A Christmas Carol Essay. Believe In Miracles!


One of the kindest and brightest holidays is a celebration of Christmas. Each nation has its own literary book that is dedicated to the Christmas: “The Night Before Christmas” by Gogol, “The Snow Queen” by Andersen, “Christmas Carol in Prose” by Charles Dickens, as a manifestation of faith in the kind man's essence, in the possibility of transformation on Christmas eve. In this a Christmas carol essay I want to write about this incredibly interesting story. If it is difficult for you to write an essay, then you can ask professional paper writers to do it for you.

Of all holidays that exist on earth today, a lot of people love Christmas and New Year the most. It is probably because at that time each of us has a good holiday mood and expects gifts and a holiday miracle. All of us from an early age remain in the soul belief in Santa Claus, who always comes with gifts. Some people are waiting for changes in their life, for the solution of various problems, and some of them for the coming of kindness and mercy in these days. Perhaps the Christmas season is days when people tend to open their hearts and express to others their feelings, even those of us who do not have any money or good fortune. These days, each of us expects a miracle that would be for some of us in form of interesting toy, but for someone it will be a meeting with friends or a holiday dinner with his family. And for fans of Dickens such a miracle is "Christmas Carol", which helps us to understand what is important in our lives. I think that all Christmas carol essays teach it. If you need to write a book essay, then use the tips from this link.

In a Christmas carol by Charles Dickens, there is showed a greedy old man. He doesn't have a family, children and he is not happy at the best holiday – Christmas. Scrooge has everything. He is rich, he has a trade union and he is able to earn money. In fact, without money, there will be no holiday, no gifts or a holiday table. Money is important for everyone. A poverty and wretchedness are very unpleasant. In this book, Charles Dickens showed how ugly "Poverty" and "Darkness" are. They are depicted as little children, but these children are wrinkled, thin and ragged. Here is the unattractive poverty. Nobody wants to be unhappy. But Scrooge is not better than these freaks. Although he is rich, he acts as poor. He economizes on everything, and he has no holidays and gifts.

But exactly a Christmas holidays helped Scrooge to change and become better. These holiday events have enabled him to understand what is the meaning of life for a real person. Scrooge learned the true happiness when he decided to do good things. When he gave his relative a big turkey and he went to visit his nephew Bob, when he learned to smile and felt the pleasure from what made people laugh. His soul which was like a block of ice slowly began to melt from this, and Christmas suddenly became Scrooge's favorite holiday.

In the Christmas carol essay we met the main character Scrooge. He is an unattractive type of person. Scrooge was a miser. He was greedy, hard and sharp as stone. He was like a slug. But Marley's ghost and three spirits decided to save Scrooge and have helped him to change. He looked small and lonely; he saw his affectionate sister and Bob’s family. Also, he saw his own death and realized that none of them will be able to say good words about him. So he decided to change. Now Scrooge became generous and cheerful. He realized that good things and a beautiful heart are much more important than the parsimony and rudeness.

Charles Dickinson’s biography

It seems to me that a Christmas carol essays will be not full, if there is not written a biography of its creator. Charles Dickens was born in 1812. In childhood, he has serious trials of life (the father got in debtor's prison, the inability to study, and the work at the factory). But thanks to the energy, talent and hard work Dickens had become firstly a successful young reporter and then a world-famous writer. All the experiences he extremely vividly and realistically depicted on the pages of his books. Even after becoming a well-known writer, he never was able to get rid of the ghosts of the past.

At the average age of Dickens, it would seem that he got everything that he wanted. His works “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby” and in particular "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" brightly and colorfully painted the ugly side of English society. This novel has received a wide public resonance and has subsequently led to the reduction and even to the abolition of many cruel laws against the poor people and children who work hard. All subsequent years Dickens delighted his readers with new works. However, a literary fame, a position of chief editor of the newspaper "Daily News", a substantial fee which allowed him to live in “Grand style” didn’t bring him peace and happiness. Nervous and addicting nature did not allow him also to enjoy a family. With his wife Catherine Hogarth, he lived all his life. They had eight children, but because of the constant quarrels and connection with the actress Ellen Ternand, he was unhappy with his wife. The last years of the writer's life were also clouded by his doubt in his own talent. The writer wanted to see the gradual transformation of the society in which he lived, the destruction of social injustice – it is all that he denounced from the pages of his books. But the changes came into force too slowly and the author suffered from his inability to influence the situation. During those years he wrote the book “Hard times”, where outlined his doubts about the future of his country. Exhausted by internal conflicts, the Great writer died in 1970 from a brain hemorrhage.

It seems to me that people like Scrooge exist even now. I feel sorry for them. They are unfortunate people. I wish everybody to be happy and generous. You have to have a good heart, smile to people and everyone will be happier and brighter. Using tips from this essay you will manage to create your own opinion on different books, but to make it perfect it would be better to ask for professional help on our service.