A Raisin in the Sun Essay: What to Include

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A Raisin in the Sun Essay: What to Include

                Previously we observed the best way of writing an essay on a Tale of Two Cities. Today, we will discuss how to write a Raisin in the Sun essay and what information it should contain. It is widely known that American classic literature tends to reflect various economic and social issues of the previous century. Lorraine Hansberry in his play a Raisin in the Sun has touched upon the social struggle that African Americans were involved in during the era of the Civil Rights movement. Essays on a Raisin in the Sun should have a thoroughly organized structure to make the readers understand what ideas are reflected in the play of Hansberry. Generally, Raisin in the Sun essays are not required to be too lengthy. Instead, the major goal of such essays is to provide information about the heroes of the novel and their role in the presentation of various social and economic events of the 20th century. Let us discuss the major components of a Raisin in the Sun essays that should be included in the paper.

  • Firstly, the novel is structured around the Younger family, which is a symbol representing different mindsets of typical African American families of those times. In your Raisin in the Sun essay, you should mention that Hansberry’s play incorporates various contrasting personalities of different age, which is vital for the understanding of various mindsets of African American families during the era of the Civil Rights movement. By mentioning this aspect, you will reassure your readers that you have thoroughly studied the work of Hansberry and are able to analyze its basic storyline.
  • Your essay on a Raisin in the Sun should also contain some information about the major characters of the novel. For instance, Walter Lee Younger is a wonderful example of an ambitious African American whose major purpose in the play is to symbolize the typical member of an African American family who makes numerous unjustified gambles that ultimately lead to failure. Walter fails to achieve success because of his ignorance and because the American society provides all privileges only to the white men, while African Americans are left behind.
  • You should also mention that the main character of the book, Walter is arrogant and lacks wisdom. This demonstrates that he as a black man wants to achieve ultimate success in the American society during an extremely short period of time. However, he soon becomes emotionally broken, and finally realizes that American society neglects black people and does not let them achieve success. The American society of that period was invaded by a number of authoritative figures who tried to step to the front and take the lead over the whole society. It is also important to mention that Hansberry initially wanted to portray a highly ambitious black man whose ambitions resulted in the destruction of his family bonds. The main character of the book loses touch with the other family members and becomes a great burden for them. According to Walter, African American women have a great chance to survive in the business world, but Walter himself fails to achieve success in any industry. He does not notice that his wife is greatly interested mainly in the wellbeing of their family, although he ought to consider this aspect as he is supposed to dominate in the house.
  • Your essay on a Raisin in the Sun should also deal with the storyline of the play. It should reflect the major ideas that the author wanted to make readers understand. Thus, you may mention that the author focuses on the significance of wisdom and intelligence, without which a man is bound to fail in his endeavors. You should also touch upon the role of African American women in the society of those times and the attitude of their husbands towards them. Thus, Walter Younger does not recognize that his wife provides him with unconditional support to prevent him from failure on his way to realizing his unrealistic dreams. The downfall of Walter in this case demonstrates one of the most significant mistakes of his entire life. This is because Walter tries to fight against the American society, but all in vain. The society appears to be stronger than he expects. And this shows that the society of those times was not characterized by fairness and justice.
  • Another character of the play that you should discuss in your essay is Beneatha Younger who incorporates the intelligence of African Americans and does not understand those who lack wisdom. She insults Walter on a high intellectual level and understands that he will fail to understand any of her messages due to his lack of intelligence. The struggle of Beneatha to find her own identity is evident at the beginning of the play. She finally realizes that she represents a sophisticated and intelligent member of African American society. Her strong mind is prevalent throughout the play. Both Walter and Beneatha Younger are used by the author to convey an allegorical message demonstrating the feuds as a symbol of social and economic clash in the American African families. All this can be mentioned in your essay.

To conclude, if you want to write a good essay on a Raisin in the Sun, you should address such aspects as the role of African Americans in the Civil Rights movement, lack of intelligence and wisdom among the African Americans of the era, the function of black women and their perception by black men and the social and economic clash existing in the society of those times. If you include all the above mentioned aspects in your essay, you will be able to write a perfect paper that will definitely meet the requirements of your professor. At the same time it is important to structure and format the essay in a correct way. This will ensure that your instructor is satisfied not only with the contents of your essay, but also with its structure. A Raisin in the Sun conveys a number of social and moral messages that are important to address in your essay.

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