Albert Einstein Essay. Was He a Mad Scientist?


Albert Einstein is perhaps one of the most famous scientists in physics of the twentieth century. In the course of his short biography, he made a revolution in scientific thinking and is recognized as the greatest physicist who ever lived. In this Albert Einstein essay, I will write about this Great person. If you need to write an essay about scientists, celebrities or historical figures then refer to a paper writer, and she do the best for you!


The first information that you can find in all Albert Einstein essays is his childhood. So, a biography of Einstein began on March 14, 1879. He is from a Jewish middle- class family of the city of Ulm, Germany. He's like most kids, didn't like school and preferred to study at home. His father Hermann Einstein, was the owner of the company that sold electrical equipment. His mother Pauline Einstein, was a housewife.

In 1880, the Einstein family moved to Munich, where in 1885 Albert became a student of a catholic elementary school. Vicious by nature, he was deeply religious. At school he didn’t differ in progress from other students. Acquainted with the philosophical works of Kant, Einstein was fascinated by mathematics and physics. In 1888 he entered the Luitpold high school that is known as a progressive and very liberal, but he didn’t graduate from that school. He moved with family to Milan. Both in catholic elementary school and in high school Albert Einstein hasn’t got a good reputation. 

The first year in Switzerland

In October 1895 sixteen-year-old Albert Einstein went from Milan to Zurich to continue his education. In 1896, Einstein entered the Higher Technical College in Zurich. Brilliantly passing the entrance exams in mathematics, physics and chemistry, he, however, failed miserably other subjects. Einstein thought that for memorizing the material it is unnecessary to notch it, it is enough to understand the material logically. The rector of the college appreciated an outstanding mathematical ability of Einstein and sent him for training at the cantonal school in Aarau, which at that time was one of the best in Switzerland. In 1901 he received the diploma and Swiss citizenship. After graduation he could become a teacher of physics and mathematics. For a long time Einstein could not find a teaching position and eventually got the position of technical assistant in Swiss patent office.

The first steps of Einstein to the recognition

A few months after employment he married his former classmate in Zurich Mileva Maric from Serbia, who was four years older than him. In the patent office, he spent more than seven years as these years were the happiest in his life. His life changed and you can learn more about such changing from life changing experiences essay.  

In 1905, were published three important scientific work of Albert Einstein such as the special theory of relativity, quantum theory and Brownian motion. In his article Einstein introduced for the first time the formula of the interrelation between mass and energy, and in 1906 wrote down it in the formula E=mc2. It is the basis of the relativistic principle of conservation of energy of all nuclear energy. Using quantum statistics, Einstein along with physicist Bose have discovered the fifth state of matter, which were named in their honor Bose-Einstein condensate.

In 1905 Einstein received his doctorate at the University of Zurich. Soon after that, in 1908 he began teaching at the University of Bern. In 1909 he was recognized as one of the world's best thinkers. In 1910 he became professor of physics at the University of Zurich. Some time later Einstein began teaching at the German University in Prague.

In 1912 Einstein and his friend Marcel Grossman began the gravity research. Einstein called his new research the general theory of relativity. In 1915 he finally published the final version of this theory. 

In 1932, Einstein lectured at the California Institute of technology, and in April 1933 he received a professorship at the Princeton Institute for advanced studies. He was looking for answers on questions of unified field theory that unites gravity and electromagnetism. Although, unfortunately this program did not materialize, his reputation has not suffered. Everybody knew him as a physicist of global level. But he remained as modest, friendly and eccentric. This is the best human traits, as I think, and I read about in character traits essay.  He was fond of music and played in an ensemble with other physicists.

After the collapse of Germany during the Second World War, Einstein along with other scientists appealed to the President of the United States.  They asked him not to apply the atomic bomb in the war with Japan. This appeal did not prevent the tragedy of Hiroshima and Einstein stepped up his pacifist activities, he became the spiritual leader of campaigns in the struggle for peace, disarmament, prohibition of atomic weapons, for the termination of the cold war.

The rest of his life, Einstein spent on conducting a research position at the Institute of advanced study in Princeton, New Jersey. The last years of his brief biography Albert Einstein spent searching for a unified theory. The search was in vain. He died in 1955 without finding the elusive theory. Although his last thoughts were forgotten for decades, physicists continue looking for the same purpose as was in the dreams of Einstein- the great discoverer in the field of physical theory.

Why Einstein showed his tongue?

In my short essay on Albert Einstein I will open a secret of this comic situation. The vast majority of people perceive Albert Einstein as a "mad scientist". This image has been created in the minds of millions of people just because of unusual appearance of the great scientist. Once he caused a great interest to his person. This happened in celebration of his seventy-second anniversary, on March 14, 1952. Photographer asked Einstein to make brooding face corresponding to the image of the researcher and the scientist stuck out his tongue, showing himself not only as a great inventor, but as an ordinary cheerful person.  Subsequently, Albert Einstein sent it to friends as a Christmas greeting card. Albert's friend, the journalist H. Smith, has got a unique photo – there was the signature made by the hand of a genius of physics, where he wrote that "a playful grimace is for all humanity".

Most people agree that Albert Einstein was one of the greatest scientists. But some of the facts of biography are distorted or forgotten over time. Delving into the life of Einstein, we write interesting information in this essay on Albert Einstein that proves that this great scientist can surprise even now.

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