A Doll House Essay. Life In A Golden Cage


On the agenda, there is my favorite book by Henrik Ibsen “A Doll's house” that was written in 1879. Despite the year, when I was reading this book I always wondered how it is relevant in our time. The book is about family relationships, about how far can be people from each other, although have lived together for many years. I hope you will like this A Doll House essay and the information will be useful. If you need to write an essay, but don’t know from what to start, then ask college paper writer to help you. It is the best way to write the excellent work.

The sweet life in a cage

I decided to start A Dolls House essay with a brief summary. The main characters are a lawyer Helmer, his wife Nora who has a friend Mrs. Lynn and private attorney Krogstad. Nora is the name of the protagonist of the book.  She is easy, happy, infantile, childish and selfish women. Nora from childhood was father’s favorite daughter, and when she grew up moved into the role of the beloved wife of the successful lawyer whose name was Helmer. Nora has three wonderful kids, a perfect husband, a life without worries and troubles. Her days were just like holidays. All women immediately wanted to be like she and to live as easily and naturally as she did. Once, Nora did a pretty serious financial fraud in secret from her beloved. She needed money to save her husband and the doctors advised him for health reasons to live in the South. All this time, Helmer did not know that his beloved wife had made for him such a feat, because in order to pay back the credit she was secretly working, saving every penny.

Their life became better with time. The lawyer was promoted at work and he threatened to fire Krogstad. In turn, he was a private attorney person and with his help Nora got a loan and he threatened her that if she did not persuade her husband not to fire him, he would tell about the money.

The action began to unfold on Christmas Eve, when in the house of Helmer came the guests. It was a tired and aged woman. A beautiful and radiant Nora did not immediately recognize her friend Mrs. Lynn who experienced many of the hardships of life. She came to their city to look for work and hoped to get a place in the Bank where Nora’s husband recently became a head. And here came the end of carefree life of Nora! Because to this day nobody knew that she had a terrible guilty secret that “beauty” was stored for many years and which have known no person. And this secret threatened to come out and to ruin her family or cause even more fatal consequences.

In fact, I wondered why Nora couldn’t tell about this problem her husband and they didn’t solve it together? Though, she did it for him! Of course, I wondered how gently Helmer treated his wife, constantly called her by affectionate nicknames, but I realized that it was not love. He just liked to have a beautiful toy and cherished her. In contrast, Nora showed her sincere feelings and even at the end of the actions readers will not be disappointed. But the reader was cruelly deceived by a seemingly ideal husband and the man who truly loves Nora can never be with her. This book discusses in detail the issue of marriage. I can’t fully understand whether it was a love marriage. By the way, my previous essay was about love marriage vs arranged marriage. Have you ever thought what is better? Helmer reminded me a typical a “sugar daddy”. There are a lot of them in our time. They don’t care about the inner world of their doll and it is even not necessary that she is able to speak. It is important that how presentable she looks and such a man has her by side for showing her off to friends, partners and others. I think it was expectable that Helmer did so. He did not deceive anyone and did not do loud statements. His honesty and scrupulousness have been known to his wife and for that she respected him. So why are there so many accusations? Is it from some disappointment? Is it from helplessness? I don’t like Helmer because of his views on how he sees a woman next to him and how he perceives friendship. But he was always such a man. He lived at that time and fully corresponded to it.

What about Nora? She was deceived in her love drawing castles in the mind and when they collapsed and when she looked back at the entire family life when she felt her inability as a person, she left her kids and went to build her personal life. To be honest, in the beginning of the book Nora Helmer annoyed me very much. Even though her selfless act, she seemed too shallow, not capable of any emotions; I thought she was a doll. But I totally changed my mind about her after the final. Nora is worthy of respect.

Henrik Ibsen

I love Ibsen for a deep psychological insight, for the amazing reality of the characters, for the eternal relevance of the topics, for the clarity and rigor in the narration of ideas and a lot more for that, but in particular for understanding women and for sympathy to them. That is the greatest rarity among authors-men.

Ibsen was born on 20 March 1828 in a small Norwegian town in a family of merchant- despot. There were rumors that he was an illegitimate child. In childhood, he was used to being alone and learned to do without intimacy with other people. At age 16 he left home and began to study to become a pharmacist. Ibsen became a playwright by chance when he was offered to work as a playwright for the Norwegian theatre in Bergen.

Six years he spent in poverty. In 1856 the first play by Ibsen in the theater had a success. By the way, reading this essay about success you will also achieve it. So, in the same year, he met his future wife Susannah Thoresen. She loved him, and after their wedding in 1858 Susanna went with Ibsen in the deportation for 27 years in which he was exiled by himself. Those years they lived mainly in Rome, Dresden and Munich. Ibsen was pursued by the obsession of becoming famous, but it was not so easy. When Ibsen was 63 years he returned to Norway and was already famous all over the world. After two strokes, which have robbed of all his physical strength Ibsen died at the age of 78 years.

During his life he was in love with a lot of young women, and he made them characters of his works. So they inflamed passions only in his imagination. The name of Ibsen is not related to any noisy scandals. He never put in the awkward situation his wife. In 1889, however, he fell in love with 18-year-old Emilia Bardy from Vienna and was seriously thinking about divorcing his wife in order to marry Emilia. He called her “the sun in a September life”. Emilia returned to Vienna. Despite the fact that they continued to exchange love letters, the place of Emilia in the heart of Ibsen has taken another young admirer of his talent Helen Raff.

I liked how Henrik Ibsen wrote. The book is quite small, and there are a few characters. But there is so many said. And reading it, I very clearly felt joyful and holiday atmosphere in the beginning, the voltage in the middle and played out the tragedy at the end of the book. And therefore I confidently call Ibsen a genius. Hope you liked my Dolls House essay. If you want to order this one or any other essay, then visit our website. Use these services and get the best help from professionals.