American Exceptionalism Essay: Unique Country


American exceptionalism has more than one meaning. In this paper we will discuss only one of them. It says that the USA is extremely unique country, its history is very special, and it is completely different from all countries in the world. It is absolutely new nation.

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American Exceptionalism Essay. What Makes This Country Special

Indeed, the USA is very special. There is no such a country in the world. The fact that many people would like to live like Americans, wear clothes like them, and study like Americans says that this nation is very rich, prosperous, and talented. Otherwise, nobody would notice it. Although the English language is not a child of America, American English and style is more popular. American slang is used around the world by teenagers and youth. If you need an essay on the influence of American English, our company is providing essay writing customer service.

People watch American movies and TV shows. They listen to mostly American music and observe fashion shows. People watch carefully what is going on in the USA. It is the world leader in many spheres and very influential country with strong army, huge economy, and influential policy. Its impact leaves the footprints almost in every country. Politicians seek help and support from America. Young girls travel to the USA for shopping and then upload videos on YouTube where show new stuffs from America.

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As you see, this country deserves your attention. Would you like to know more about it? Let us find out what makes America so uncommon that the notion of American exceptionalism has been found. Do not forget that we discuss only one side of this issue. However, the term “American exceptionalism” has much wider meaning.

1. The history of America is extremely unique. Who are real Americans? These must be people who originally lived on the territory of the continent. It is a right idea. Nevertheless, nowadays we consider and call such people differently. We call them American Indians. We are not talking about whether it fair or not but they are true Americans. People whom we call Americans and who live on the territory of the USA have different ancestors. Most of them have arrived from Europe, others from Asia and so force. Doesn’t it sound originally? In case you have a paper about the history of the USA, we can help you to write essay review online.

The country has been made out of people from all over the world. Now many people and even Americans call this country a huge pie or pizza, melting pot, or a bowl with salad. It means that America consists of people from different nations. It is a huge organization which calls itself America.

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2. The Revolution. While continuing talking about the history, we must explain how it happened that people who were not native Americans felt like native Americans. It is a very simple question. All colonies in the past belonged to Britain as a result many people in America were British settlers. With the course of time they bore children who lost their feeling of belonging to Britain. They felt like they were the native folk of the place where they lived. For this reason, they desired to obtain freedom. They felt power in their hands and ability to develop separately.

3. Roaring twentieth and Great Depression. This country managed to return its prosperity soon after failure. Do you know this term “roaring twentieth”? America at the beginning of the 20th century was amazingly rich country. Its technologies developed. They were available for everyone. Almost each American had a car. That was the period of jazz flourishing and numerous achievements. However, it brought depression. It was followed by several years of sufferings. All in all, the new president Roosevelt managed to turn grief into happiness. Indeed, it was a short period of depression. Yes, many suffered but later many laughed. That was an incredible victory of the nation.

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4. The Hollywood industry has nothing to do with any movie industry in the world. It is unique in any sense. Its scale is so huge. American actors and actresses have already become idols for many people. It is a desirable field for many foreign actors who long to become a part of Hollywood. American movie directors are almost the best in the world. At least they take the biggest number. James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and many others are well-known names. Everyone in the world knows them. Their films are real masterpieces. By the way, you can read an essay about movies that are able make you smarter. Find it here:

5. This country started the age of pop culture. It set the beginning of the huge stream which snaked into every corner of the world. Music played a very significant role in all this process. Andy Warhol, Coca-Cola, disco, drugs, free sexual relationships became an integral part of that period. The world as usually watched it and grabbed some of its elements.

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6. The influence of American brands as Marlboro, Pepsi, Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, Nestle, and many others is immortal. This is a huge contribution to the world’s culture. We live and use all the products of these brands. Many people do not take care that all these things have been made in the USA. We use their talents and production.

7. Thanks to the USA the battle in the Second World War was won. It preserved neutrality almost till the end supporting the opposition of the Germany by weapon, food, and other supplies. Still, the government decided to go into action which brought victory. After the end of the War only America freely accepted Jews.

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8. America offers more opportunity for a common person than any other country in the world. Here someone can obtain a very high standard of living. This is the country where everything is possible and a life may turn into a tale. America has managed to gain social equality like no one else. In the USA rules work strictly. Young people may create their future. You choose whom you would like to be and when it will happen.

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