30 Tips And Tricks How To Use Google Properly


Every day we are faced with a lot of small problems during the searching process. All those inconveniences are really annoying and very often they take valuable time, especially for students, which spend a lot of time surfing the internet in quest of information for college. Erstwhile, I used to take a lot of searching terms in different combinations, but still could not find the necessary information. And I am sure, that many of you were dealing with similar problems.

Next I will describe the most useful and interesting tricks and shortcuts for finding exactly what you are looking for.

The major difficulty is the inability to find some definite necessary information among thousands of searching list results. So, for this purpose, the Google team has provided a number of opportunities, that could significantly facilitate the searching process by using the search operators:

  •   If you try to find the information due to exact phrases, there is an easy way to do it properly. You should use quotation marks and put the search terms in it. For example, it could be a cite from a movie, novel, poem or article.
  •   The next useful tip for Google search is envisaged for searching two different terms at the same time. You need to add a word “OR” between those two terms.
  •   If you are searching the multiple meaning words, you should add a hyphen (-) to term. In this way, Google will exclude this word from searching list. This trick is really helpful when you cannot find the right information because of abundance of certain term on the Internet and the necessity to exclude it.
  •    There are two tips for comfortable searching on the web pages. First one will help you to find certain content on definite site. For that purpose you should type “site:”, then the URL of website and term you search. Google will look up that term only on the site you pointed.

     The next trick helps by searching web pages with a similar content to a URL you know. Type “related:” and then the website, thereby, you will receive the list of resembling results from different domains

  •   If you need to find a page, where a number of words appear in one text, just type “allintext:” followed by the words you search. But if the one particular word is necessity to appear in the text and others should be otherwhere, for example, in the URL, you should type “intext:” followed by a certain word. Also, you can find the page with a specific term in URL by typing “allinurl:” and then the words you are looking for.

The same trick will help you to find pages with definite title. For that you should type:

  1. “allintitle:” for page`s title, which contains all of indicated words;
  2. “intitle” for the specific word in the title and other words in other places in the document.
  • Can not call to mind a word of phrase? Add the asterisk before the missed word and Google will reestablish the sentence properly.
  • If it is necessary to find a definite number diapason, use two dots “..” between the searching terms. It could be prices, years or amount of something.
  • Use the “filetype”: followed by a suffix of the file. Thereby, Google will abridge the search list with results that have a the same format.

A great way for comfortable and quick search is using punctuation symbols. For example, type “#” for looking up popular topics which have hash-tags. Also, you can use other signifiers for more accurate search results:

  • Add the “%” for searching percentage or use “$” for prices and tariffs.
  • If you look for phrases that are close in meaning, type the symbol “&” (ampersand) and you will receive a number of necessary outcomes. Use the same action for searching closely related words, just change the symbol to hyphen - “-”.
  • The next useful character is at the sign- “@” which you can use for digging for social topics.

The best way to speed up your searching process is using special keyboard shortcuts. It will help you to do regular operations without any extra actions. There is a list of basic keyboard combinations:


If you are trying to find the definite word or phrase on the webpage or document.

Ctrl+ “+”\”-”

Sometimes it happens that some documents cannot be zoomed, thereby, apply that shortcut for zoom in and zoom out any type of document.


Instead of using the mouse all the time for select the search line, use that keyboard combination and the address bar will be easily selected.


Very useful combination for switching between tabs.

Do the screen shots with Ctrl+Shift+3 for capture the whole screen or with Ctrl+Sihft+4 for choosing a particular area of your screen that you wish to catch.

Aside from searching benefit by using punctuation, symbols, keyboard combinations or special words, you can also enjoy some futile, but funny tricks that are provided by the Google team. There are a few “secret” search terms that will amuse you a little

Do a barrel roll

The old trick with a desktop rotation. Just type that phrase into a search string without quotation marks and watch. Cool, right?

The unexpected answer

If you are looking for the answer to life, the universe, and everything, try to search that phrase in Google an you will receive your answer.

Let`s play a little

A game of breaking the bricks will appear on your computer screen after typing the term “Atari Breakout”. Click the Images and have a fun.

There was the most interesting and helpful tips and tricks for using Google properly. If you liked that essay, contact us, we will be glad to answer all your questions. You can also get acquainted with a newsily content of our website and read a lot of useful and informative essays in our blog.