20 Books to Increase Your Motivation


Reading makes wonders by enhancing your brain activity and making you smarter. It is therefore important to choose right books that will help you raise productivity and increase motivation. This will give you an opportunity to develop and grow as a personality. Consider adding the following books to your reading list, and you will definitely manage to succeed in any venture. Here is a list of 20 books that will most likely inspire you and help you to increase your motivation.

  1. Leslie T. Giblin “How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People”. This reading is valuable for everyone who wants to learn how to convince other people to give you exactly what you want. This includes both financial resources and love. The book helps people to understand how to interact with others successfully and efficiently in all spheres of social life. The author is a real expert in the sphere of human relations and offers a win-win solution to everyone who wants to gain more confidence and learn how to interact with other people.
  2. David J. Schwartz “The Magic of Thinking Big”. The basic idea of the book is that if a person thinks small, his success will also be small. What we have to do is to think big and at the same time try to overcome fear and become more self-confident.
  3. Jim Collins “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t”. This book represents a valuable reading for all those who want to enhance their leadership skills and acquire some special abilities necessary for managing a company and ensuring long-term success of any business. Jim Collins provides various business characteristics and identifies necessary skills for every entrepreneur to succeed in the world of business.
  4. Alfred Lansing “Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage”. This book tells about one of the most dramatic sea voyages, which has been doomed to failure. The author provides diary entries and a range of personal interviews that all represent an account of the incredulous survival of a famous explorer Ernest Shackleton in the Arctic.
  5. Jim Collins, Jerry I. Porras “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies”. The authors of the book provide an insight into the sphere of company leadership by comparing various visionary companies that have managed to achieve success in the relevant fields.
  6. Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”. It is evident from the book’s title that the reading deals with the ways of developing professionally and personally in order to get rich. The book contains a number of interviews with some of the most successful people whose advice can be applied in one’s day-to-day operations.
  7. Daniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Annie McKee “Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence”. The authors of the book stress the importance of developing such qualities as self-awareness and empathy in order to be a good leader. By gaining control over emotions, one can achieve great results.
  8. Marcus Aurelius “The Emperor’s Handbook”. The Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius is globally recognized as a respectable and powerful leader. The above-mentioned book is a collection of his personal notes on various aspects of leadership.
  9.  Sun Tzu “The Art of War”. This book has been written in China thousands of years ago. It tells about military operations and explains valuable strategies and tactics that can also be used in the sphere of business.
  10. Walter Isaacson “Steve Jobs”. This reading provides an insightful analysis of the professional life of the most successful businessman of modern times. It contains a number of interviews with colleagues and friends of Steve Jobs as well as his own ideas.
  11. Stephen R. Covey “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. This book serves as an internationally recognized guide on leadership and contains a number of valuable recommendations.
  12. John C. Maxwell “Developing the Leader within You”. The author uses biblical text to explore helpful practices and principles that can be employed in the sphere of business leadership.
  13. Robert Cialdini “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. It took over 30 years for the author to research the behavioral patterns of people. He explores some of the most efficient ways of persuading people to achieve one’s individual goals.
  14. Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom”. The author claims that there are four basic steps to achieve freedom in life. These include being attentive to what we say, not taking things personally, not making assumptions and always striving to do our best. The recommendations provided by the author can be applied in various spheres of life.
  15. John Wooden, Steve Jamison “Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization”. This book explores a number of leadership methods that might be helpful in business operations.
  16. Tony Hsieh “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose”. The author shares with the audience a few life lessons that he has learnt in the world of business. This is a valuable and highly inspirational reading for everyone who wants to achieve success in business.
  17. Doris Kearns Goodwin “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln”. This reading was made into a widely known biographical movie that helps to understand the leadership style of the American president exploring such aspects as human behavior and motivation.
  18. Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist”. This is an ageless reading that represents a fable about a shepherd who learns some truths for himself while traveling and remains loyal to his dreams and aspirations.
  19. James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner “The Truth about Leadership”. This reading is based on a 30-year research and represents a collection of trusted tactics gathered from all around the world. This reading is the key to effective and successful leadership.
  20. Kerry Patternson, Rob McMillan, Al Switzler “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High”. This book teaches people to communicate efficiently during important meetings and negotiations. Being open and capable of persuading others is a key to successful communication.

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