Alain de Botton “Essays in Love”. Love at First Glance


In just one year the name of Alain de Botton has become popular among readers. Three cute books that are identical in size and design appeared in book shops one after another and enchanted everyone. Critics and reviewers were quick to make a serious bid on them, awarded by the most flattering and enthusiastic epithets.

The secret of the attraction of Alain de Button’s literature is very simple. The writer managed to invent a quite original genre. I want to say that it is amazing, why did no one invent it before? The effect of absolute novelty, a necessary and long-awaited event that is achieved by the resuscitation of a forgotten technique: a generalization of the sentimental novel for ladies and moral philosophy. “Essays on Love” is a novel written by a very young man, who tells about his short-lived tender relationship with a girl named Cloe. The ability to introspection, sparking humor and amazing clarity of thought apply to the most innocuous little thing in life such a restaurant menu, clothing items or interior. Later we will figure out about what this book. But now in this work on the book of Alain de Botton “Essays on Love” I want to introduce the life of the writer. But first, I want to advise you to read the essay on the Great Gatsby if you like literature as I do. Also, I understand how difficult it can be sometimes to express a personal opinion on the subject that is far from you, but these personal statement writers can do it in the best way for you.

A little bit about Alain de Botton

Unfortunately, not much information can be found about this writer. I only know that Alain de Botton was born on 20 December 1969 in Zurich, Switzerland. When he was eight years old, his family moved to England. De Botton graduated from Cambridge University where he studied history. However, he was engaged in journalism. His works were printed in various newspapers and magazines. In 1993 he released the novel “Essays on Love”, in 1994 “The Romantic Movement”, and “Kiss and Tell”, which had a marked success among readers. However, the European fame for Alain de Botton brought the book “How Proust Can Change Your Life” (1997). In addition, he published the book “The Consolations of Philosophy” (2000), a collection of essays “The Art of Travel” (2002) and some kind of study in “Status Anxiety” (2004). Alain de Botton is a talented writer, a lover of philosophy and interesting topics for musings.

Alain de Botton Essays in Love

Now I want to tell you about a book that was written by this twenty-tree-year-old guy. “Essay in Love” is the debut novel of Alain de Botton and if we start with the positive moments, then it was written in a quite interesting way- the story of two lovers is paralleled with the author’s thoughts on the theme of love and its components. In this book, the author tells the story of a chance meeting of two people on the plane, who later fell in love with each other. He is a young architect, she is a designer. The young man and the girl with the beautiful name Chloe met on the plane: they accidentally sat together, casually talking to each other and accidentally swap each other’s’ numbers. They decided that it was a FATE. First and foremost, most striking thing for the author is the probability of coincidence of meeting the love at a nearby seat of the plane. What if she or he flew on another day, on another plane? They would never have met. Already receiving his luggage at the airport the main hero realized that he fell in love. It seemed to him that all in Chloe is extraordinary, and what was his surprise when Chloe began to show to him, to ordinary guy-reciprocity! Further, there was a lot of interesting details how their relationships developed. She is beautiful because he loves her or he loves her because she is beautiful? What did he find in her? She has something that impressed him, and he loves her for it. But another man might have loved her for something totally different! So why did she loves him? Probably because he found in her that she appreciated in herself. But Chloe felt in love with another, and broke up with our main character. Firstly, he blamed himself and didn’t understand what he did wrong. Then it came to what he called a “messiah complex”: he is a good man; she just didn’t understand that and didn’t appreciate it. After a failed suicide attempt (since, for whom he will live, if Chloe is the meaning of his life?), he decided to become a hermit. But one day he meets a girl and thinks that asceticism can wait. The book contains many arguments about the illusion of love, philosophy of love, and of course a love by the eyes of the philosophers.

In this situation when you buy one book, you will immediately receive the novel and pretentious work from the category of popular psychology with a good dose of popular philosophy. Each of us experienced a similar love story- an impulsive beginning, tedious middle and a heartbreaking end. The novel is not cynical. It is nice to meet someone who believes in love and who is not relating this feeling with the biochemical processes of the body. This is in regards to pros. Everything would be fine and I even liked some quotes from the book. There is a curious idea, but I have complete rejection from such love. It was a disease. It was a pain. It is a refusal from existence, until complete dissolution in another person. It is terrifying and not very good. In fact, history is littered with examples of “wrong” love. One of such example is Romeo and Juliet about that you can read in the essay on Romeo and Juliet.

How much is left inside me after reading this book? Well, a year later, I certainly remember just that a man met a woman on the plane and felt in love with her, and after some time she cheated on him and they broke up. At times there were very curious moments. Often there were very accurate moments. Image and illustration are no more than a pretext or form that contains in itself the set of thoughts and words, which almost doesn’t hurt, and so doesn’t penetrate deeply. There are few things that can simultaneously fill you with such glee and with such horror of the realization that you are the subject of someone's love, because if man are not in the full confidence of his ability to inspire love, in this case, the accept of someone's affection can be felt as receiving a great honor and you never know exactly what you did you do to earn it. I wish you to meet your soul mate.

So, as you could understand it is not easy to find true love. As well as a good service. But be sure that our writers will never let you down.