African American Civil Rights Movement Essay: Main Events


Every nation has its history, traditions, and peculiarities. But what about the nation that lives at the foreign territory. How do such people feel while living in foreign land? This topic is complicated enough. It touches the people that were taken long ago from their own country, they were enslaved, and treated more than roughly.

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African American History

Although it is not African American History essay, we have to remind someone how it has started. So, according to the public school system, African people were brought to America in 1619 in order to work on plantations. Their social status began to change after appearing of such a well-known person as Abraham Lincoln. His political program was against slavery. For these reasons, in 1863 he signed Emancipation Proclamation.

Every time when pupils learn about black history, it starts from 1619 and slavery. There are experts in history who argue much about this topic. It happens because traditionally no one has been talking about black people, their way of life, and language before 1619. It is not normal that their story starts only from that year.

As a matter of fact, the Bible talks clearly about black people and proves their existence from the beginning. Now it seems very unfair why African people were so severely treated. One of the reasons is that America was Christian country. People read the Bible, and priests taught society the law of God. In the Bible it is very openly written how lords have to treat their slaves. There is nothing said about mockery and killing of servants. White people knew about it, but they did nothing with it.

There was an immense amount of debates according slavery in United States. Emancipation Proclamation brought some changes in black people’s lives. They achieved the privilege of citizenship, also from then on Constitution guaranteed guardianship, and the right to participate in voting. Even though it was a new rule of the government, it was often violated.

Discrimination replaced slavery. Black people were completely separated from white people. They did not attend the same school or church. Also, there were bands of white. They killed blacks and those white people who felt for African Americans.

Nowadays one can learn a lot about it from books and movies. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is an excellent example of attitude towards African people in America during Great Depression. It also illustrates huge example of loyalty from the white lawyer Atticus. “12 Years a Slave” is a 2013 movie. White people kidnapped and enslaved a black man. So ,he had to survive in shocking conditions.

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Major Events of Movement on Civil Rights

1. Brown and Board of Education became a leading matter in 1954. Linda Brown was an average African American girl. Actually, racial discrimination was at its height, so she had to go to school that was far away from home, while one school was 4 blocks from her house.

Supreme Court overruled their Plessy v. Ferguson decision. Their main idea was “separate but equal”. It was a precedent. You probably remember that Plessy v. Fergusson claimed that discrimination in education was against the law. Although it was a painful process, the plaintiffs gained victory.

2. Murder of Emmet Till. White people kidnapped a teenage boy. They beat him to the last, and then shut. The reason was that Emmet whistled when saw a white woman. For these reasons, woman’s husband, together with his half brother, revenged on Emmet. People found the body in the river. During the funeral, the burial box was opened. Till’s mother wanted people to see the inhumanity of those who had committed the crime.

The murders were found not guilty. This tragedy happened in 1955.

3. Bus Boycott. Martin Luther King Jr set it up. It happened recently after one important event. The black woman whose name was Rosa Parks was arrested. She decided not to give her seat in the bus to white.

The Boycott was the first huge demonstration against discrimination. It ended only in about 381 days. The demonstration started at the very day when Parks’ issue was decided in court.

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4. Desegregation in Little Rock’s High School. That was a notable event of 1957. By this year in many states of America children of African American people could attend any school. But it was not about Arkansas. In September, in 1957 nine black students tried to get in the school. National Guardsmen did not allow nine pupils to do so. It is a surprising thing. The town’s governor denied Constitution. Instead, he called Guardsmen to stop nine students.

Finally, Eisenhower asked 10 000 of National Guardsmen to enter Little Rock. Thus, he allowed those students visit high school.

5. Sit-in Campaigns. Joseph McNeill, a black student, did not receive any service at a small restaurant in Greensboro town. Next time he came not alone. Joseph brought his three group mates. They were seating and expecting to be served. Surely, nobody served them, but students came back every day to that place.

This event became well-known after New York Times’ article. It had a big influence on people. All students, not only black but also white attached to them. Similar campaigns started in all states of America.

6. Freedom Riders. In order to finish the discrimination, black and white students created groups. Their plan was to travel on buses. They chose to sit everywhere they wished. Many times the students faced brutality, but they never abdicated of their idea.

7. University of Mississippi. None of blacks had ever entered this university till 1962. James Meredith managed to become the first black person who entered University of Mississippi. It was not so simple. He was guarded by special security.

The event caused riot. Several students were slaughtered. National Guard came for support. Finally, James Meredith successfully graduated from this university.

We hope that this African American Civil Rights Movement Essay is helpful. The list that you see above consists of facts. Those events were a horrible reality for people, but now it changed into freedom for African American society. 

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