Accomplishments Essay. Never Give Up


Everyone in his life strives for happiness, success and prosperity. It is a natural desire of each of us. If you want to achieve a success in life and to implement the cherished dreams, then let's look at this accomplishment essay. If you want to find more essays then you need expert essay writers. Please, be sure that we will consider all your recommendations and answer your questions. Contact us and you won’t be sorry!

We all strive for something in our lives. We want to be somebody, to have something, to go somewhere. The purpose in life – it is the light without that it is easy to get lost. It is therefore very important to determine correctly in which direction you should move. In my opinion, the aim of life can be everything that you want, that allows you to develop and also brings benefits to other people.

Why people don't do the main thing in their life – do not set goals, although success it is the equal to goal, and all of us want to be successful? There are some examples of wrong thinking:

  • The lack of seriousness. We don't set goals because we are not serious about some issue. In theory, each of us already has a plan: school, college, career, family, children, big house and so on. This is a regular plan and can be good for everyone. But every person is different, and the needs of every person also can’t be the same. In fact, the source of the frivolous attitude to oneself and to life is hidden in the second reason.

  • People don't take responsibility for their lives. To be free means the ability to make choices, and the decision-making power always goes hand in hand with responsibility. In fact, a lot of pain and fear are caused not by our failures but by the condemnation of our society. This is the next reason why people don't set goals.

  • The fear of criticism by society. In that moment, when the person overcomes the hurdles and starts to take seriously for own life – he risks drawing the condemnation of society, as his or her behavior, most likely, does not correspond to the established standards that were turned into stereotypes.

  • Guilt and low self-esteem prevent us. Due to the low self-esteem and to the lack of faith in oneself we are afraid to voice our plans and turn them into specific and achievable goals. We are pursuing by the fear of failure.

  • Fear of failure. Fear of failure is present in any endeavor. Any problem has a solution, the only question: what resources will be needed to implement this decision.

  • Laziness. Another reason why people do not set goals is laziness: people are not accustomed to work, and every achievement of goals requires a hard work.

The greatest achievements of humanity

All people take for granted what is around them. They do not even realize how people existed without things that are now an ordinary for us. Also, we don’t think that every significant achievement in science has changed the life of humanity once and for all. So where are these turning points that influenced the fate of the planet in the 20th century? Which of them have significantly changed the life and worldview of people? Take a look at this greatest accomplishment essay:

  • The first man in space. Space exploration – it is a new phase of exploring the mysteries of the creation of the world. Man can exist in the space! And the first man who felt this was Soviet citizen Yuri Gagarin. On April 12, 1961, he made one complete turn along the orbit of the Earth. This opened the way to space for subsequent generations and allowed people to carry out thousands of experiments and to make no fewer discoveries.

  • The invention of the computer. Did you read this essay about computer? Now computers surround us everywhere, these are the various devices that have certain programs, various robots, control systems and security, vending machines, ATM machines and also modern mobile devices.

  • The invention of the Internet. I think that there are only two inventions of humanity which gave a huge impetus to the development of all sciences and technologies. This is the typography and the Internet.

  • The plane.Why don’t people fly like birds?”- wrote once a Russian classic Alexander Ostrovsky. One day it became a reality. But now people are rarely surprised because of it.

  • The discovery of DNA. The existence of DNA was discovered in the nineteenth century, but the understanding of its structure and purpose appeared only in 1953 when a group of scientists proposed a structure of this molecule. The sequencing of the human genome not only allows to better understand the organism and to find out the secrets of the origin of mankind but also gives hope for treatment of diseases that was believed as deadly.

  • Electrical energy. Without energy, all of the things that were listed above would not exist.

I sincerely hope that after you read this article you will think a bit over it. And you will come to the conclusion that after all, it is important to set goals and to have the main goal in life. We have already mentioned it in the short term and long term goals essay.

What about me?

My accomplishments essay is about my life. At the moment I have not reached a lot of accomplishments. Of course in the future, I want to have a good family, car and apartment. Over the next few years, I have such purposes and I hope that will reach them: firstly, I want to learn a few new languages, particularly German and Italian. Next, I will enter the best college and will have the education of interpreter. I want to work in this profession. I believe that this work is very good for me because I'm good at languages and I really want to see the world. To visit every point of the globe is one of my big goals. Also, I think that a favorite work makes people happier and the least favorite – conversely just takes all forces. I believe that I will achieve these goals for a couple of years. In general, the notion of a goal is a planned event. And if you live without a plan it's just a wish or a dream. Now almost everyone asks the question "How to achieve goals?" And I have some answers:

  1. Believe in yourself.

  2. Say “Yes” more than “No.”

  3. Think positive.

  4. Enjoy your life.

  5. Never give up.

There is one famous quote: “People with goals are successful because they know where to go.” And I think goals make us stronger, more patient and more confident in our abilities. So, never give up! Just believe in yourself and achieve your aim.

The world will not remember gray figures. But remember those people who have goals and who want to achieve success are striving forward in spite of all the vicissitudes of life. As a conclusion I want to say: don't be afraid to set the most daring goals. Don’t doubt in its achievement. Don't stop, always move forward. Become a Personality with a capital letter.