5 Tips on How to Write Common Sense Essay


Common sense essays are hard to deal with if you lack knowledge on the topics and don’t know what should be included in the essay. The book of Thomas Paine on common sense is a profound reading that might be difficult for understanding for some students. If you want to write Thomas Paine common sense essay professionally and efficiently, you are advised to take into account the following recommendations that will help you compose an essay on common sense without any effort. Here are some tips on how to write common sense essay.

  1. In the introduction to his book, Thomas Paine gives a general overview of the significant decision faced by the entire America. This decision is related to the issue of whether the land should remain under the British governance or whether people should rather fight against Great Britain in the name of independence. In author’s opinion, the whole world should be willing to help America gain its freedom from the British rule, as this will set a certain example for other countries to follow. This information should be included in the introductory paragraph to your essay on common sense as it reflects the basic and fundamental idea of Thomas Paine’s writing. Furthermore, you should also mention that as the book proceeds, Paine lists some of the key problems faced by the British political system. It is especially related to the fact that Britain has various rulers including kings and aristocrats that gain their power through democratic electoral procedure.
  2. Your essay on common sense should reflect the idea that in Paine’s opinion, there is no other route to freedom than through democracy, and this is exactly why America has to separate itself from Great Britain. This idea should also be included into the opening paragraph of your paper. Paine takes into account the arguments that people have put forward in an attempt to persuade the government to remain connected to Great Britain. Paine gives a list of these arguments and shows that these are mere excuses promoted by cowards who do not want to gain freedom from British enslavement and captivity. Paine also addresses a group of religious leaders who are known as Quakers. He tells them that they should not mix up their religious views with the politics of American continent. He asks the patriots of America to join him in his attempts to despise anyone who might dare to say that God is against America’s struggle for independence.
  3. Another idea reflected in Paine’s writing is that once people use an opportunity to think over the enumerated arguments, they will see that the only way for American people to move further and develop is to gain freedom from the British. This idea has become popular with numerous people and still remains such. This can also be mentioned in your common sense essay. Thomas Paine also insists that the reasons for America to gain independence have an impact not only on America itself, but other countries of the world as well. The whole problem of absolute power and tyranny promoted by Britain affects nearly every country across the world, and Paine expresses a hope that America will further become a bright example of freedom and democracy to other states. The author concludes his argument by saying that he has decided to publish the book anonymously because of his views might trigger Great Britain to arrest him. This aspect can also be mentioned in your essay on the book of Thomas Paine.
  4. It is also advised to include the following ideas in your essay. According to Paine, it is of great importance for common people not to mix up the notions of Government and Society. While society means that people unite their efforts to provide support to each other and achieve certain goals that they would not be able to achieve on their own, the Government stands for a force or power that is aimed at punishing anyone who crosses certain line in the rules and prescriptions on behalf of the authorities. Government exists only because some people tend to commit violent and anti-social acts. If people treated each other decently, there would be no need for Government. In such a way, Government plays a role of power against evil in the opinion of Paine. People need to be aware of the fact that when society grows larger, it might need to rely on a restricted number of people that represent other’s rights. To put it simple, it is hard to decide on every issue, if there are thousands of people over a vast territory and the Government should provide support and assistance to all of them.
  5. Finally, it is important to mention in your essay that after listing all of his arguments, Paine concludes by saying that any nation’s Government has to express the wishes and needs of people in general. And this cannot be accomplished by monarchs. That is why America should seek independence from Great Britain. In a sense, English people simply continue to support the unjustified political leadership because they are proud of it. They think that it is a part of their heritage and traditions and they do not care whether it has some logical sense in it. Paine further argues that there is nothing about English government that keeps it from employing dictatorship means of ruling the country. And this should not happen to America, which is why America should try to gain freedom from the British rule.

If you include the above issues into your essay on common sense, you will definitely manage to get a high mark for it and meet the requirements of your instructor. Keep in mind that your essay should be based on the idea that Thomas Paine was a great supporter of American independence and wanted to persuade common people to take his arguments seriously.

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