20 Tips How to Master Your Grammar Skills


Studying grammar is not easy for any student. It may even be a highly confusing activity that stresses most students out. The use of correct grammar is of great importance for your success in the academic field and future career. It is therefore critical to know some methods of how to improve your grammar skills and learn how to use it properly. Here are some valuable tips that will help you master English grammar. If you follow all the recommendations, you will be able to improve your grammar and writing skills practically in no time and with minimal effort.

  1. Don’t undermine the importance of reading. Reading is probably a number-one method to improve your grammar skills. When reading a book, you strengthen your grammar abilities subconsciously in your mind. It is especially helpful to read aloud as a mixture of different senses like seeing, hearing and saying will help you to reinforce your knowledge on what you have already learnt. Furthermore, reading helps to improve writing skills as well. It will help you to master fluency in the use of tenses and increase your vocabulary.
  2. Read children’s books. Many people consider reading children’s books worthless as adults do not normally read books for children and they feel like they are wasting their time. However, reading children’s books is a helpful activity in many respects. First and foremost, books for kids are written in simple language and will help you to cover the basics of English grammar and vocabulary.
  3. Pay attention to simple rules. Some students have mastered many complex grammar structures, but fail to use simple ones correctly. This leads to a situation, when students make mistakes in simple sentences even though they might be proficient in many other aspects of English grammar.
  4. Find a grammar manual. It is of much use and importance to have a grammar book at hand as you can consult it from time to time while writing a paper or doing some other tasks. Grammar manuals provide valuable recommendations on how to use various grammar structures correctly.
  5. Review your knowledge of basic rules. Although writing in English and attending classes in linguistics might not be of much interest to many students, it is very important to spend some time reviewing the fundamental rules and principles.
  6. Research information on common grammar mistakes. This will help you to learn how to avoid making grammar mistakes yourself. Learning from others’ experience is the best way to avoid making errors in your writing.
  7. Practice a lot. There are many useful resources, both printed versions and online, that will help you to improve your grammar skills. A simple internet search provides access to a great variety of websites where you can study grammar by doing exercises and practicing with the help of games.
  8. Listen to what others say. When your instructors give you feedback on your work, listen to what they say. This will help you to pay attention to the weaknesses in your English grammar knowledge.
  9. Pay attention to details. This is especially important when you write some kind of academic paper. If you are inattentive to details, you will fail to do the work properly as the very meaning of your message to the audience might be distorted due to the incorrect use of grammar.
  10. Proofread what you have read aloud. At times we have to reread some parts of our writing to fill the gaps with required information. It is also important to proofread your paper aloud, because it gives a chance for you to see what mistakes you have made.
  11. Let someone reread your writing for you. This is helpful if you are unable to catch the mistakes in your essay on your own. Reading aloud by someone else will help you to check not only your writing, but also your grammar knowledge.
  12. Write a lot. Just like reading, writing also has a number of benefits. It does not only help you to practice writing skills, but also to learn how to use grammar properly.
  13. Read articles online. This is not only a useful practice, but also an enjoyable experience. All you have to do is think of an interesting topic you would like to know more about and then find suitable articles on the given topic online. The only requirement is that you have to use only trustworthy websites where you will be able to find articles written by native speakers only.
  14. Learn more about the parts of speech. When studying grammar, it is important to know the basic notions, including the constituent parts of any language, namely parts of speech. You have to understand how each part of speech functions in the sentence in order to use grammar rules correctly.
  15. Learn about points of view in English. It is important to distinguish the points of view in English language and know the fundamental differences between them.
  16. Don’t forget about the word order. Sentences in English are structured in a specific order, which you have to master in the first place. The word order in English is very strict so you have to know the rules of structuring a sentence.
  17. Learn about verb conjunctions. Learn how to inflect the verbs and what tenses correspond to every conjunction. This is an important tip for everyone who wants to learn how to write grammatically correct sentences.
  18. Learn the rules of punctuation. Punctuation in English is quite tricky, so you have to master it to the best of your abilities and know when to use various punctuation marks.
  19. Investigate and analyze various resources. If you want to master grammar, you need to read such resources as textbooks, classic literature, fiction, scientific books, blogs, articles, essays and biographies. You should pay attention to what tenses are used in different cases and how sentences are structured.
  20. Play grammar games. There is a great abundance of online games across the internet. We advise you to play various grammar games in your free time. It is not only an enjoyable experience but also a highly useful practice.

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