15 Ways How Your Name Can Influence on Career


A number of researches conducted in the past decades have indicated that the way we are named can potentially influence our future, particularly in terms of job opportunities. One’s name can have an effect on one’s lifetime success in the long run either in a negative or positive way. The current essay analyzes some of the most surprising and incredible findings of various trusted researches. Here are 15 ways of how your name can affect your career opportunities.

  1. If you have a name that is easy to pronounce, you have more chances to get a good job. Such names as Jane are more likely to be favored during the process of recruitment. Some psychologists claim that people with simple names have more chances to get a high-status position at the workplace. It is explained by the fact that all people tend to favor some piece of information more if it is easy to understand. It also refers to the company names in a way that the firms with simpler and shorter names tend to perform better than others.
  2. If you have a common name, you have more chances to be hired for any position. Some researchers have found that names regarded as the least unique are more likely to be favored by employers. Therefore, people with common names have more opportunities to get hired for a job, while people with rare names are least likely to be employed. This means that John and Mary are definitely lucky names.
  3. Least common names are usually associated in one’s mind with juvenile delinquency. This is another proof that unique first names are least likely to achieve success in career as they are often linked with juvenile delinquency. This fact has been revealed by a study conducted in Shippensburg University in 2009. The study has shown that there is a greater possibility that people with unpopular names will get engaged in criminal activity at a young age. Therefore, there is a direct link between the popularity of a person’s name and his/her criminal behavior.
  4. If you have a name that sounds like you are of white race, you have more chances to be hired. Such names as Emily have a considerable advantage over various black names like Lakisha. It has been proved that more common names have 50% more chances to get a callback from the employers.
  5. If your surname is closer to the alphabet’s beginning, you have more chances to achieve success not only in career, but in the early years of school education. The researchers have found a relationship between the surname’s position in the alphabet and their admission to school and success in the future career.
  6. If your surname is closer to the alphabet’s end, there is a greater probability that you will be promoted. People with such names as Zabar are more likely to get promoted than others. Even if you have spent childhood being always at the end of the roll, you will nevertheless succeed in your future career.
  7. If you use your middle name initials, it will make others think that you are more competent and thus more suitable for the job position. The use of middle name initials enhances the perception of people regarding your intellectual abilities and overall performance. Therefore, you have more chances to be hired for a desired job position or get promoted.
  8. There is a greater probability for you to work for a company if it matches your initials. For instance, the name Amanda is suitable for the job position in Amazon and the person with such name is more likely to get inspired by this company as it has a similar name to their own.
  9. If you have a noble name, you have more chances to get hired for a high-status position. It has been found that the surname of a person reflects his/her future job position.
  10. On the other hand, if you have a common surname, you are more likely to occupy a mediocre position in the society. For instance, a person with the last name Bauer is likely to become a farmer or get employed in agricultural sphere. People with such last names are least likely to get hired for high-ranked positions and have fewer chances to enjoy a high status in the society.
  11. If you are a man with a feminine name, you are more likely to get sacked from job. It has been found that men with feminine names tend to behave inappropriately more frequently, which leads to negative consequences in terms of their success at work as they usually have disciplinary problems.
  12. If you are a woman but have a gender-neutral or masculine name, you might achieve great success in specific fields. For example, women with such names as Jan or Leslie prove to be more likely to succeed in law-related careers.  
  13. Men having shorter names tend to be more suitable for CEO position, which is proved by the CEO of the Apple Company, Timothy Cook known as Tim. Similar names include Bruce, Jack, Bob and some others. People with such names usually expose much openness and amiability.
  14. Women occupying high-ranked positions tend to use their full names. This might be explained by the fact that such women often want to show more professionalism and competence in the given field.
  15. Finally, researchers have found that people with unusual names are less successful in passing job interviews disregarding the position they are applying for. It has been proved that people with hard-to-pronounce names tend to fail in job interviews more often, although this tendency has not yet been proved by sufficient evidence. It is also claimed that immigrants are not favored by employers because they usually have uncommon and hard-to-pronounce names. This explains why immigrants have fewer opportunities to get employed for a high-status position.

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