A Lot Of Facts In My Geography Essay


I love to travel. Many times I was in different cities. Every summer I go hiking with my friends. But there are still many places I have not yet been. So I attend a geography class where I can expand my knowledge about our world. Geography is the most interesting subject where you can learn a lot of interesting. At first, I have learned a lot about our planet. I met the most outstanding discoveries of people, learned a lot about the Great explorers and discoverers. That is why I write this geography thematic essay. I used the help of the persuasive essay writer. She did everything in time with the best quality. Visit this website and you will find a lot of useful information about this company, services, prices, writers etc.

It is very interesting to explore our planet looking at a large globe or map. On the globe continents, seas and oceans, the North and South poles are clearly visible. We can measure the distance to any point on the planet. During the class, we’ve learned a lot about our planet, the Universe, how the Earth revolves around the Sun. It was very interesting to listen why we have different seasons and why there are day and night on Earth. In geography lessons, we learn about how our planet looks like inside. We learned how volcanoes are formed and why do earthquakes happen. The geography discovers for us nature in different places of our Earth. We learn how nature affects people’s life and how people can affect nature. If you we don’t save our nature, it will die. I think that the study of geography teaches me to love and cherish our planet, and I want to tell all these interesting facts to you through this geography essay.

The rotation of the Earth around the Sun

By the results of research of scientists, they came to the conclusion that the age of the Earth is 4.54 billion years. All the other planets in our Solar System have approximately the same age. In the 16th century, Nicolaus Copernicus proved that the Earth revolves around the Sun. For many centuries, this fact was studied by the astronomers who came to the conclusion that such a rotation has several interesting features. For example, the first and most important discovery is that the speed of rotation of the Earth around the Sun is 67 miles per hour.

The orbit of the Earth influences on the seasons that I mentioned above. Distribution at specific times of the year is due to the fact that the Earth has a tilt of 23.4 ° from the vertical axis. Hence, the solstice is the period when the point of the orbit is maximally tilted in the direction from the Sun, and the equinoxes, when these directions are perpendicular. So, when the Northern hemisphere is facing to the Sun, it experiences winter and at the southern part there is a summer. Half a year later, when the Northern hemisphere turns to the burning source, the order is reversed. The Northern hemisphere has the following distribution:

  • Winter solstice occurs on December 21.
  • Summer – June 21.
  • Spring – March 20.
  • Autumn – September 23.

All of it is determined by the tilt of the axis, which in both hemispheres is always different.

Why is there day and night?

Our planet for 365 days completely bypasses around the Sun – this time is the year. But the Earth also makes full turnaround around earth’s axis. The earth’s rotation around the axis lasts 24 hours – it is an earthly day. It is known that during the day the night changes the day, and vice versa, it happens all the time. Day and night in different parts of the globe occur not at the same time. This difference happens due to the fact that the in 24 hour turnover of the Earth one part of the world alternately turns away from the Sun. And in another corner of the planet, there is a day. Then Earth continues its movement and in our part of the planet there is a sun. And where the day was – became the night.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are different natural phenomena that cause sudden disruption of normal life and the devastation and destruction of property. They often have a negative impact on the environment. Natural disasters typically include earthquakes, floods, mudslides, landslides, snow drifts, volcanoes, landslides, droughts, hurricanes and storms. Natural disasters occur independently from each other, and together – one may entail another. Some of them are the result of the conscious activity of man.

I want to tell more details in this essay geography about the hurricanes and tell an interesting fact why they are called by female names. This tradition appeared in the 40-ies. First names were used only by the meteorologists of the air force and the U.S. Navy. These names were used for convenience in the transmission of information about disasters. Thus, it was possible to avoid confusion and reduced the text of radio and telegraph transmission. In the subsequent assigning of female names to hurricanes entered into the system and was spread to other tropical cyclones. Soon it was necessary to organize the names. It was decided to name the first hurricane of the year by the female name that starts with the first letter of the Latin alphabet, the second with the second letter, etc.

How people affect planet

People have a very negative impact on nature. All these factories, plants very pollute the air because vapors of harmful substances get into the atmosphere. Exhaust gases of cars also play an important role, because most of the population of the cities can’t live without this transport facility. As well there is almost no land wherever man has not built anything. Animals, birds have nowhere to live, because forests are cut down, instead of fields there is building now. How many animals and birds left without a home only for the satisfaction of any human needs?  Animals are placed in zoos, nature reserves, thereby removing them from natural habitats. People interact not only with the land. There are a lot of water reservoirs that are contaminated due to leakage of oil or other substances. The weather is not stable also. Disasters are the result of detrimental human activities on nature. The higher technological progress is, the greater the suffering nature. Nature is all that surrounds us; even we are the part of nature.

How to protect our natural environment?

In this thematic essay geography, I want to warn everyone that we have to protect our planet. Environmental protection is very important and necessary. In recent years, the theme of protecting nature has become very popular. Earth requires more careful treatment. For conserving the nature each of us is obliged to exert a maximum effort. We must appreciate and protect that nature has given to us. First, we need to pay attention to the life in which we live. All the things that surround us should be made of natural materials. Due to the widespread use of natural materials, we can reduce a number of harmful emissions and maintain the health of all mankind. In the apartment, you should also care about the preservation of nature. You may ask how? It’s very simple.

  • First, you need to economize utility. Electricity, gas, water – all it is our planet’s resources. If each of us will think about the economical consumption of these resources then the entire planet will benefit. Going outside, we can also show our careful attitude to the environment.
  •  If every car owner thinks about the harm from his car, he will come to the conclusion that there is no special need to travel by car. If you still think that it is not important, so I advise you to read the essay about pollution, hope you will get more detailed information and it will convince you.
  • Buy organic food, by the way, we have the essay on nutrition that will help you maintain your health. Also, organic food favorably affects the development of environmentally friendly agriculture and the greening of our planet.
  • Refuse plastic bags. Carry your purchases in paper bags or bags made of cloth.

Following these simple steps, you will definitely feel better and will make a step towards the happy life of the man who is in harmony with nature.