech writing is oriented on the listeners and therefore, you should read it out loud to understand how words and phrases sound. Remember that a well-written speech does not necessarily mean a good speech. Your major goal should be to make the kind of speech that will create a positive impression on the audience and leave a trace in their hearts.

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