American Culture Essay: Brightness and Diversity


Every culture is so unique and outstanding. American culture is probably one of the brightest and interesting cultures. It is a complex of various elements. American culture is a huge pie or pizza with a mixed topping. Do you know what we are talking about? Does this expression make a sense? In the USA one can meet representatives of almost all nations of the world. This is the country which once opened the door for everyone. For these reasons, in America all peoples cooperate side by side.

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The first things that come to one’s mind when speak about American culture are hot-dog, coca cola, and McDonalds. But is that all about America? Its culture is much wider and deeper than someone can imagine. Surely, it was influenced by much older cultures, but it has its own room in the world’s history. The USA is extremely diverse point on the map. People from all countries of the world have migrated to America. The first influence that American culture experienced was British one. The first settlers from England brought their own culture and spirit. During the rule of Britain the English language was spread over America. Along with Great Britain other European countries also possessed a huge influence on America.

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American culture is a set of religious, political, moral, somehow conservative and a little bit liberal matters. People from Asia, Latin America, and Africa have also left their print on American culture. Of course, the USA has its native traditions and views on a life. Yes, it was greatly influenced by the world cultures, but it effected the world in the same way. Think about popular culture. Do you remember its impact on other nations? It burst through the ground and covered the whole world. Its music, fashion, cinematograph, and style of life spread all over the nations. Do not forget about ethnic groups which still inhabit the territory. Their cultural influence was and is absolutely tremendous.

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What do you think about the diversity of American culture? Do you consider it is right or not? Many people compare America to a bowl with salad. In this bowl you meet various ingredients. They are all very different, each with its color and flavor. All ingredients are mixed, and what is surprising about it, the salad tastes well. It is the first truth and the central thing about American culture and the USA. It is different but it looks excellent.

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By the way, within one country traditions may differ, and language as well. For about 80% of all population in America consider English as a native language. Still, there is a big percentage of people who speak their own language in America, and it is not English. Do you know that Spanish is the official language in New Mexico? What is interesting is that some Americans say that it is a big shame not to speak Spanish. They say, ”Learn Spanish. You need to know it.” Through the all territory of American States one can hear different languages. People who populate the sectors of Indian reservation, Hawaii, and American Samoa have preserved the tradition to speak the language of their ancestors. American English is the national dialect. However, it is separated into regional accents. Although there are 4 main local speeches in America, all of them have uniting features. The same thing is with our company. Even though we have many services, the uniting element for all us is that we first revise material and then pass it. Find out what does it mean to revise an essay. This factor is highly important.

Now let us discuss other important aspects of American culture.

1. Religion. The USA is a very religious country. According to scrutiny in 2002 the statistic showed that in America for about 80% of Christians. Besides, many people assured that religion takes a vital position in their career and lives. Indeed, almost every family goes to church on Sunday. Americans highly emphasize Christian quality and morality. Pop culture contributed much to make Christianity and the image of Christ common things. Society always expects from public people confession, but sometimes it has negative consequences.

Once, religion divided America. Long ago people with their own believes established almost every state in the USA. For instance, Catholics established Mary Land, while Quakers founded Pennsylvania. There are many Protestant churches in America. The biggest is located in state of Texas. The freedom of religion in the USA allows people of different faith to gather and worship their god.

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2. Movie industry. American cinema and Hollywood have become the most powerful movie production in the world. It was born in the past century and spread its influence around the globe. Each time American movie delivers new actors who often become world icons. As for television, in America this network is the biggest. Each house has minimum one TV set which says about people’s adherence to this kind of media. Radio is popular even nowadays. Although it has become the first way of broadcasting in the past century, people do not lose interest in it even in present days.

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3. Education in America was always under control of the government. It is obligatory for every child to attend primary school and secondary school. Students may choose the way of obtaining their education levels. They may go to a public school, choose private school, or stay and study at home. There are three levels of education in every school. All students are subdivided by age. They study in different grades, going from one level to another. After graduating from a high school a student can enter one of the best colleges in the USA or just take classes. Also, a student may find some job. This level of education is not mandatory.

4. Sport is a very significant element of American life. Each school, college, or university has its sport teams. Soccer, tennis, baseball, football, basketball are highly popular kinds of sport at schools. Almost each student is involved in particular physical training. It is cool to go in for sports in this country. The most popular game in America is football. Football at schools gives somebody a way to a college. One more sport that is presented on the professional level is basketball. Lacrosse is a new kind of sport which reaches great success among society.

5. Cuisine and food. Its cuisine is very different. The kind of food that people cook depends on region and native identity. Western culture influenced much American cuisine. The most popular ingredients for Americans are turkey, squash, peanut butter, sweet potato, jam and jelly, maple syrup, and corn. Barbeque pork, hot dogs, and sandwiches are very popular snacks and lunch ideas in the USA. Holiday dinners, like Christmas dinners are very special for Americans.

6. Family and housing. Even though the traditional understanding of a family in America holds two adults of different gender with their biological kids, new kinds of family appear among society. One can observe families where there is only one parent, couples that do not have children, or intermixed families. If you would like to receive an additional paper about families in the USA, please order it here. This is the best website to buy essays.

Young people quickly become independent in America. They leave their parents almost immediately after a high school. Americans like to live both in big cities and in suburbs. They built two-store houses with a garage and cellar. Often they choose rural areas for living.

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