20 Fantastic Arguments to Visit Spain


20 reasons to visit Spain

Spain is one of the ideal countries to visit in summer. Warm sea and an ocean, nice beaches and beautiful Spaniards attract people from all over the world. These are not the only reasons to visit Spain. Many people like to travel but some of them need obvious reasons to visit this or that country. Every year Spain welcomes for about 60 million tourists. However, Spain is not only about beaches, sea, and ocean. In this country one may find numerous attractive buildings, cathedrals, temples, an immense amount of museums, and many other interesting things as our paper writer thinks.

Surely, in this beautiful world someone may find so many wonderful places for a good rest. Italy, Egypt, beaches in Australia, hundreds of tropical islands draw attention of many people. To be honest, Spain is as good as all these mentioned places. One can get a very useful experience from visiting this country. Check more information on life experience here: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/life-changing-essay-may-tomorrow-never-come

Lucky is the one who lives in Spain. Spain is so bright and warm. Besides, it is a very old country with its own interesting history. Spaniards are very interesting and passionate people. One will surely feel good in such an atmosphere of joy, amusement, and love.

If you have never been to Spain, probably you would like to visit it or even come back again.

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1. Beaches. Whatever one may say but beaches will be always the first reason of why people travel to Spain. On the North and West of the country one can embark into the Atlantic Ocean. Then he can sit in a car, drive for about 300 km and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Isn’t it wonderful? How someone can live without clean warm sea? Yes, it is not polluted. Check Essay on Pollution here.

Almost everyone when plans a trip or a rest, thinks about sea. All Spanish Atlantic beaches are always filled with people. They are extremely popular in Europe.

2. Corrida. Anyone who visits Spain may also attend the place where corrida takes place. Skill and courage of a torero are amazing and beautiful but be ready to see also blood. This blood may be not only of an animal but of a man. During such events traumas and deaths are often guests. Corrida is better than any video games. Impact of Videogames Essay will be very useful for you.

So, if your nerves are fine, you may attend corrida. Be careful not to harm your mental health. It is better to stay far from factors which can injure you.

3. Experience the Most Scariest Pass in the World. One can find it in Spain in its Northern part. The pathway is a very challenging place for not only an average person but also for a rock climber. The width of the pathway is only one meter. Besides, it does not have anything to hang on. It has hundreds of holes which are so dangerous. The pathway runs very high, so it doubles the danger and thrill of a hike. Could you manage this? Go to Spanish and find out whether every Spaniard is able to pass such a dangerous rock road.

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4. Barcelona. It is not only a capital of Catalonia, it is also a beautiful town. Here are so many places to visit. One of them is the Temple of Saint Family and Batlló House.

5. Restaurants in Spain. They are just amazing. Some of them were acknowledged as the best in the world. Besides, this country has the oldest restaurant in the whole world which still invites and welcomes people. Casa Botín is the name of this place. The atmosphere in this restaurant is always nice and the style is very cozy. People say that here one can try the best food in Spain. This is the most traditional place in Madrid.

6. Las Fallas. This is one of the brightest holidays in Spain. It is the celebration of fire. Traditionally it takes place in March. In Valencia people do their best to enjoy this day. However, it is also celebrated in the neighborhood.

7. Visit Ice Bar in Spain. It is the only in its own way in the world. It is located at the beach El Somorrostro. The interior is impressive. It is made of ice. The temperature inside goes between -2 and -10 degrees.

8. Ronda City. This is the city with houses between rocks. The town is one of the oldest on the earth. The most shocking fact is that Ronda stands on rocky plateau which are divided by giant gorges.

9. Magical Faucets. These are fountains in the shape of faucets which literally hang up in the air. They are results of the work of French sculpture. Actually, it is not difficult to figure out how it works.

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10. Dali Theater-Museum. Probably everyone in the world has heard about Dali. The biggest collection of his works are located in this museum. It is opened since 1974.

11. Zip Line from Spain to Portugal gives a limited and unique opportunity to cross the border in the air in such an interesting way. Indeed, this suggestion is unique. No one country in the world can boast of such a chance.

12. Taste Tomato Soup in Spanish McDonald’s. It is so surprising that this meal can be found only here. Although this country is very rich in cuisine, one should visit its McDonald’s for purpose to try traditional Gaspacho. It is healthy, by the way. Read more about health on this page: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/health-care-why-we-should-eat-fruits

13. The Mezquita Cathedral in Spain. This temple belongs to the oldest in the world. This is the national and world inheritance which is alive till nowadays.

14. The Only Desert in Europe. One can find exactly in Spain. Desierto de Tabernas is a national park since 1989. This desert is similar to American ones. For these reasons, it was used as a location for many Hollywood western movies.

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15. Dessert Restaurant in Barcelona. Do you know that it is the only dessert café in the world? This idea makes all visitors happy. Besides, one can not only dine here but also learn how to cook.

16. Flamenco. This dance is so emotional. It has many disciples and followers all over the world. However, it is always interesting to see how Spaniards understand and deliver the message of this dance.

17. Spain is the only country in the world where one can order a drink and receive it with a meal. This fact speaks about big generosity of Spaniards.

18. Spain is the country where genius people were born. One of them was Picasso. Visit the house where the artist was born. It is a mind-blowing event for his fans and all artist lovers.

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19. The Largest Nightclub in the World. It is located in Ibiza. This is the place which never stops, never sleeps, and never falls silent. Gather friends and go to Ibiza. The club itself is very famous because of shows, parties, fabulous atmosphere, and nice guests.

20. Active Volcano in Spain. What is interesting about it is that one may climb it and then enjoy grilled chicken which was made over volcano.

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