21 Things That Exist On The Earth You Probably Don't Know


Our planet is amazing. It has billions of mysteries and secrets. During all the history of the mankind people were trying to reveal the secrets of the Earth. But even now in the century of high technologies, electronic devices and gadgets, and nanotechnology this huge world remains unknown for us and only a small part of it has already been discovered and studied.

Nature of the Earth is not only very beautiful, but it can unpredictable, and sometimes strange. In this world exist such things that are hard to believe. It seems that some of these things came out from fiction movies, but believe me, they all are real. So let us begin!

1. Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo Maldives

If you ever visit Maldives you definitely should go to the seashore at night. The vision you will see there will take your breath away! It looks like the sand and the waves glow. This phenomenon is caused by phytoplankton, marine microbes washed up on the sand. These microbes have an ability called bio-luminescence which allows them to glow. Their light creates an effect of the stars right in the ocean.

2. Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Kailua, Hawaii

Annually the outer bark of the eucalyptus is replaced with a new fresh bark. But since it happens at different times we can observe the multi-coloured streaks on the surface of the eucalyptus. While the old bark has not disappeared yet, the inner bark which is bright-green begins to appear.

3. Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia

The largest salt flat of the world is called Salar de Uyuni. Its size is 10,582 square kilometers. The location of the flats is the Daniel Campos Province in Bolivia, in particular in its southwest part.

You should definitely see these dreamlike salt flats during your lifetime. The Salar was formed on the base of several ancient lakes. As a result a few meter layer of salt covers the flats now. When it rains, these salt flats are covered with a thin layer of water and thus they transform into a huge mirror. It reflects the sky and visiting this wonderland, you can forget that you are in a real world. You feel like you are in a fairytale where everything is upside down.

4. Underwater Crop Circles in Japan

One can say that underwater crop circles are something mysterious. They remind those unknown circles on the fields (made by aliens as some people believe). But in this case an explanation is quite simple: the circles are produced by male puffer fish. When puffer fish flap their fins in the sand, these “crop circles” appear on the seabed around Japan.

5. The Underwater Forest of Lake Kaindy

Kaindy Lake is situated in the Tian Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan. The lake is famous for so called “underwater forest”. In 1911 after an earthquake the valley was filled with water. And now we have an opportunity to observe a scenic beauty of the sunken trees that appear above water as large masts of the ships.

6. Maelstroms

When two tidal flows meet and clash, they form maelstroms. These whirlpools can be very dangerous as they pull in swimmers and even small boats.

7. Pink Lake Hillier in Australia

Lake Hillier is a saline lake that is located on the edge of Middle Island, in Western Australia. You might think what can be unusual in an ordinary lake? The answer is its colour. The water of the lake is not blue or green as we used to. It is not even brown or grey. Lake Hillier is famous for its pink colour. Just imagine! The scientists still do not know exactly what makes water pink. One of the versions is that microalgae Dunaliella Salina produce pigment that paints the lake in pink.

8. Underground Natural Springs in Mexico

Another amazing place created by nature is located in Mexico. A so called Ik Kil is a well known cenote. A cenote is an underground natural source of spring water. Ik Kil is located on the Yucatán Peninsula, in its northern center. It is famous for its underground natural springs. This place is worth to be visited!

9. Giant Clouds Over Beijing

The cloud has such an unusual shape of a mushroom because at first it developed vertically, but when the cloud reached warmer layers of the atmosphere it began to grow horizontally.

10. Blue Lava in Indonesia

It is not a secret that lava is red. However in Indonesia you can see blue lava. The sulfuric gases are pushed at high temperatures through the cracks of the volcano. That is why lava changes its colour from red to blue. I believe it looks very fascinating!

11. Frozen Air Bubbles in Abraham Lake

The home of Abraham Lake is western Alberta in Canada. It is an artificial lake which has a very interesting trait. And this trait makes people open their mouth in amazement/ When the lake freezes methane gas doesn’t have way out. So being trapped, it starts to creep up creating wonderful air bubbles in the layer of ice. Thousands of tourists come to see these frozen air bubbles, cause it is one of the most magnificent and rare phenomena on the planet. This lake is really worth to be seen.

12. Spiderweb Cocooned Trees in Pakistan

In Pakistan in the village of Sindh millions of spiders in their attempt to survive made webs on the trees. The picture of ghost trees is quite terrifying but impressing.

The flood in 2010 made spiders look for a shelter on the tree tops, and some time later these trees turned into webbed homes of the spiders.

13. White rainbows

You are surprised, aren’t you? In fact there is nothing special. White rainbows are also called fog bows. So it is just a fog concentration in a shape of a bow. But honestly saying I would love to see it!

14. Light Pillars Over Moscow

If you have seen these light pillars with your own eyes, you are a very lucky person! A light pillar is a natural optical phenomenon which happens in the atmosphere. It looks like a vertical strip of light. When the light reflects from numerous tiny ice crystals in the atmosphere or clouds the effect of glowing is created.

15. The Blood Falls in Antarctica

Have you ever seen anything like that? Blood Falls is the streams consisting of an iron oxide-tainted flows of saltwater. The Falls go through Taylor Glacier, flowing out its tongue they reach the surface of West Lake Bonney covered with ice in the East Antarctica. The whiteness of the snow and dark red water seem like perfect natural combination of the colours!

16. Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island

We used to hear about migration of the birds, but crab migration is really something unexpected. Every year nearly 120 million crabs make their way to the ocean. They fill the roads and it looks like red stream with claws. No one would like to stay on their way.

17. Volcanic Lightning in Iceland

A dirty thunderstorm (or Volcanic lightning) is one of the weather phenomena. Volcanic lightning is the name of the lightning production process in a plume of a volcano.

It sounds really amazing: a lightning right in the middle of a volcano!

This phenomenon happens when the pieces of a rock, such as ash, clash with particles of ice in a volcanic cloud. When these particles are carried up into the atmosphere, higher than normally, the static with the surface of the planet appear and thus the electrical charge needed for lightning is provided.

18. The Black Sun in Denmark

Everyone knows that there is only one Sun and it is definitely not black. But in Denmark happens a phenomenon that people call “Black Sun”. Actually during spring millions of European starlings get together and thus form huge and complex shapes in the sky.

19. Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius

Of course it is not a real waterfall. The sand in this place is sucked down into the ocean in such a way that it creates the illusion of a waterfall.

20. Cave of the Crystals or Giant Crystal Cave

I guess it is quite obvious why Giant Crystal Cave has such a name. It is located in Mexico, in Naica. Crystals in this cave are the largest crystals in the world. The largest crystal found in the cave has 12 m in length, and weights 55 tons.

These crystals grew to such an amazing sizes thanks to the perfect climate provided by the cave. The temperature inside the cave is about 55 degrees Celsius and humidity is about 90-99 percent. Due to these factors it is very hard to implement the research works and scientific studies out there and it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to get inside the cave.

21. The Flowering Desert in Chile

Desert is a place where nothing grows. But not in this case. The Atacama Desert in Chile usually after heavy rains flowers once in every several years. Flowering Desert is a real wonderland.

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